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 The newest anime you are watching

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 20 Oct - 11:43

Aya> Are you trying to kill us with all those posts?! D<
Too much to read. And after all the questions I've done on calculus too.This is too much for my brain! @-@

Well, at least you've made it up with all those awesome pictures. You're forgiven. XD
Those pictures of Bill. He's so cute in the second one! ><
Guys with shoulder-length hair are sexy. Very Happy
And LOCKON!!! *melts*
I love the watercolour effect of the picture. Watercolours are beautiful.

I'm not as lazy as you are, Aya! At least I bother reading all those posts! Razz

I'd say they're trying to poach the mecha fans of Code Geass. But at the same time, dupe the Gundam fans. Ok, true, there are nice Gundam designs in 00, but the enemy MS puts me off. Hahaa. I've never been a real fan of mechas of that sort.

You like to torture Kuro! And that's all that matters. XD

See! See! More evidence of you bullying your characters. Hahaa. Alright, I agree with the 'wanting your characters to have some backbone' bit, but don't you have any characters different from the norm? Like at least one with a happy past? =\

And again, we're reminded of your sexiness. Razz What can be easier, is to put your photo as your avatar. Hahaa!

Hahaa! Shinn got ditched! >D Athrun and Kira pawns Shinn anytime. Very Happy

I think I love Kaiji too. XD Not to forget, his name sounds like Kaji and I love Kaji of Evangelion. XD
Oh, since we're on about Evangelion, this other theory came up during my chat with a friend on the Seed Movie. Could the movie be postponed due to the upcoming release of the Evangelion movies? They're probably afraid of competition (and Eva is indeed a tough opponent. Razz)

Good that you won't. Razz

Hahaa! You're under the participants list for the free hug a day campaign too then! Very Happy

You make it sound like you're very poor. Which I'm sure you're not. Razz

Cosplays aren't original in the first place. Hahaa. But yea, Fafner cosplays are so hard to find. And the pilot suits' too difficult to do. Razz I was actually thinking more along the lines of Ryou (of Left of Right) or Soushi in A;vis uniform. XD
Gravitation's a lovely song. Very Happy My favourite song from Angela's Peace of Mind though. Very Happy

Duties, eh? You make it sound solemn and important. Razz

Tactic for your skirt chasing, eh? XD Blush all you can! Hahaa.

Ah.. the HGIF. Frankly, the HGIF, even though they look good, aren't much in terms of quality. Which is a sad case 'cause they do have awesome poses and such. I bought almost every single HGIF series for Destiny and the quality is a tad disappointing. At least it's cheaper than most others. XD;;

Yes, no Tiera. Who cares anyway. Hahaa.
I think they just forgot to put in Allejulah. o-o The captions at the saide says that there are 8 kinds in total but I only count 7.

Back to the pictures. XD
Again, beautiful art for the Medicine Seller. The texture feel is just amazing. Can't wait to watch it. ><

I'm not too sure about the Haruka anime. I'll have to read through all the new releases in the magazines. Will post back if I find any articles on it. Very Happy

And now that that's done with, back to more calculus. @-@
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Master Chief Petty Officer

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 20 Oct - 15:13

Oh my god, you guys are crazy xD

Too much posts xD

So...let's go !

Tanth :If you call me Lolo in the future, I'll kill you xD Lolipopo, Loli and now Lolo , do you want to die ? Loli is too simple to write, you are more than lazy xD
And no, physical love can be a kiss =p Yeah I know it reminds a lot a sex love but not this time...We are talking about Lacus after all ;p
But even if it's difficult to imagine Lacus hoping for a sex love (Yeah we mustn't be afraid by the words xD) his boyfriend a Kira...even a prietress couldn't imagine a little thing with him xD
He is not the ultimate coordinator for nothing...what a beautiful guy >_<

Lacus is just hiding her most secret (shameful ? xD ) dream...
It's sure Cool
Go, Go Kira !(bis)
Loool the ultimate geek Athrun ? If only all geeks were like him...xp But it's the true...even him is more attentionate with his girlfriend...

The poor Kira is always scared by his precedent relationship...u_u

Lol about the opening I see only that as solution...all the Kira x Lacus moments are inside xD And I think really that they are important about the story...look at the final plus opening...with Athrun and Cagalli who catches the each other hand...it was a wonderful sign since Athrun wear the Orb uniform in the SE 4 Cool

We have the answer about the Kira x Lacus...the story is in the op xD

When I see Athrun blushing when he is putting the ring I wonder If he could really have make sex with Cagalli in this 2 years...but yeah, it's possible...cause finally, in the actual society, have sex with anyone doesn't implicate a life together forever ...a ring is a wedding symbol...It's strange but the ring is probably more significative than make love ^.^'

Two Years...sure, they must have conclude xD After all, Yuuna was a reason to stay always more closer (what an ugly man (women ? xD) this fiance...-_-")

This fanart is really popular, I think that you have already seen it but if not I put in the topic...
I love it *_* Very beautiful !

About the seed and destiny I inderstand you, even if to my part, I have no preference...In the two anime OST There are songs who makes me cry...I can't choose really...too beautiful u_u

And Yeah, Find the way is an awesome song...like Honoo no Tobira or Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru (Chiaki rules xp) ...The Destiny OST saved the anime to me xD

About the movie, Fukuday said he didn't want any news or spoilers about it to don't be oppressed by fandom xD ...I supposed that's why we didn't ear a lot of news...It seems he could be retarded, he was announced to december and now they are speaking of january (I hope there will be anly one more month ^^" Sunrise is oftenly overdue >_<

Yeah laziness is a really bad thing...I had too much work today and I haven't make nothing xD You see, it's a bad thing u___u

And loooool I've thinking the same things when I looked your goodies (Maybe him and one girl are makink only one character xD...Or it's too difficult to hide his breasts into a figurine xD)

And about Breasts, Gundamm 00 girl are all very voluptuous (the cute little blond girl has a huge chest and she seems have 13 old >_<")

Lucky girls xD

But kawai goodies *___* the cute little...I want Setsuna and Lockon >.< !!!

Kenshin, now : OMG 3 posts xD And every one is big , what did you take to your breakfast u_u"

So...Yeah I know I exagerated (but after all if you ressembles to an anime characters...why not xD)But I've never seen a guy blushing (I except my beastfriend, cause him, only his ears are blushing x) It must be so cuute >.<
When my friends are blushing they are so nice, so to a guy...A Kenshin blushing who ressembles to Athrun with a manly body and a girlish face ...I can't imagine your success xD

Finally your ears too are blushing...what is the problem with guy, the cheeks must become red not the ears xD Your long hair was a good idea, since I've seen my friend's eras blsuhing I dislike that xD

Wow you have already imagine the scene between them...with a llot of details xD Yeah a big imagination !Okay I admit I have too my idea but about Athrun and Cagalli xp But in general, I couldn't imagine every step in the act xD

Hey that's a private moment, how could I imagine the entiere scene xD

But yours seems really near that the characters personnality, It will be certainly that sort of things (Except if this happen then they are trapped in an elevator...I can easily imagine a little more...speed passion between them xD Yeah I stop my delirium -.-")

A normal man ? No, every man in this world, when he is too old than Kira thinks firstly to the girl >_<" Yeah guy are perv so even the mechanical is spending after xD
But if we think than Kira is a good guy without sexual impulses than have the majority of yours, we can think that it's a natural thing (But he is too extreme...just a little more tenderness and a Kiss to this poor girl >_<)
But after all, the freedom was to protect the eternal...-_-'

You can say Fllay is a whore u_u It's the true...but to my part if startly I was thinking like you, I have loved her evolution after her sepearation withy the Archangel...and her reaction when she learned that Kira is alive, or her last words as a spirit...
She has really make suffering Kira, sure, and she used his feelings for her but finally with that evolution, to me , she is the most human character of the anime (With all the dark things which are hiding in the human being)

So sure Lacus and Kira relation is more quiet, as I said, I think she is as her medecine and it's not so bad, he needs of that nice girl after his relation with Fllay ^^

Yeah, parents together ! But I can't imagine Cagalli choose socks or clothes to her future baby xD Even if she grown, To see her as a mother is always really...difficult ^^)
But with Lacus it will be lovely; Lacus and his gentle smile who shows baby shoes to Cagalli who stay timid and is blushing xD

And yeah, the two dads with their children (a girl to Athrun and a cute little baby boy to Kira...and a future wedding between them xD) on the beach...

A wedding together will be great too...with torii, haros, Lacus and her pretty pink dress and Cagalli in a white dress (or green, why not x) with flowers, ribbons and all...
After all Kira and Athrun are beasfriend, it will be very good to finish by marry with their girlfriend together ^.^

To Bokurano yeah I must see the end...I'm just waiting to have much time to watch >_<

Yeah yeah but it was fun to try to guess xD
Even if I wasn't worried, for the moment, all that you like is good to me xD
About Duo and Hilde, yeah, the only one couple >_< I was loving too the path with Trowa and Catherine to the circus, it sounds really like a couple but since they are brother and sister...u.u It will be difficult.

I understand what you mean about Quatre...I was thinking that he had feelings for Trowa but finally he doesn't seems to like men (In a Gundam I don't think it could have been a possibility...it's always a shonen -_-)

But yeah with a band of gundam boys, we can already imagine the yaoi fans ^^" Setsuna x Lockon and Allelujah x Tiera (But if he is a girl...xD)...and I guess the cute princess of the opening will be a problem since she could be the setsuna love interest xD

Oh yeah I want a true role to Hongrong (But what's this name xDD) it will be a true shame >_< He is really cool and I can't imagine him to rest a simple bodyguard (even if for the moment...)

Hey Hey I'm happy to see than you too you like the reports to GW ^.^, it's often criticate by fans for the moment >_< But what is the problem, it's always a different anime >.<
And I have seen the Allelujah's smile, very cute =D Aww I think I love this character, only good surprise about him ^^

About Shinn you thought he was Kira ? Lol, to my part I've often confused him with Athrun >_<" Hirai Hisachi is a great designer and his character are really beautiful but the rumors about the fact that he is making "hair-style" isn't really wrong u_u"

And about Rey...I never seen the interest of his character -_- To me, no charism, no personnality...very ininteresting...Shinn too, but Shinn I hated him since the first episode, to Rey...nothing...to me he doesn't exist -_-'

Yeah the embrace between Kira and Lacus could have been cute but that's one of the reason why I don't like Lacus...When is father has been killed, we have seen nothing...and eventuallyshe is crying in the Kira's arms cause he has been killed...it was really not interesting as reaction to me...

When Orb has been destroyed, Cagalli was crying and she screamed...when Tolle is died, Miri is became totally crazy...and to Lacus ? She is only crying after a long moment ine the arme of the beautiful guys who speaks to her...It wasn't really transmitting emotions to me >_<

Why is she so perfect ? Not more human, like Cagalli and Miriallia ? She could have been really more interesting if only they have showed her reactions in the difficult moments she had >_<
cause a long timer after, to cry in Kira arms...it was not really like the two other girls...

But that's true that they are taking care of each other...That's cause of that than we can't really say that they aren't a couple xD
And I admit it can be really cute, like in the episode 46...after than Kira hearing the Fllay's voice and than Lacus is comforting him, with Find the way...this path was really beautiful and magic ^^

One of the only moments where I have really liked Lacus ^^

Yeah, I'm not the only one ! My sister was laughing about me when I said he was a girl u.u
But He had really a girl face O_o It's strange like the faces can change with the hair...
he is so cute on the second pic xD Really, you guys with a girlish face, you are the better !

Loool yeah my mum could loved you xD I'm the first to be surprised about that but my mother love guys with long hair, and when they have a girlish face, like Bill, she becomes a fan xD

She thinks than this type of guy are the perfcet guy \o/ She must encounter you xD She will be really happy cause this type are rare...

Oh my God ! You have really green eyes ? O_o
TANNNNNNNNth did you read that xD ?
I couldn't imagine that too, I start to think that Athrun and you are really a one and only person...u.u Did you never encounter Mitsuo Fukuda ? u_u""

You know It's a danger to look like Athrun in a forum where there are a fangirl majority....
But You'll must think to cosplay...cause there it's really great so much similiraties xD

(Ow and my mother has too green eyes (too gray -_-) and she is sad cause we have brown eyes...I think you are the son that she always wanted xD I must to tell her that xD)

And about the site it's an hard job to be a moderator ne ^^
But this site is really good...it's true that the others sections are missing animation but it's a forum about an anime wich is in stand by (we are waiting the movie after all) so the fact that the site will be alive is already an huge thing ^^

And yeah, even with mistakes and all, I can finally made big post \o/
It will must be good to my english results to come here ;p

About the pics, a BIG THANKS !
Already fanarts ? And one of a secondary character ? He have already fans he can only become more important !
I love the one of Allelujah too, that's all him xD
Strange Lockon but his smile is beautiful ;p
But about the other pics I don't think I know what's it...the colour reminds me gankutsuou but that's not that...

Pfiuuu I think I've finish my post =)
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 20 Oct - 21:21

D: D: D: D: O_O O_O O_O O_O
Lolo Loli! That post is longer than your previous so-called longest post!
And you've already effectively kill me with that post. XD

And Lolo was a typo! XD But it sounds cute, doesn't it? Razz

I'll take Athrun over Kira anytime. Very Happy
See see! I'm not a perv! Anybody, you included, would think about sex when physical love is mentioned. XD

Nah, having sexual desires isn't shameful. Hahaa! But it's still so hard to imagine Lacus.. hoping for sex. @-@ She sleeps with children! D:
Yea, Athrun IS a geek. But a good-looking one. Very Happy Maybe because Athrun had Lacus as a fiancee before, so he knows how to treat females. Hahaa.

Hahaa! Which reminds me of this doujinshi I read. Kira was so traumatised by sex with Fllay that he finds that he's unable to do it with Lacus. He thought that he's lost 'it', so he went to ask Athrun if they could try to have sex "like they always did when they were little". LOL. And well, some yaoi action followed. XD

Yea, and Athrun got promoted too! Very Happy But what was he doing in Plant? =-=

The answer.. You mean. They. had. sex. Hahaa. That's the only thing that comes to mind when you see naked people with ribbons around. SM! D:
*like the 2008 calender for Code Geass @-@*

Who says Athrun couldn't have sex if he blushed. lol. Maybe it was Cagalli who made the first move? Hahaa! But hey, in Phase 5, there were 2 beds in the room that they most probably share on Minerva. After all, who would have an extra empty bed in their room. Hahaa. How, then, is it possible that 2 18 year olds hormone driven couple would not do anything? XD

Oh gosh. Not on Yuna. x-x That guy is the ultimate sissy. XD

Oh! That one! The ever popular one that Asumey fans went to tweak and added some Sunrise logo and Gundam Seed Eternity logo and say that it's the new Gundam Seed series. =-=

Yeap. Even my cousin, who's not really a fan of Seed, says that the Seed series have the best songs. Very Happy

Yay! Chiaki~ XD

They spoke of January? When? Where? o-o

That's called procrastination which is a higher level of laziness. Razz

Hahaa! High five! XD

And now I have to go out with my family to get my new camera. *AT LAST* Hahaa. I'll read the remaining posts and reply to them tonight! XD
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Master Chief Petty Officer

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sun 21 Oct - 8:47

Yeah, when I see that, he is really big >_<"

But that's your fault =p
And Lolo doesn't sounds cute xD That's ...ugly u_u Really

About Athrun and Kira we are okay, Athrun forever xD

And yeah sex isn't a shameful things to us xD But Lacus seems so childish in seed, so pure...who knows what does she thinks about it -.-
And yeah physical love reminds sex love xD You are only an half perv : D

Tsss about the relationship between Lacus and Athrun, the kiss on her cheek is the most explicit...they were really timid u.u"
With an exuberant girl like Cagalli, Athrun must have learned to treat females yeah, but with Lacus...eek I dislike this pairing -___-

A yaoi doujinshi xD So to forget Fllay and their night he is going to see Athrun...xD That poor Lacus, Fllay wasn't really the better choice for a probably first time...

Yeaaah this fanart, you see xD OMG I discovered him too with the AsuMey version and I had nightmares about that xD fortunately, the truth has been proved >_< What bastards those fans >_< How could they changed an Asucaga fanart in Asumey >_<"
With logo and all...gundam seed fortune...It was reallyu scared -__-

I prefer the blond version xD

About Athrun in Plant, that's the same problem...the destiny inconsistencies >_<

One more time we can't see Cagalli and if it wasn't the Orb uniform, we could think they are always separated >_<
He is just there to Kira...is true love xD

What's that calendar storys with Code Geass O_o ? You speak about that pics where CC is naked in the Zero uniform ? u___u
If that's it, I'm not worried...after all she is too in strange position and half naked with her pizza hut plushe xDDD

And yeah Kira and Lacus in ribbons seems very explicit...but I think than the Kan-chan version, with Athrun and Cagalli inside the ribbons is more credible xD

After all, as you said, they are always together...and If he was living with her in Orb, I can easily imagine Athrun and Cagalli avoid Kisaka and Mana to be alone xD

But cagalli who makes the first move I don't think...It seems than Athrun is able to make her obey to him without problem (for example when she want's going to kick Shinn in the episode 5 xD)
He is probably the one who start; As when he kissed her

Tonight...to me when you posted that it was 3.00 am...xD

You didn't know ? I've read that in an english forum I think (probably animesuki), it was said in a newtype If I don't forget ^^ But yeah They was thinking that the movie will be ready to january =p

Soon *____*
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 22 Oct - 14:39

@ tanth:

Oy oy ! There was a lot to reply to ! Besides, Loli wrote a lot too Very Happy And so did you.

Well yeah, I wasn't going to post only text. That'd be too selfish. I was like "let's share some nice pics with my friends". So you see, I am a good person after all. XD Very Happy

Hehe. Well he sure looks better with his longer hair. The style on the left pic was ... not so appealing.

Quote :
Guys with shoulder-length hair are sexy. Very Happy

Hell yeah they are ! XD Razz

I DID read those posts. I always read every post made on this site (duh, it's my job Smile). But I can't go starting to reply to all of them. And it felt rather hard to throw myself into your already busy discussion.

They indeed have to compete with a popular series like CG, which is btw airing a second season, so has more fans than a new series like Double 0.
I'm not too fond of these new style of enemy MS either. But that saves me extra love for killingly beautiful suits like Kyrios Very Happy

Not all of my demons have a bad past. Hye, Zepher, Uryu, Horu and Kite (they're brothers), Archior, Kuma, Neosia and Yashio had a wonderful childhood. Kaiji's somewhere in between, as is Kyou.

Haha. No I won't put a pick of me as my avater. That'd be over the edge. Very Happy Besides, this is an anime site, so it's more fun to have an anime avater.

Yeah, I think you'd like Kaiji a lot. He's a bit special at first sight, but he's really a warm and kind, funny person (demon ^^).
Might be. But I think that if Sunrise doesn't want to get overloaded with complaints from angry fans, they'll release the movie. Besides, not all Eva fans are Gundam fans, and vice versa.

Hurray ! cheers

I did ?! Well I ain't no. Mommy and daddy are quite good 'sponsors' Razz , and I have a good paid job. So, no I can't complain when it comes to money.
But 11 Eurobeat albums a year is quite an investment. So it comes in real handy when you get one or two albums from a friend, instead of having to pay for them yourself. Very Happy

True ! The pilot's suit would be cool though Very Happy But the others you mentioned are great too of course.
Peace of Mind is an awesome song. Angela has several great songs, but this is indeed one of the better, along with Gravitation.

Well, what I am doing here in my spare time IS important. This place would be a chaos if I weren't around for a certain time. I have to check every day to see if there are new members, or if anybody needs help with something. So I think it's ok to playfully call it 'my duties' Very Happy

Quote :
Tactic for your skirt chasing, eh? XD Blush all you can! Hahaa.

I will ! Wink

Some are good. The Tales of the Abyss ones I have are of a good quality. Maybe Bandai doesn't spend as much time making their.

For shame it they DID just forget to put in Allelujah. They should've left out Tieria instead silent

Yeah, aren't these images of our beloved Medicine Seller great. The artwork always has such a unique feeling, and the tons of colours simply make you feel happy.
On the first one, I love his eyes. Well, the entire image is stunning.
The second one greatly symbolises the 'feeling' of the series.
The third one is simply fun to watch.
I love the way his hair is on the fourth one. And you girls will probably like his feminine looks Very Happy
And the fifth one is one of my most fav picies of him. Symbolises his coolness.


Double 0 episode 3 was yet another great one. That already makes 3 great episodes. Let's hope they'll keep up the good works like this.

I'm starting to like Setsuna more. He was really cool in this episode. But of course, Lockon and Allelujah are still the best.
Us fans got treated pretty well. There are some great shots of the Gundams, especially Exia, and some really kick-ass ones of the pilots.

I've been busy screenshotting again, and have these to share.

I think you'll especially like these two, tanth ^^

That was really cute when Setsuna got a glass of milk, that Lockon had ordered for him. XD


@ Loli:

Now that was one huge smacker of a post !

Hehehe, that was sooooo cute when you referred to me as Kenshin. Kawaii desu ne ! Very Happy
Nothing special. I probably already mentioned it before, but writing is part of my job too. So long text isn't such a rare thing to me.

Ahahahah. Wow, that was quite the description of me you made there. But I'm pleased with it. Suits me well. XD Razz
Yeah, I know it's rare to see males who blush often, and don't try to hide it. Blushing is a normal thing, so yeah, I show it to everybody if I do. ^^
I often get to hear that I resemble an anime character, both the looks and the personality.

I guess it's in our male genes, to get red ears. *lol*

Oh, I can easily picture everything between them, very detailed. It's like when I write in an RPG. I always see every move my characters make as if it were some anime series. Every detail is there, from their looks, their gestures, clothes, the weather, the setting, ... I can even feel my character's emotions. That way, I can write as realistic as possible.

No, no. Please continue sharing your delirium ! Very Happy It seems really nice, so I want more. Razz

True, but once married, a lot of men take their car in first place when it comes to attention. There's this guy in our street, who pays more attention to it, and touches his car more than he does his wife. Really ! You should see him when he's caressing its bonnet, or gently rubs it when he washes it (several times a week !)
I guess that when Lacus wasn't around, Kira spent a lot of time near his Gundam, which made him have a special bond with it. I mean, just look at the poor guy's face when Freedom got destroyed by stupid Shinn-bitch.

Yep, she totally was. And like you mentioned, that made her one of the most realistic characters out of the whole bunch.

A combined wedding would be so great ! On the beach, as you said. That would be pure gold fan service. Let's hope Very Happy

Shonen indeed doesn't have much boy-boy love, which is kinda logic. Still, Quatre seemed rather gay to me in the beginning. The way he looked at Trowa ... Rolling Eyes

Poor Allelujah, ending up with Tieria. XD

To please YOUR fan heart as well, have some ep3 Hongrong Smile

Yeah, it's nice to have a new series, but based on a real classic in it's genre. Those who complain, are wrong tongue

I was once again surprised by Allelujah's voice. It's so soft and tender, for a guy of his looks. But once again, it fits him ever so good. You remain my fav, Allelujah-kun ! Very Happy

Yeah, I never really paid much attention to rey either. Maybe the first couple of episodes, but soon I knew what an annoying character he was. And isn't it funny. We all say he's not worth the attention, but we've been talking about him for several pages ! XD

The Lacus emotions were indeed very pale compared to when Cagalli burstout in tears. That really made me swallow for a couple of minutes.

Quote :
Really, you guys with a girlish face, you are the better !


And yeah. I too changed a lot compared to when I had really short, even medium length hair. It's like night and day (day being now, with the longer hair XD)

Your mom is sooooooooo the opposite of mine. And soooo much cooler. Mine likes short hair, and manly faces. I wonder if she still likes me ? ... Very Happy

Yes, types like me are starting to get rare again, especially at my age. A lot switch back to short hair. But not me ! Very Happy Me loves me long hairs >.<

Yes, she already knew I have green eyes. Not AS green as Athrun's, but still, rather green. There's some hazel brown in them, that neutralizes the 'poisoness' of the green.
And as far as I know, my mom never had a relationship with a Zala. XD Very Happy

I think it's a benefit. Makes this forum extra realistic, having it's own Athrun, with brown hair though. Or maybe a half-breed ?! Half Athrun, half Kira. XD

Awww, that part about the son she always wanted sounded so cute !

Being a moderator takes a lot of your spare time. You have to be there for the members as much as possible. Also, it's hard when you have to react when somebody doesn't follow the rules, or behaves badly. Luckily, I haven't encountered that here on this forum. On others where I used to be moderator too, well though. And I can assure you, it sucks when you have to act like a strict teacher. But it's part of the job. And of course you get lots of nice compliments too. It's not always as bad as people think. I really love being a moderator here. It's part of my life !

The chat lounge has always been the most active section ever since Thingperson added it. And it's good, 'cause it's the less formal part of the site, where people can chat without having to think too much about rules, ...
And when the movie will be out, the other section's get more active again too, you'll see. And otherwise, I'LL make them active again. XD I managed to do so with the Chat Lounge ^^

Yeah, congrats on writing such long posts in GOOD English ! Yes, yours is really good for somebody who doubted so much about herself in the beginning. Really, respect !

No thanx. I'm happy when I can share images. I'm happy to build up the Double 0 fandom. ^^
The Medicine Seller originally appeared in Ayakashi, but got his own 12 episode spin-off series, called Mononoke. It's very special, you should try it out !
And yes, the animation style does remind you of Gankutsou in a certain way, that's true.


Oh man, that was one massive bit of posts to reply to. (my poor fingers !)

Let's end this post in beauty with MY highlight of the week ... Episode 3 Allelujah goodness ^^ (I especially like the second image)

Ow and btw, I won my samurai duel, last Saturday ! ^^

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 22 Oct - 21:56

Loli> What's there to fault about you making a long post? Hahaa!
Alright alright, I'll stick to Loli. XD
Even Aya's changed to calling you Loli! Razz

Yea, Athrun forever. XD
I'd wager Lacus thinks about a white wedding gown, a happy wedding and such. Sex and Lacus just.. doesn't go together at all. ><
That makes everyone half a perv. Razz

Athrun and Lacus were still really young, I guess. Hahaa. I still remember the suit cd drama where Athrun first met Lacus. That was funny. Athrun has blue hair, Lacus has pink hair, so their children would have purple hair! Very Happy Another insight to what Lacus thinks about. Oh, not to forget, she was all happy and eager about marriage. Maybe it's the same for her relationship with Kira? I wonder what does brown and pink make. XD
Well, true. Cagalli is much more exuberant than Lacus. Athrun must have had much more fun with Cagalli. Seriously, the guy's so angsty he needs someone like Cagalli to bring cheer to him. XD
And their children would have green hair. LOL

I don't think Kira had much of a choice for his first-time. Hahaa! It looks kind of like Fllay raping him. =-=

I wasn't really bought in by that 'poster', since I saw the Asucaga version before the Asumey one started floating around the forums. But still, an ASUCAGA picture into an ASUMEY version, probably the worst thing anyone can do. Hahaa.
And YES. I prefer the blond version too. bounce

Asukira? Well... XD
Maybe Athrun went up there for some meeting. *shrugs*
Or did he become an ambassador? But I thought that uniform he wears is the one for Generals. XD

Nope, it's this one.

The cover for the 2008 calender. Not sure about the insides though. Hahaa.
Look at that! Suzaku in ribbons and Lulu in leather suit. It's practically screaming SM. XD

Ah. The pizza hut plush. What did they call it? Cheese-kun, was it? It looks like a condom. =x

Yes! Asucaga + SM is much more believable than Kiraku + SM. XD (Is that what they call that pairing? XD)

And it doesn't help with all the fanfiction going around of those kind of scenarios. Hahaa!
And I have this hunch that Mana hates Athrun. XD

When you out it that way, well, I guess you're right. Hahaa. Athrun in the seme position? That's where he's usually in. XD

It was noon when I posted. Hahaa. Oh, it's half an hour before noon again. Math paper in 2 hours time. XD

It was? Oooh, I've got to re-read my Newtype magazines again. @-@

Aya> Razz
Loli wrote a LOT. We've pulled her into the 'long-posts' trend. XD

I never said you weren't a good person. XD You're just lazy. =x

Long haired guys <3 XD

Whoa. You do? That's quite a bit to read. Ok, maybe not so much but all of Loli's posts would kill. Look at how long they are! D:

Ah, the ever-popular CG. It's replaced Seed in the rankings, but didn't perform as well as Seed did. Hahaa. Before CG came along, there was hardly a month without a magazine with Seed on it. XD And in 2006 Anime granpix in the renown Animage magazine, Seed swept the polls with best anime, best episodes, best male and female characters, best mascot and stuff. This year, CG had to share some of the positions. XD
Since double 0 is a Gundam series, it effectively captured the gundam fanbase as well. Hahaa. Battle of the mechas? Razz

At least not all your characters are pawns to your morbid desire to torture. XD

If you did put your photo as your avatar, that'd be over the edge. XD

Special? How so?
More like the fight for the other anime fans who aren't fans of either Seed or Eva. XD Of course they MUST release the movie. If not, I'll fly over and bomb they're studio. XD

Hahaa. Here's your hug for today. *hugs*

Hahaa! Parents always make the best sponsors. Razz

Yay! One more point for Fafner cosplay. Hahaa.

Yea, you seem to be the only moderator around. Are the others too busy? o-o

Speaking of which, the HGIF for double 0's out over here. Too bad I'm busy with school, if not I'd rush out to get it. XD
This hints spending spree after exams. Razz

Since Tiera seems to be the least liked character out of the 4. Razz

Feminine men! <3 Hahaa!

Lockon <3 again! cheers

Thanks for the pics again, Aya! I especially love the first one. His smile is so weet and he looks younger in there. Not to forget his alluring eyes. Razz But the second one's all love too, he looks so lovely when he's serious.

And now before I go off, 2 pictures of the new fairytale thingy figurine for Seed. (Yes, Seed again ^^;Wink

Mini Athrun is super cute, and Cagalli looks so sweet. XD

And I'm off to school. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 23 Oct - 4:26

okay theres something bugging me, the blue background of every second post makes it really hard to read and highlighting the words make it look weird lol. may be its just me.

could we just have the plain white bg for every post? it ll save my eyes Smile Razz

@ Loli, told ya you'll feel satisfied after posting one fat post Smile

@ Aya

saw ep 3... very interesting indeed.

i absolutely loved how that Exia was held by the head, that was... aweeesomeee Smile.

yep yep Lockon is caring whiel Teira is still cold like usual Smile. oh Setsuna looked so pro when he put his hand on Alle's shoulder tightly and telling him not to leak out information Smile

the world is indeed changing Smile


i dont mind Athun x Lacus pairing (spare me.. please LOL), they're like a fairytale couple... hehe

there are some very well written fics regarding those two... there was so much potential in their relationship but the war ruined it Sad. just like how politics and the second war ruined AxC. >< T_T why wont the directors let Athrun have a girl by his side damnit ><.

LOL here are a fic i found worth reading.. again Razz


please dont kill me lol

XD Fllay raping Kira.... well i bet you he enjoyed it keke

LOL screamminggggg for SM ay Tanth, now that you mention it, it kinda does LOL

are you talking about THIS plush?

a sig request i made...

LOL i never, ever saw it as a condom LOL. you're on fire today Tanth, have you had too much sugar this morning? XD

^^ you're having exams too? same here, 2 more weeks and i ll have like a 4 month holiday! SCHOOL'S OUT!!

KAWAAIII figurines, awwwww
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 23 Oct - 13:37

Okay let's go >.<

Ayathrun ( Yay this nick is so perfect ^.^" I must only find a way to include Kenshin ...):

Yeah since I speak about Kenshin, Congratulations \o/ Bravo (xD)
After all, Kenshin can't lose a duel, it was so predictable but quite, good job ^^
Cute ? Ow Kenshin, Kenshin , Kenshiin xp

Even the other person compare you to an anime character ? Really class, but that's not a surprise, you are the Athrun double ^.^

Male genes about the ears...I guess it must have drawbacks to be a man after all xD
But with long hair it's not a problem

Everything is clear ! You like RPG, I understand better all this precision ^^ After all to make an RPG interessant, imagination is impossible to avoid...
Didn't you like to draw too ?

After all if you can write you can draw (Yeah imagination is to necessary to draw xp)

Looooool what a moron this man xD How can a man falling in love with his car ...That poor wife u_u"
There is the Kira problem xD

As Tanth said he has been so afraid by Fllay and their pysical relations than he focuses on his Freedom -_-"

And yeah, fanservice...good fan service just for one time will be a true chance ...after destiny and all this anime damage, We deserve a sweet moment >_<

And lol, Quatre seems interested by every men of the anime xD Trowa, for sure (his love life) but too Heero, Duo...
Only Wufei seems preserved u_u"

And about Tiera and Allelujah, I admit, it's cruel xD Tiera is very cold, and Allelujah is just so cute...he will be better with Lockon...xDDDD

Hongrong is so cute *____* So beautiful, so hot...What lucky girl wang >_<
Only 3 sec in one episode and I'm in heaven xD
(Hey he have too a girlish face xD With his long long pony tail )

I've seen too the episode 3, and I think he was better than the 2 ^.^

Setsuna was so cool during his fight xD And what can I say about Hongrong...always present, watching over Wang, and his face surprised was great xD

Wang is always cute and Alellujah...I love his voice toooo xD

Really I can't understand that but he is really the best surprise from this anime ^.^ And his expressions...

It seems strange but Setsuna is moreover cold than anyone else even than Tiera...a true Heero *.* (I love the path where he ignore Saji xp ...that poor Saji is so cute with Louise...but what a stupid boy xD
"Am I in your future ?"..."Vaguely" loool xD)

And yeah, they are wrong >_< For the moment, 00 is a very good anime they can't denied that >.<

About 00 3 I've a question...Could it be possible than the Celestial being goal could be to bring the two enemy nations in one to could fight between them ? >_<

It seems too easy no ? But in the end of the episode we can think that's their goal...

I wonder really what's the meaning of this, I can't wait for the 4 >_<

No my mother is not so cool you know >_< She has just changed when she saw and hear Bill ^^ But before that, She'll have seen you as a bad guy xD

All the mother are the same...Only a pretty boy with long hair, cute face and good voice could make her changed her mind xD

But now yeah, when I talked about you she was thinking that you and me have been exchange when we are born ^.^"""

About the true Athrun, sure, that's not a problem, just dangerous for
you xp
But absolutely not a problem ^.^ (hey I'm a girl, to me it's really really good xD)

Half Athrun, half Kira...all in one xD I just can be a fangirl \o/

I supposed that Thingperson is the administrator no ? I've never seen the administrator so...
About you as a moderator, yeah, we can see that you like it ^.^
And to new member like me, it's really a good thing to can be welcome by a so nice moderator ^.^

And you are a cute and strong Athrun/Kenshin xD

I've never heard about Ayakishi...but I'd never seen pics...those pics are really beautiful, I think I'll try that soon u.u

And my english is not really good ^.^ But I'll do my best and... thanks that's really nice *I don't want to blush xD*

And about your sign...no comment about the line (xp) but...Zelos pawaaaaaa (Even If Kratos is awesome in the Tales of Symphonia anime u_u)

Tanth the crazy perv (=D):

Yeah, Aya is lazy too, but he is the Athrun double, all is forgive to him xD

Looooooool the purple hair...so their son is....

Yuuna ???? xD

To Cagalli and Athrun it will be Nicol so...u_u"""
No to them eyes color and hair colors must be exchanged that's all xD Not a mixture xD

And Cagalli bring cheer ? I guess that if she is always so exubrant she must bring cheer even in their bed xD
It must be really hot ! =D

I don't know what is the Athrun grade but I think that he has an ambassador mission...It seems strange, cause he is the only one from Orb and all the others are from Zaft...he doesn't seems to be in his place u_u If he was there to be with Cagalli but no...-__-

I had never seen that pic of Code Geass O_o OMG Lulu is hot but...chains and ribbons...so Lulu and Suzaku have this sort of relations...xDDD

Yeaaaah Chese kun looks like a condom xD
Maybe for Lulu...-________-""""

About Mana it will be not a surprise..;I don't think he is ready to wait their wedding to have Cagalli in his bed xD And Mana seems very conservative xD

If she must catch them...I've read a fanfiction where they must be awake early to permet to Cagalli to return to her room before Mana's coming to awake her xD

And did you seen it ? Ayathrun has green eyes xD

So cuuuuuuuute figure I love you

We have got Yzak, Meer, Kira, Cagalli (<3333) where is Athrun xD
Oww and I want Shinn in Lacus dress too xDDD

Vorahk: hey the return \o/

Yeah I know that feeling, in french forum, I make often big big big post u_u"

But in english it's too difficult xD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 23 Oct - 20:17

lol the only time where their kids have mixed hair colours is when their genes are Co-dominant. So there are chances they ll have recessive or dominant genes as well, thus it could be blue , pink or blonde hair ^^.

LOL yunna... nooooo >< kekeke

hehe Nicol Zala XD

thats one super cute pic of Athrun n Lacus Smile thanks hehe

Last edited by on Tue 23 Oct - 22:54; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 23 Oct - 20:53

vorahk> Hahaa. I'm not particularly against that pairing myself too. But still, that doesn't changes me from being an avid Assucaga fan. XD
A fairytale couple, eh? I'd think that Kira and Lacus fits that more, now. Hahaa. Athrun and Lacus looks alright together, actually. XD;;
*Athrun still looks the best with Cagalli though!*

Now we shouldn't say that Asucaga's ruined! D: They're still together because Athrun's still in ORB. Hahaa.

No no. No fics today. Chemistry paper in.. 4 hours time. I'll read it after my exmas. I'm bookmarking that fanfic. Keke.

Hahaa! Suzaku and Lulu SM. Now all we need are doujins and fanfics.

Yea, that one. It DOES look like a condom! I wasn't high on sugar or anything. XD;;

Yes, exams. Sad 2 weeks? Hm. I've got another 3 weeks. Sad Sad 15 more papers, if I recall correctly. Sad

Yea, they're so cute. Hahaa. I haven't bought the previous set. There was Meer and Yzak. The film cards that came with Meer's figurine had Athrun and Cagalli in it. So it's a sure-buy on my list. Very Happy

Loli> Where did that crazy come from? XD

Oy! That's so unfair! I demand equal treatment! Sad

I can't see the picture. Must be my connection again. Damn.

If Yuuna's their child, I'd be totally anti- Athrun Lacus pairing. Hahaa. Man, that guy shouldn't even have existed in the first place. He's there for more of comic relief than contributing much to the plot. (Alright, granted, he made ORB join EA but that's something we rather not have, right? Hahaa. ). That guy was just jilarious to watch, even his death was entertaining. I repeated that sequence many times to laugh at it. Hahaa.

And Athrun will get all angsty when he sees Nicol-child. Hahaa.

Hahaa! Loli's the one high on sugar today! XD;;
Well, judging from this figurine of Cagalli (the one of her in sexy pyjamas in SM-ish style? Black leather! Very Happy ), it must be some hot sex they have. Hahaa.

I think it would be rare for Cagalli to be there. You don't usually have the head representative going to foreign countries. She's probably busy with her work in ORB. Besides, I'd think Athrun was just there to witness Lacus' swearing in? Since Lacus doesn't really hold the highest position (Chairperson), it wouldn't be nice for ORB's highest-ranking to fly over there just for her ceremony. Hahaa.

Hahaa. Lulu and Suzaku have the same sort of relationship as Athrun and Kira. Probably too much alike. Too bad the Gundam Seed calender doesn't have Athrun and Kira in chains and ribbons. XD;;

Yay! Even Loli agrees that Cheese-kun looks like a condom. Hahaa.
I'd never look at Pizza hut the same way again. Razz

lol! Nice one about Athrun. Hahaa! How true how true. They were both so young anyway. And the adults were probably too busy with the after-war stuff to handle to actually bother about what the two of them do to each other. Razz

Really? What fic? Very Happy

Yea, he told me a few pages back. Hahaa.

We have Athrun! There, the mini one. Razz
But yea, I'd expect Athrun to be in the next series. Hahaa.
Shinn in Lacus' dress. That was nice! Hahaa. I like the Meer references in the show. XD

And you've made another long post in english. It isn't that difficult after all, eh? Hahaa.

Off for lunch. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 23 Oct - 20:55

Oooh. I can see the Athrun and Lacus picture now. o-o

Sweet picture. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Thu 25 Oct - 13:00

Ok, I'll have to pick out some random parts to reply to. You guys are starting to become as big huge post freaks as me; Very Happy
Ow and sorry it took me some time to reply. I had a magazine for work that needed to be finished by today.


@ tanth:

I already called her Loli longer than you did (in the Welcome section).

OMG. That CG cover is indeed sooooo SM ! Very Happy Or maybe it's the prelude to an 'official' CG yaoi sequel. ^^

Hahaha. Cheese-kun a condom ! Too sweet for words Laughing (but true)

I'm lazy when I have the chance to. I have to be super active and focused at work, so when I get home, yeah some laziness can be nice ^^

Reading doesn't take too much time (well I'm used to read at a fast level). It's replying !

Yeah, I followed those anime grandprix's from close by.

Hahaha. I'll help you bomb when they don't release it ! Razz

*catches the hug. Feels good*

Most of the time. Once you get older (my age), you change that point of view. Lots of things THEY used to 'sponsor' that YOU suddenly have to be able to pay. But then again, that's life.

Don't ask me where the other mods hang around ^^'
Every now and then, Kan-chan's on. And I know that Thingperson is busy (school), and so is Vicky. So yeah, I have to keep things up and running right now. But as you can see, no problemo Very Happy

They are ?! OMG, you guys are so lucky ! I'm going anime shopping this Saturday. I'm curious if they will be out here as well. But I think it's still way too soon for us to get them in local shops. But it sure would be cool. I'd buy me an Allelujah straight away ! XD

My pleasure. I knew you'd be very happy with those images. And like I already said before, I'm here to spread the fandom Razz
My fav out of the two is still the second one. Although the first one, the scene was one of the best parts of the episodes. (hahahaha. Setsuna's reaction when he got milk. Btw ! Setsuna ... Ritsuka ... neko ... cat ... milk ... XD)

OMG ! Those figurines are sooooooooooo adorable. They really scream "BUY US !". Cagalli's so super cute. And piggy Kira, Athrun and Shinn is the cutest SEED thing I've ever seen. They all look sooooo huggable (but Shinn still won't get one XD)


@ vorahk:

The white and blue switch for every post indeed makes some things less good viewable. But it helps visualing what belongs to which post. Personally, to me when I'm doing my moderating reading, it helps me a great deal. AND, I can't access the site's coding, so you'll have to remain pleased with this layout ^^'

Ah yes. That was an awesome scene. Proves what a well-built machine Exia is. Its head didn't break off, and the Gundam remained good pilotable with all its monitors blanking out.

Personally, the hand on Allelujah's shoulder was a less good moment to me. It's true he shouldn't talked about it in such a crowded place, but what Setsuna did was really snobbish.
BUT, it did gave us a nice shot of how Allelujah looks when he's surprised by something. Made me an even bigger fan than I already were.

Nice sig you made ! You really are THE sig meister Razz

4 MONTHS !!!!!!!! ... Sad My next one, the upcoming week, is only 3 days and a half ...


@ Loli:

Then, how about, Ayathrun Himura Very Happy

Thank you. I don't ALWAYS win my duels (nor does Kenshin). But I do fight till the bitter end to be victorious. Especially when I have had a frustrating week, my opponent doesn't stand a single chance. XD

They either say I look like a model, or an anime character Very Happy

Being a man ain't always easy, that's true. But I'd never wanne change. I'm happy to be a long-haired male. ^^

Yeah. Without a good imagination, it's hard to do full-text RPG'ing. Either the characters have no background, or the posts are just lame.
Yep, I do LOVE drawing. There's some (non-anime) work of mine in the 'Show-off' section of the forum.

Not always. There are people who are very good writers, but can't draw at all. I can, since I've drawing much my entire life, and of course have the 'wild' imagination.

Here's the outline-version (simple drawing used to colour in some day) of Seiji Sagara, the main character of my Demon's Wings story. Copyrighted !

Yeah, you bet he is. Rolling Eyes

Destiny had some good fanservice. But it could not compete with all the bad parts and ALL those flashbacks.

Hehehe. Yeah, he does indeed. But that's the way his character had to be. The softy of the group. Although he kicked some serious ass when he freaked out and used Wing Zero to blow up that colony.
Ah, Wing Zero ... Such a magnificent machine !

Yeah, AlleLock seems a better couple. Although I still prefer them to be pure men Very Happy

Hongrong indeed has some girlness in his face, but not exagerated. His long pony tail is soooo class !
When I watched ep3, I knew you'd be super happy with that (short) scene. And yeah, his face was kawaii when he was surprised.

Ep2 was good, but 3 was indeed better. I especially enjoyed the fact we got to see the pilots in normal clothes, instead of their flight suits. Looks like Allelujah too spends quite some time training his body. cheers Another thing he and I have in common.

That reminds me. I showed the screenshot of Allelujah (the one with Setsuna's hand on his shoulder), and some thought it was a drawing I had made of myself. That was really funny. They were like "But admit that he does look like you." Very Happy And I can understand it in a way, since I'm doing my hair (almost) the same way currently, and my eyes are of the 'narrow' type like his.

I know what you mean. I was fearing that he was going to be one of those salt-and-pepper-less type of characters. But he turned out to be awesome.

Yeah, Setsuna's a real Heero. The way he reacts, talks, fights, ... And indeed, poor Saji. So dumb not to understand Louise's subtile hint, and afterwards getting almost completely ignored by Setsu-kun.

Good question. I'll have to think about that one.
And I can't wait either for the 4 to arrive. Double 0's a real drug to me. XD

Well at least he still sounds cooler than mine Very Happy Lol, a bad guy. Well I couldn't blame her for thinking so. After all, I did knock down several guys when I used to be younger. I still do, but rarely (like the time when that gross fag at school kissed me in the toilets).

She really said that ?! Hahaha, OMG. That's really cute.

Dangerous ? How comes ?! ^^'
And yep, the full package. A brunette, with green eyes, Kira skin and improved Athrun body. XD

Thingperson is our administrator, yes. You'll often hear me say 'sis' when I talk about her. But we're only brother & sister in spirits Smile (kinda like Kamina and Simon from TTGL are bro's in spirit). Without her, this place would've never seen birth.
She wasn't around when you joined, so that's why you haven't seen her yet.
Gosh, you're making me blush again. Thank you. That's really so sweet. I'm happy to hear that my job as a moderator is being appreciated by you guys. Mostly, a moderator's not the most popular person on a forum. ^^
But really, thanx. I appreciate what you say very, very much ^.^

Quote :
And you are a cute and strong Athrun/Kenshin xD

Argh. Double blush ! Razz

Yes, you should really try Mononoke. You'll find it refreshing (and weird Very Happy)

YES, your English IS good ! I mean, just look at all those long posts you make IN English. Honestly.


Urgh, I'm hungry. I need fooooooood ! *crawls to kitchen on hands and knees*
Hmmm ... What will I make ? It's my turn to cook ... Ow, I still have some pasta and crustaceans that I could prepare. Yeah, I think I'll make a nice wok salad.
*runs off to the kitchen, 'cause it needs some time to be prepared ... that means, no spelling check today, yay !* XD

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Fri 26 Oct - 10:04

Hahaa. So Aya's lazy no. 1 then. At least I wasn't the first to give Loli a shorter name. XD

Hm? Yaoi sequel? One where Suzaku and Lulu elope? Hahaa! That'd be a first.

Sweet? Now that's an adjective I'd never used for this. Hahaa.

Alright alright. We'll give you a chance to be lazy here then. Don't want to bully you by robbing you of all your life eh? Wink Razz

I understand the bit about replying. Hahaa! First off, there's just too much to reply to. What with the long posts trend. XD (I have a feeling this one won't be so long, so a breather for you! XD)

Yeap, the grand prix makes the june issue every year a must-buy. The issues get sold out really fast. I have to wait for back orders sometimes.
Oh yea, speaking of which, Seed's losing its fame I think. The monthly polls in Animage has Kira at 4th. The horror! D:

An accomplice! Yes! We need more people to form a squad. Hahaa.

You mean like forking out a bit of the electricity bill and such? Well, I can imagine that though I don't really aniticipate that. Hahaa. There goes 3 showers a day.

Yea, I do see Kan-chan around sometimes. But the others are pretty much absent. Hahaa. Ah, so they're busy. That's life, eh? Hahaa!
We members aren't much trouble, hm? Smile Smile Smile

Yeap, they were. Hahaa. And my brother forbade me from going out to get them. Damn him. I haven't gotten my hands on the new Seed character fortune too. Sad
It's faster to ship things from Japan to over here than to your place. Hahaa.
Anime shopping on Saturday? As way of birthday celebrations? Bring along all the birthday cash and splurge! >D

Fandom's doing fairly well with your help. Hahaa.
I think the relationship was supposed to lie more with Setsuna > youngest of the group > still a kid. Hahaa! But that works out too. Razz

I can't wait for them to be out! Hahaa. Yea, they're so cute. Have they found their way to your buying list too? Hahaa.

By the way, they have a Code Geass equivalent too. Just without the fairytales bit. Seriously, Sunrise needs to change tactics.

/offers pizzas LOL
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Fri 26 Oct - 15:51

So much post...sure, I'm going to progress in english u.u


Tanth : Yeah you are crazy, it's obvious, a perv and a crazy perv...you rock xD

And no, yeah it's unfair, but I can't give an equal treatement ...you are not an Athrun xp
He is Athrun and Kenshin...so amazing, I can't treat him like you xD

And crazy perv is so good to you *_*

Hehe I'm a totally anti Athrun x Lacus (gomen Vorahk, I know you love this pairing ^^) cause they seems too precious...to me this couple will be appaling >.< So ugly...They needs an opposite to make a good couple, like Cagalli and Kira, it's perfect u_u

And purple hair...it's Yuuna for sure xD
And we are okay his death was totally ridiculous u_u
Maybe he is alive after all xD

Yuuna the return in the movie ! Athrun may finally kick his ass xD
Go Athrun \o/

Loool the Nicol child to Athrun...I'm sure he could call him like that...Lenore to a girl and Nicol to a boy...if he has green hair...Athrun will get really really angsty xD

Looks !

Oh yeah you speak about the black Cagalli with her minishort, in couple with Lacus in white dress ?
Really hot Cagalli...Athrun can't resist xD
Lol imagine Cagalli with those clothes in the anime...we'll have a more hot sex scene that Kira and Fllay for sure xD

Go Go Athrun *repeat mode*

Yeah but that's strange...why an Orb representant with a Plant council member and not with an Alliance representant >.<
If Cagalli were there, like an official visit it will be better xp

Lacus is with Athrun, with Kira, with Yzak...she is with everyone xD devil Lacus >_<"

Lol Athrun and Kira with chains and ribbons too u_u"""
I'll be scared cause on this Lulu x Suzaku pics...they seems really like gay xD And Lulu seems not interesting by women so maybe...xD

Not Athrun xDDDD

Lol with pizza hut, now I can't resist when I must going eat outside xD
I'm thinking "yeaah like CC, I could have too a cheese kun"...and finally my friends doesn't agree...cause the pizza from pizza hut aren't really good u___u""

Cheese kun is a protection message xp
Cause CC is often naked when she is with him and so...it's a nice message xD

I don't remind the fic...u_u there are too fics in fanfictions...you can always search the good xD

Oh yes !!! The Meer references !! "Lacus daiiiii" xD
Meer was so excellent xD
And the shinn version of shizukana...I want it xDD

Yeah It's less difficult now...I think I'm now getting used, one post don't take me one hour xD

AsuCaga rules !!!

Ayathrun Himura : Yeaaah what a good idea...but it seems a little too long xD Finally I think I prefer to call you Aya, Ayathrun Himura will be to the big events xp

But you stay Ayathrun Himura in my mind ( awesome nick ^^)
About your duels I can easily imagine...but after all, when Kenshin was young, he doesn't win all his duels too
And you are young, all is forgive xp
Loool all a bad week and you take your revenge on you opponent ! And it seems effective...all the sport qualities xD

A model, I can easily imagine u_u Didn't you already have proposition to photos ? =) In France, when it's the fashion week, they are a lot of persons who mades propositions...A friend of mine is tall like you and he has already had a lot of proposition u_u

You don't wanna change ? Finally a pretty boy who is proud to be a boy...the world can maybe be saved after all xD

Yeahhh you love drawing \o/ Me too \o/
I guess they are a lot of forum parts that I didn't visited u.u
And Yeah, writer aren't always designers but when you try you can xp (But I think that's cause often, author stay concentrate on the writing ^.^)

Hey as I thought you have already a story !Do you think maka a comics of that story (After all if your characters have a design...)
It's a pretty cool character and he looks like a samurai...you can admit, It's you, ne ? ^.^

I love especially his eyes and his hair ; His eyes reminds me Dark's eyes in DN angel, very expressive...and I love the way you draw his hair, with the pony tail ^^

After this post I think I'm going to visit the forum, It seems I have nothing seen >_<

Wing Zero...the Endless waltz version, when he is flying like a bird with his angel wings...so beautiful *.*

About Allelujah and Lockon I prefer too xD but the yaoi lovers couldn't permit that xD
But if it's like Gundam wing, they'll must find lovers ^.^
Wait and see u_u (even if I can't imagine Allelujah with anyone...he seems so in his world xD)

And Yeah, Hongrong is more virile than Allelujah for example...but with his slim face, long hair and manly body...he is so perfect xD (Setsuna x Hongrong ! *get out u_u*)

Looooool about Allelujah I thought the same thing xD
On the only pic of you I've seen, your haircut is really similar with your hair wick...You finally found your anime double (One another...xD)
And yeah Allelujah is really muscled...and with his hugging sweat, it's even more visible xD

And Yeah the episode 2 wasn't bad, but the 3 was really better...I'd love the fight between Setsuna and Graham...with the hand on the gundam head...really intense !

Yeah a drug, the same thing to me...after all it's my only true anime of this period, it's like when I was waiting death Note or Destiny xD (even if destiny wasn't really a good surprise...u_u)

Saji x Louise *.*
After all he said "vaguely", so she must be present in his future...but it's really a guy...he haven't undestand what she was trying to say....u_u""

So finally my mother was right xD
Guys with long hair are bad guy \o/ And who kissed you ? O_o""
And Yeah she really said that u_u

She wants a Bill in her family u_u"

Mothers are really complicated I could never undesrtand that population u_u
She reproachs me to be a boy in a girl body and finally she accepts with great smiles guys with girlish face u___u

Unfair xD

Yay as I said, You are all in one \o/

Okay I've seen who is Thingperson...I've seen her posts and she is writing like a friend of me with "*smiles*" and other...it seems cute xD
I understand perfectly that story about the spiritul brother cause it's the same thing to me and a friend xD
We are simply too resembling...and since he is a nice guy and I'm an exuberant girl...and cause he is a Kira fan and I'm a Cagalli fan...
I let you imagine the end of our stupid game xD
Yay I'm his Cagalli and he is my Kira \o/
When we are talking on forum a lot of persons don't understand why I call him Kira or onii chan xD
Stupid game I admit xD

Hoping that she'll coming soon...I'd like to see who is your sis xD

About the fact that the moderator is not really appreciate in the forum usually, I can only approve it...

I was member of a french forum since a lot of years and it was really really rare when I could be "friend" with a moderator...

Simply cause often they wasn't really cool with new members who are making errors and all...

The moderator changed a lot of time since I was member and when I seen moderators be abusive on a member, then they made the same errors when they started on the forum, I was really, really angry...>_<

Finally cause the new moderators was unbearable I have finally let the forum -_- They killed the good atmosphere with new rules and all >_<

I supposed that's one of the reasons why I like talk to you (yeah not only cause you are Ayathrun Himurallelujah xp) it's one of the first time where I can talk to a really nice moderator x)

You can be proud cause I'm not really a moderator fangirl usually xD

And it's really good to be on a forum quiet like this ^.^ No needs to fight to a problem and all..; The rare members that I know are pretty cool, Tanth is a crazy perv, Vorahk is strange (yeah How can You love the Athrun x Lacus couple xDD) and you are so cuuute Ayathrun (not only physically u.u)

The proof is there...I can now post in english and to me it's a true miracle ^.^
And thanks if it's honest ^.^ I'me the one who is going to blush now u_u"

And after this post I'm hungry too xD
(Kallen so cuuuuuute )
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Fri 26 Oct - 23:25

Loli> D: Is that supposed to be a compliment? Hahaa!

That's so unfair! Sad

One Prince, two Princesses. Athrun still goes better with Cagalli. Hahaa.
Yuna child. Athrun and Lacus cannot be. LOL.

His death was funny. Hahaa! The first person to get squashed by a Zaku. (It was a Zaku, right? ^^;Wink Beats getting inflated by nuclear energy.

Yes! Yo go, Athrun! Hahaa.
But nah, I'm pretty sure he's dead. Who can get squashed by that many tonnes of metal and survive?
Only Kira. HAHAHAA.

Damn. Poor Athrun. No matter the gender of the child he'll get angsty. Hahaa.

That comic strip was hilarious! Hahaa. I like how Athrun blushed in the first panel. I'm a total sucker for guys who blush. =\

Yeap! That one! I wasted tons of money trying to get a Cagalli. (Ended up with 2 Lacuses and 3 Lunamaria extras. =-=)
Hahaa! Cagalli's definitely better in bed than Fllay then. At least Athrun doesn't look all traumatised by sex with Cagalli. He's still so alright with her. He must enjoy it a lot. Razz

The Alliance was destroyed, wasn't it? Zilch. Gone. I'm not all too sure though. My memory may have failed me. I'm planning to rewatch the whole Seed series after my exams. >D

Lacus' harem now? Seed was Kira's. Detiny was Athrun's. The movie'll be Lacus'. When's Cagalli's turn? Razz

Lulu's more interested in world-dominance. Hahaa. Gosh, and Suzaku's probably all sad and angsty by Euphie's death he may turn to Lulu! LOL

You don't have to go to Pizza Hut to get a Cheese-kun. Wink

Protection message?! Hahaa!

"Watashi wa Lacus! Lacus ga ii!" lol!

Hurray for Loli! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 27 Oct - 15:05

Yeah a true compliment ^.^
It's really god to be crazy...but about the perv...maybe a compliment maybe not xD

As you wish xD

Yeah Athrun x Lacus is definitely a bad idea u_u Save the world, kill the yuuna (as in heroes...-__-''')

No No it's Yunna he could be a plastic man with a face liker his u_u
But seriously I think too he is dead...Athrun could never kick Yunna's ass...after the wedding he'll regret that all his life u_u

I don't know if Cagalli is better than Fllay but after all, she has the seed mode...xD It can be used in the bed no ? xD
Fllay was certainly too savage u_u""" That poor Kira, a true sex slave...
Yeah not the Alliance, I mean EAF, the Earth nation xD To me it was the same u_u""
Cagalli had his turn xD In seed and destiny !

Seed : Ahmed, Kira, Athrun
Destiny :Yuuna, Athrun, Kira (yeaaah after all he kidnapped the bride xD and he is always sooo cute with her xD )

Eeek Euphie's death...This reminds me all the Kallen x Suzaku scans...all but not that -___-


And yeah Hurray for me \o/ And for my crazy perv too xDD
Soon the Athrun's birthday \o/
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sun 28 Oct - 4:11

Loli> Why is it good to be crazy? D:

Since Athrun + Lacus = Yuuna, it's a no-no. We don't need another character being squashed by a Gundam or Mobile Suit.

Yuuna got the best kind of death that he deserves. What else could Athrun do? Step on him with Infinitye Justice? XD

Seed mode in bed? Then Lacus must've a hell of a time with Kira. Razz
I'm confused on all the sides. @-@ Shall do some more reading up after exams. Just a few more papers to go! ><

Kira and Cagalli? Incest? Ho no. Razz
Kira is a very protective brother. Kind of like mine, really. Hahaa. (The sad bit is that mine doesn't look like Kira one bit. =\ )

Kallen and Suzaku.. I have a hunch that that'll become true. =x

When did I become yours? XD
Athrun's birthday tomorrow! And I haven't written any fanfic for him or something. Well, there goes another year without anything special for his birthday. (Maybe a personal message on my msn again. XD)
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sun 28 Oct - 10:14

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATHRUN ! May all your wishes (Cagalli) come true. I'm sure the girls here will make you something nice for your B-day Razz

And now, back to the posts


@ tanth:

Hehe, so I'm lazy n° 1. Then you are lazy n° 2. Who will be number 3 ? C'mon ! Any volunteers ?!

That 'sweet' was probably a rather direct translation from that expression in Dutch ^^'

Well that would indeed be nice if you'd allow me to be lazy here every now and then Razz

I might be able to reply to everything if I wouldn't have to go to work. Yeah, me too I think this trend won't last forever. I've seen it on Minitokyo. After a while, the posts get shorter again.

I always pre-order. That way I'm sure to have my copy of the issue. I'm starting to do the same with manga and figurines.
Well, the SEED hype can't last forever. New series become more popular, and eventually, SEED will nestle itself in the same category as G Wing. Although SEED will always remain more popular that its co-series.
It's quite an achievement that Kira is still number 4. After all, Destiny has ended for quite some time now.
I wonder if Double 0 will be the same big hype as SEED. It sure is in my case Very Happy

It sure would be handy if we would have some MS ourselves (I'll order me a Kyrios Very Happy). Then we could burn down Sunrise in a flash if they refuse to release the SEED movie. XD

Yep, that sort of things. But in a way, I think it's good, 'cause one day, I'll have to be able to pay all the bills myself.

Myeah. Kan-chan is the second most active moderator. I never actually wondered why the others aren't. I can handle moderating this place on my own pretty well, so I don't really complain about it. ^^
And no, you members are far from being troubles. I've never had such a great ones like you, honestly. You actually make it worthwhile being a moderator !

Really ?! He did ?! Damn, he sounds strict. When I hear that, I'm glad to be single child Razz
Yeah. We always have to wait longer before they start to ship things from Japan Sad
Yep, anime shopping to celebrate my B-day. Well, I go anime shopping every 1 to 2 months, but this time, I could spend more. So I came back home with 6 DVD Boxes and 11 manga. I also ordered 2 volumes from the manga Persona that I was still missing, and all 10 volumes of Seimaden. The rest of the money, well I saved it for next month, when the new FF figurines will arrive (I want me a Kadaj and a Reno).

Thanx ^^ I'm glad to hear that. And it's true. I noticed that in my B-day topic Very Happy Allelujah and Lockon MUST be loved all over the world. I won't stop until that is a fact ! Razz

I'm afraid we won't get them over here. They'll probably have to be ordered via the internet *sigh* But I'll surely add them to my wish list.

The CG ones are really cute too. But still, the SEED ones are so much more adorable.

Thanx for the pizza. I'll keep it for next time I get hungry ^.^

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sun 28 Oct - 10:14

@ Loli:

Yeah, I agree Ayathrun Himura sounds rather long for a nick. But still, you seem rather hyped about using it Very Happy

Yep, that's true. It's logic that when you are still a trainee, you don't win all your battles. Still, I have this certain urge inside that gives me the extra boost when needed to win. Some of the others already fear me when they are set up as my opponent, mwuhahaha. XD
I know I shouldn't do that. I shouldn't fight just to get rid of my frustration or anger. That's not what being a samurai is about. Still, it comes in handy

I already got some, yes. But I never really thought of becoming a model. I'm rather shy in front of camera's, how hard it may seem to believe. That's why I prefer taking pictures of me, myself. XD But I did indeed already get some propositions.

No I don't. I'm happy to be a man, and to stay one ^^
And lol, so I might be the saviour of boydom in the world ?! XD

Drawing is a great hobby. There’s so much you can do with so little. And it's fun when you can put your ideas and visions on paper. I'm now referring to my tram and bus designs I make, especially my EuroCity Flex C07 tram, which you can find here on the forum.
Well, it takes some time to visit the entire forum, I know. But take your time to discover everything at ease. ^^
Well a good example of writer-drawers are of course mangaka and other comic writers. But in industrial life, you won't find much graphic people who are at the same time good writers. There are of course exceptions, like me

I haven't really tried making a comic from my story yet, although it would be cool if I could. It takes a lot of time, and I'm lacking time most days of the year. ^^’ I do have plans to make some one-page comics of certain scenes from the 'Demons vs Angels' RPG I'm part of. Like the scene where Raton teases Kuro with a picture of him, totally drunk and naked. Or some kick-ass battle scenes. I hope to put things like this on Deviant Art some day.

I'm really glad you like Seiji. And ^.^ for all the nice things you wrote. He's indeed partially based on me, although his hair is black, and his eyes are red. And you can be assured, he has nothing more in common with Shinn-bitch than that.

I always pay much attention to details when I draw eyes and hair. The eyes have to bring the image alive. And the hair, well, the hair is what makes a character unique. Half of my male characters have pony tails. I simply adore pony tails, especially this type of samurai tails. When I drew Seiji, my hair was still too short to do it like that, so he kinda was a prelude to how I wished to look. ^^

Yeah, you bet Wing Zero's magnificent in its Waltz version !

Hongrong x Setsuna ... nah. Rather not. And if possible, I'd prefer to see Allelujah un-yaoi'ed as well. XD

I must say that Allelujah is indeed the first character that I think resembles me most. On that picture of mine, my bangs were still just straight. Now, since Double 0 started airing, I'm brushing the ends of them so they also flip upwards like Allelujah's (but only when I get up early enough, lol Very Happy). And dang, it's rather hard to get my back-bangs that way.

Yeah, he's got a nice body. I think a lot of female fans are crossing their fingers, hoping to see Allelujah shirtless some episode. I'm curious too actually. I wonder if he has a six pack. If so, which I think, then he and I would have yet another thing in common, and that would be so wickedly cool Very Happy

That was indeed a beautiful battle. Exia has proven to be one heck of a solid machine. And Setsuna seems to hate when others touch his Gundam (and probably him as well). Where have we seen this type of behaviour before ... J

I was always looking forward to the next episode of destiny, but not at the same level as Double 0. In fact, there haven't really been much series I really had such a hard time waiting for the next episode to air, as I do now with Double 0. I'm really addicted to it. And at work, they are starting to get addicted to Allelujah screenshots too ! ^^

Hehe. Yeah, Saji had all reasons to feel ashamed when Louise left and everybody was looking at him.

Like I said, I used to be more of a bad guy when I was younger. Now that I have a job and are a samurai trainee, I've become calmer and more mature.
That guy who kissed me ? Well, I had never noticed him before at school. I was taking a quiet pee. Very Happy I close my zipper and turn around to leave when suddenly this guy is right in front of me. Of course I was scared the hell out of me, since I hadn't heard him come in (I probably would now). He looked at me in a strange way ( and he was dead ugly btw). Suddenly, he grabs me by the shoulders and pushes me against the wall, saying he thinks I'm totally hot and he wants to … you know. He then started kissing me, trying to get his tongue in my mouth. I pressed my lips as hard as I could, but that made me unable to push him aside. Eventually, I got really angry and something inside of me snapped (kinda like SEED-mode). I gave him a hard punch in the nuts and then another one in the face. I didn't return to class. I felt to dirty. I went straight home and took a shower as quickly as possible. I encountered him one more time afterwards. It looked as if he wouldn't try that a second time, the dirty fag !

Hehe, she wants a Bill in her family. That's cute.

Yeah, mothers are indeed hard to understand. They have such a different kind of logic than we do. But she's cool, your mom. Liking longhaired males with girlish faces. She rocks ! Very Happy *winks*
Yep. I'm all in one

Uhu, sis likes to use the *(word)* a lot. I used to do it a lot too some time ago. I still use it, but more to write down gestures, expressions and feelings of my RPG characters.
NO, it's not something stupid ! Thingperson and I do exact the same thing ! I'm her Kira, her onii-chan and she is my Cagalli. OMG, and I always thought we were the only ones who did it.
You and your friend, and sis and I are like the same. How cool !

You'll love her. She's really nice and funny.

I know what you mean. Before I became a moderator myself, I saw those people as real tyrants.
Making mistakes is part of being a newbe on a site. It's wrong for moderators to go shout and make them feel dumb. A moderator is there to HELP the new ones. Too bad not much mods are of the same idea as I am.
When I became a moderator, I said to myself that I would never become one of those power-hungry ones, or else I would quit the job immediately.

Yep, that's what happened to Minitokyo. There was a new load of new rules and new moderators, that changed the mood of the site completely. Except for the RPG, I never go to Minitokyo anymore, because of the mods.
There are some nice ones, but overall, I think the current MT moderators act like Gods. That's so wrong. I don't feel any more special than all of you guys. Sure, I have a higher rank as a mod, but I refuse to abuse it and act like a higher-ranker. A good moderator, is somebody who acts and talks and is part of the group on the same level as all the other persons on the site, and helps them as much as possible.

Awwww. That was super sweet of you. ^.^
Hahaha, oh my ! Ayathrun Himurallelujah ! Looks like I have the longest nickname here. XD Nice find !

I can only agree about that. This is one of the rare forums where you wont find one group endlessly fight with another one because of some stupid dispute. And yep, they are cool people indeed. That's what makes this forum such a great place to be. It actually is the only forum I'm still being an active member of.
And you managed to make me blush, again (hurray for blushing. Makes you feel nice warm during these cold days XD)

Yep, for you this is a great place to practice your English. And the result is really amazing, looking at the sizes of your posts. AND you already made 50 posts (mostly in English) in just 1 month time ! Now that's a remarkable achievement.Besides, nobody here will make you hurry to reply, or give comments on possible mistakes you make. And I'm quite persistent to keep the forum this way.

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Master Chief Petty Officer

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sun 28 Oct - 16:35

Crazy perv : Oww it's very simple...it's simply better to be cray that...that to be an other sort of person xD
(Yeah I've no explanation I admit xD)

A crazy person is simply more fun...and you are a crzay perv not a crazy girl xD
So...your perversion is crazy

...I think I'm not really ssane too ...u_u"""

Ehehehe the Yuuna's death was really funny, if Lacus and Athrun's son has purple hair I want another death too fun xD
But will never know....Athrun and Cagalli will have a Nicol and Kira and Lacus will have a Fllay (brown and Pink...reddd xD)

...Their daughter will must be really interesting xD

Yeah Athrun couldn't make batter about tha Yuuna's death...but just for our pleasure...I'll want to see him take his revenge on that moron -__-
Loool you think than Lacus could too active her seed mode...that's true ! And dince Kira is the ultimate coordinator...O_o I can easily imagine the result xD

(Athrun is the ultimate womanizer that's not so bad, go go Cagalli xD)

Your big bro is like Kira ? You are so lucky >_< I don't have big brother juste a little...and I'me the one who protect her (Like Cagalli, he is my younger brother xDD)
And it's good he doesn't looks like Kira...he is your brother you'll have no chance with him xD

No Kallen and Suzaku are just a attempt of the scan to see if they are popular together...Kallen will be definitely with Lulu !>_<
He'll be the one who will kiss her *__*

And yeaaah you are my crazy perv, stop ask questions so useless xD
And that's a good idea the msn message...I think I'll made the same thing, everyone must know *___*

Ayathrun...about you it will be later or tomorrow...I'm so tired u.u
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 29 Oct - 6:36

Happy birthday to Athrun!!
Gosh, I only managed to make a rough sketch of him. I have yet to ink and colour it (I'm thinking of 'copic'-ing it. Hahaa.) so I guess it'll have to wait till after my exams. XD;;

Aya> Lazy no. 3 will reveal himself/herself soon! We should keep some unveiled new character for the audience. Very Happy

Ah. I think I get what you mean. There're two usages of sweet come to think of it. Hahaa.

Since you're lazy no.1, you get full rights to be lazy. Hahaa. But not too lazy that you forget your moderating job!
/stamps 'I have a right to be lazy' on Aya XD

When there's nothing much to talk about, posts get shorter. It's natural. If there's nothing to say, what can we say? lol. (Ok, that sounded weird. Brain's fuzzy again @-@)
We need more new chat topics. Very Happy

And I just spotted one while scrolling down.A guy kissed you?! D: When did that happen?

Ah. Pre-ordering. I don't like going through the hassle and besides, it only takes a 15 minutes bus ride to the nearest comic shop from my place and 20 minutes to get to the hideout of all the best anime shops in town. One of the advantages of living in a small country (not to mention my house is right on the outskirts of the city's central business district XD) Razz
It'd be nice if they mail the magazines right to you. That way, you can save the time taken to travel. Razz

You're right about the SEED fandom. Though I kind of think that it'll be settling more into the Eva kind of popularity. Hahaa. Like you've said, it's a feat for Kira to remain on fourth. This proves SEED's popularity (And I have no idea why but Cagalli's ranking is improving XD;Wink
Double 0 should be climbing the charts now. I can't wait for the next issue of Animage to check out Lockon, and Allejulah too!

I'll go for the Destroy. XD XD XD
But nah, like Loli said, it'll be out in January! Which I think should be true, since it says to be released in 2008 on the wiki entry.

It's not about complaining, it's about concern! XD
There's this admin from this other forum that I used to frequent and he disappeared all of a sudden. He even stopped coming online on msn. And his girlfriend is MIA too. Which really bothers me. It made me think, if I die someday, will my friends online know? Or will they just continue their lives and wonder what happened to me? Something to ponder about.
You're a nice moderator too! Wink It takes two hands to clap; with good moderators and good members, we have a great forum here. Very Happy

You don't need to make me jealous. Hahaa. But still, it's nice to have an elder brother. An elder brother is a walking trolley that talks and functions as an auto-cash withdrawal machine too! Hahaa!
And it's nice to know that if I end up being forced into a marriage I don't like, someone will come to save me. Very Happy

Hahaa. What matters is that you still get the stuff you want in the end. Very Happy
Oooh. What dvds did you get? Very Happy FF Figurines? The action.. something.. I can't recall the name at this moment. But it's the series which they have each of the FF7 characters? I saw one of Cloud and Sephiroth fighting before. That was one awesome figurine(s). Hahaa.

Well, Allejulah IS your favourite character as of now, isn't it? That's why I decided to draw him for you. (Besides that, it's a break from all the Seed stuff I've been drawing.) I've got to try Lockon one day. Razz

Doesn't the anime shop at your place offer special orders for figurines? There's one here that offers special shipment of any figurines.

Yea, the Seed ones are indeed more adorable than the CG ones. You don't always have characters dressing up as fairytale characters. XD And a change in costumes now and then doesn't hurt. Very Happy

Loli> What other sort of person? XD
At least I get to be happy over the fact that you called me a fun person. Let's just forget about the pervert bit. Hahaa.

Birds of a feather flock together, Loli! If I'm crazy and you're with me, that makes you crazy too. Razz

Aw. But I don't want Athrun to be sad. And yes, he will be sad if his son dies, irregardless of who the mother is. Hahaa.
Fllay reincarnate! Gosh. Kira's going to have a heart attack when he sees that! Hahaa.

Interesting? Incest? FatherXdaughter? o-o

Potential doujin! Very Happy That's your task, Loli! You came up with the idea. Hahaa.
O_O You're easily the more of a pervert than I am, Loli! XD

Athrun the ultimate womanizer who doesn't know that he is one. Seriously, I don't think he's aware of the fact that Meyrin has a crush on him. He needs something as blatant as the kiss between him and Cagalli (or maybe mutual affection's the key here? XD)

My brother's personality is like Kira. Hahaa. And nah, it's ok that he doesn't look like Kira. I'd rather a go at Athrun.
An elder sister! Sometimes I'd wish I have one. That's why I treat my senior from school as my elder sister. Hahaa. She takes good care of me too, since I'm not really a healthy person and have fainting spells now and then. =-=

But the Kallen and Suzaku island scene is just too familiar. XD
Lulu.. will end up with CC.

Hey! They aren't useless questions! I have a right to know about my owner (since you claim me to be yours. Hahaa)
I did the msn thingy. Hahaa. Many of my friends came to me and said "Happy birthday Athrun!" to me. XD One even requested that she speak to Athrun (and I had to pose as Athrun. XD)

Phew. Now that's done with. Hahaa.
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 29 Oct - 11:35

I know Athrun will be very pleased with that ^^

Yep. Maybe we can make some vacancy, saying we're looking for a third lazy person. There are of course several features that will have to be filled in, in order to get the title. XD

Glad to know you found out what I wanted to say. Sometimes, I think that certain expressions who are as common as can be to me, are common to you guys as well, which afterwards doesn't always seem to be true.

No, no. I won't forget about my moderating ! Very Happy
And hahahahahahah, that stamp part was so darn funny Laughing

Yep, that's true. And I don't think it sounded so weird.
*nods* New topics are always welcome. I tried to give the good example with my golden J-pop topic, but I think we need more 'spectacular' subjects ^^'

Ahah ^^' Yeah, the guy kissing me ... ^^' Well, I already described everything in detail in my previous post. But when it happened ? Euhm ... Let me think ... Must be about a year ago. But I can assure you, I can still remember it vividly >< *gets cold chills*

I get mine mailed at home, so to me it's practical to pre-order. The nearest anime shop to me, is at one hour driving. And another of course to get back. And ordering is done in a minute time. I mail or call to the shop I always go to, tell them what I'd like to order or to get taken out of their stock/showcase for me, and done is done. ^^

Kira will always remain high in upcoming rankings for some more time. And yeah, I noticed too that Cagalli is climbing up the ranking. Who knows. Maybe it's because of us, and what we do here ... XD
Yeah, I think Double 0 should get a good place in the charts.

Destroy's indeed a great choice for mass destruction. But in case Sunrise counterattacks, I'll be glad to have myself a fast Gundam. I like MS with great speed agility. So I'll stick to my choice (Kyrios) ^^
Ow and I FINALLY managed to memorize the name of the Celestial Being mothership. Ptolemaios.

Well I have been asking myself that question too. It's a fact ! If something were to happen to me, there's nobody who could let you guys know. So I understand very well what you mean.
I couldn't have said it better myself ! It takes two hands to clap. Perfectly said !

HAHAHAHAH ! Does your brother know you talk about him that way ?!

Yep, that's true Very Happy
As for the DVD's I got:
1) Gasaraki box 2
2) Jing, The King of Bandits box 1
3) Kyo Kara Maoh box 2
4) Rave box 2
5) Rave box 3
6) Kenshin the movie, Requiem for the Ishin Shishi, deluxe edition
The FF figurines are Square Enix Play Arts Action Figures (yeah, that's quite a name ^^). They're awesome ! I hope that they'll make a series of the FF VII Crisis Core characters. Especially one of Genesis would be cool (the guy based on Gackt ... Well, Squall was too actually)
Ah yes, the Cloud and Sephiroth fighting displays. They are truly amazing. They had them at the shop, but they cost too much (especially if you buy both)

You bet he IS ! Very Happy And that was really sweet of you to draw him for me. As a numero uno fan, I should draw him too some day.

As far as I know, not for all. But then again, we here are further away from Nippon than you are, so it's logic we get less stuff over here (or at least later) Sad

Of course alternative clothing can be nice. Not always. I have seen characters who look horrible wearing other clothes. But a new outfit every now and then sure is great. And this fairy tales theme is just soooo adorable.

Well, a quick spell check, and then I'm off to go watch Double 0 episode 4 cheers

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 29 Oct - 13:14

So the next part...

Ayathrun Himurallelujah...(we can too write Kirayathrun you know....OMG no limits u.u")

Yeah it's too long ...Aya is good for the moment ^^

About your battle, you extra boost...it's the seed mode !!!
You have too the seed mode, that's so good xD

And yeah it's not seems to be really in the samurai spirit, but you are young, you'll have all your time to change...and become a true samurai ;p

Yeah, It was predictable, and just like I thought, you werent okay...just like my friend...You don't realize your chance, we, the dwarf, could never been model xD

And another point from your manhood xp I don't like the models man...u.u
Yeah saviour of the boydom...
It's sad but guys seems become more girl than girl often...gladly we have always the best elements \o/

I've seen your tram yeah, and I'll be happy if our tram were designed like this ^.^

You can admit you know... you had this design ideas when you seen the horrible transportation mode in Paris...u__u
And I started to visit the forum, I have even start to read the first part of your story Very Happy

(Yeah just start, a story in english is not really easy to me xD Why don't you write in french >.<)
I want see your pages when you'll have made this \o/

But about your draws, didn't you made more arts ?I've seen only the tram and Seiji in the forum, I supposed you must have made more works >_<"

And lol I can easily imagine that your character has nothing more in common than his colours with Shinn...basically he didn't seems stupid...
(aah this stupid stupid Shinn >_<)

Yay, I'll know ! Seiji is your mental reflects of you \O/ (not so mental now...)

And Yeah a lot of characters have ponytail
(hehehehehe ...Hongrong pawaaa \o/) but personally I love that too ^.^
And I think it's pleasant to draw long hair so...

About Setsuna and Allelujah yeah it was a joke (a bad joke xD) but really I can't imagine allelujah with a girl...but it'will be so sad if he was alone u_u

Loooooool another thing in common xD and what thing xDD
But I'm sure than shirtless he is really near of you u_u"

With his hugging sweat we can easily guess that xD
...it will be truly sad an alone Allelujah...a loss for the Gundam 00 girls

(I want see Hongrong shirtless \o/
I'm sure his body isn't too perfect that yours and Allelujah body but he is certainely awesome too *.*)
And the 4 is out \o/ I can't wait my download will be end...>_<
....Oh My God....a guy kissed you >__<""""
And he wanted certainly more...-___-"""

Urgh...I've already been seduce by a girl but if she had tryed to kiss me...>__<...I can only sympathized it must be really traumatic O_o

Why didn't you take a revenge, kick him one other time or another thing ?
You felt dirty ? That's not a surprise...whoa...that's a dark story really >_<""

That's like I said >_<
All the pretty boys are in danger cause even guys are seduced u.u""
You must get out with your girlfriend to be protect I don't see other solution -_-'''

Really hard story...what a bastard this guy >___<

So...to change subject (it's hard...this story is so...)

I have seen a lot of things and live a lot of scene but there...u_____u")
Admit you are kidding me...you and the admin are really playing at our same stupid game...u.u ?
...I thougt too that we were the only ones...cause his nick was Kira, our delirium were the same, the personnality were perfect and cause I was his Cagaloli u.u""" and finally his onee chan u.u

It's so goooooooooooood xDDD
We are not the only crazy fans \oo/
I must tell him, he couldn't believe this xDDD

But seriously it's impressive ^^' If you were like Athrun and Cagalli, it will be credible but there, just like us, the gundam seed sister and the brother ...it's just amazing xDDD

Ahahaha c'est trop énorme xD j'en reviens pas xD
Day after day you are more and more sympathic to my eyes xD Really really good \o/

So there are certainly other duet just like us finally...when I think that it was unthinkable ^^'
If you say that I can believe it...but i'll be curious to see her Smile
You are a minitokyo member so ?

I've never been interested by the forum, only the gallery are pleasant to me there ^^" I've seen a little personnal page but that's all...
And if there are bad moderators...I don't regret that ^.^ Cause they can really be a reason to leave...-_-"

Yay continue to be a good moderator \o/
But you are lucky, as Tanth say, we aren't really problematic ^.^

That's funny, you seems consider this forum like your baby xDD so cuuute Ayathrun rules \o/

And since it's today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATHRUN !!!!!!!

Only 2 days of birthday difference...another thing in common with Athrun...really amazing xD

Tanth : Loooool about your wishes friend xD

About me when I put this in my msn message, 3 of my friends takes the nick "Athrun" and answer in their personnal message "Where is my present ?"...

They are stupid it's clear -___-""

No ! Lulu will never end up with CC sure >_<"
Looks, she kissed him and what was his reaction ?
Nothing !(just scary xD)
To him she is his acomplice, if he'll must end up with her the path will be more explicit but i'm sure he has no feelings for her...

You'll see, during her long time under the sea, Kallen and Lulu as 2 souls alone will become more closer sure Very Happy

It will be too easy a end like that, the season 2 will be useless then producers said the romance will be develloped in this season...

The island scene is not a proof, Athrun and Cagalli were more and more closer that Kallen and Suzaku...

And Suzaku is too bad for kallen...and since CC must die (she is the type of character who die)...Kallen x Lulu

An elder sister is really a problem you can believe me...
I have 3 big sis and they are making always so much stupid acts...for example...my big big sis is pregnant...and it's a true problem to her studies...
You see, I want a big bro...I'm ready to made the exchange when you want -_-'''

Oh and I'm not a perv xDD You give me all my ideas...you are a true inspiration xD

Cagalli said to Athrun that Meyrin must love him, he must know...(or he is naive...really naive u___u)
But realize that he is a womanizer no I don't think xD

Looooool and I'm a perv ? What this incest idea xD
Poor Lacus...xD

If the Athrun's son have the Yuuna's face I'm sure his sadness will be quickly forget Very Happy

Ow And I don't know if you are watching, but Tales of Symphonia 3 is finally up...I had loved the game and could see Sheena and Zelos (not in this episode...life is hard sometimes u_u) is a truly happiness ^.^

And my G00 is up...ahahaha otaku mode >_<"
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 30 Oct - 7:06

Aya> That coming from the Athrun-double is very sweet. Smile Then again, I guess you're right. Athrun's too kind to not appreciate anything anyone gives him (maybe with the exception of Yuuna Razz )

lol! The next thing you know, we'll be expecting resume's for the application for 'lazy people' tag.

After all, we come from different kinds of societies. Not really that different, yet not that similar either. It's good to have some exposure sometimes. You learn a bit about other cultures Very Happy

If you do, we'll be here to remind you. Hahaa.
It is? lol. It'll be nice if such a stamp exists offline. I'd show it to my teacher everyday. Razz

It didn't? Thank goodness. I had 3 papers in a go yesterday and I think I was too exhausted to actually type in proper language when I replied. Razz

'Spectacular' eh? I'll help out. My exams will gone soon and I'll have around 3 months of holidays.

Is that guy a homosexual? o-o Gosh. You weren't undergoing Samurai ttraining then? If he tries that again, you know what to do. >D

You've to pay extra for the mailing service right? Well, I guess it'd be worth it for you, since the gas for the journey probably costs as much. Hahaa. An hour's drive! Over here, you can drive around the country with that time. Razz

It'd be great if it's because of us. That way, Cagalli fandom will never die. To be more accurate, Asucaga fandom will never. Hahaa. But still, I notice quite a lot of Asucaga fanart mailed to the magazines that they publish. A good sign. Cool

It'll probably take a while, but I'd expect to see at least one character in the top 20 in December. Very Happy

I'll leave the counterattacks to you then. >D I'll step on their studio with my Destroy. Wakakakakaa.
Or we can blow up a Justice in there Laughing

Yea, it's kind of sad, really. I hope my family would have enough sense to turn on my computer and log on to my msn and change my nickname to "I am dead." so that my friends would know. Hahaa. Imagine that!
Aye aye! Very Happy

Yea he does. Razz It's not like he is unwilling to (be my slave lol)

Ooh, I've never heard of the first two animes. What are they like? The bandit one sounds interesting (Jing is the name of a friend of mine Razz)

Ah! Yea, those. I saw parallel imports of them at a random comic store the other day. Oh, while we're on it, does your country sell parallel imports? They're like imitations of the sort. I don't purchase them myself (I can't stand imitations Razz) but they're very much cheaper and sometimes look quite like the original ones. Of course, there are those that are blatantly fake too. I just want to know more about the anime scene in other countries. Very Happy
I'm not really an avif FF fan (only watched Advent children and played Tactics on the Gameboy Advance XD) but I can still recognise the name Genesis and know that he looks really good! XD Well, Gackt is, so you'd expect someone modelled after him to look just as good. Hahaa.

Yea, a hefty price that was. It doesn't hurt to drool at them though. Razz

Hahaa. Glad that you like the picture. Surprised
Yay~ More fanart for us to drool over. XD

Better late than never! XD

Ah. Like the suits version of Tales of Saiunkoku. I had to force myself to appreciate that. Though I never fail to fall in love with Seiran's face. Do any of you watch it? Very Happy

Loli> Give them a kiss when they ask you where's his present! Hahaa.
Which reminds me, I forgot to take down the birthday thing from my msn. Razz

Maybe maybe.. Lulu is gay! D:
No reaction when a female kisses him. Seriously.

Hahaa. I'll wait for the second season then. ^-^

Yea well. How can there be any romance that beats our Asucaga? XD
Naked Kallen! I never noticed her butt till I saw the screenshot of it in Newtype and went back to re-watch the episode. Hahaa.
Or maybe I'm not observant enough. I didn't realize that.. What was her name again? The bespectacled racist brunette girl. She was masturbating with the table. She could've picked something nicer to masturbate with, really. Like Cheese-kun for example. Hahaa.

Suzaku will die! Everyone will die! lol

She's pregnant? o-o How old is she? She needs to watch Code Geass.
I'd like to keep my [s]slave[/s] trolley-cum-wallet. Razz

I'm glad I'm so inspirational. But they seem to be for the wrong reason. Sad

Athrun didn't look like he was really paying attention then. Hahaa. But knowing Athrun, he'd think that it was a different kind of love. XD

o-o Ok, scrape that. Let's not talk about a Fllay re-incarnate. Hahaa.

HAHAA. He'd kill the child. >D
Ok, no. He's too nice. XD

No I don't. Hahaa. I'm anime-deprived now. Examsssssssssssssssssss.

And back to study. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 31 Oct - 9:45

@ Loli:

Indeed. There seems to be endless combinations of my nickname. Could you find a way to add my main RPG character, Kuro Chaisor, to it as well ?! Very Happy

Hehehe. Let's just call it a 'higher spirit' sort of mode. My eyes don't turn blank, so it would be unfair towards Kira and co to say I go into Seed-mode. XD

Yeah, I still have time to get rid of those non-samurai types of behaviour. ^^ But still, I think I can say that I'm already having quite the heart of a real samurai. And I surely am proud to be one. *will hug my katana next practice*

I know it's a big chance, but life as a model doesn't really appeal to me all that much. It's fun to pose every now and then, but not too much.

Et voila, another reason. Models aren't loved much more than other men. And in fact, models sometimes depress other men. So I prefer staying an anonymous good-looking guy. Very Happy

You do. But admit that you girls are happy too with lots of elements we males have Razz Sexy tummy, eg.

Awww. That's sweet ! I'm happy you like the design for my tram, even though it's a rather classic model compared to my newer CityFlex range. But I guess the artificial sky, star field and Luke on the last module made up for that, right ? ^^

Well that's great. There's lots to discover here.
I know I used rather complicated English when I wrote Demon's Wings, but seen the story line, it was necessary. And well it was kinda logic I wrote it in English, ne, with most of the readers not knowing to speak French. ^^
I can imagine you want to see them. If they turn out the way I picture them in my head, you'll have a nosebleed from here till Tokio. XD

I did make more than just what I posted here. But a lot of it is still unfinished. Here's a small part of a Dark artwork I'm working on (just a tiny, scaled down fragment, and the outlines have to be redone)

Well, Seiji can be a real ‘baka’ every now and then, but not on the same pathetic stupidity level as Shinn. What they do have in common, but you might have already read that part, is that Seiji's also an orphan.

Exactly ! Characters with long hair are so much more fun to create and draw. You have lots and lots of more possibilities to style their hair: pony tails, Samurai tails, twist tails, flip-bangs, long bangs, colour striping, ...

OMG ! My greatest fear has become reality. Yesterday, I encountered an image of Tieria and Allelujah, and Alle was the uke. How dare they do that to poor Allelujah Crying or Very sad He should at least be the seme, or get somebody better than Tieria.
I do can imagine him with a girl. A gentle, quiet person like him. I mean, it would be dumb if a guy with his qualities would remain on his own. I can even imagine him as a tender caring father. Owwwww, that would be so cute. I can already picture him holding up a little Allelujah, both of them with a smile on their face. Kawaiiiiiii ! bounce

Yeah, we would make a great (shirtless) team. XD

Hmm, well I guess Hongrong might be quite muscled too. After all, he is a bodyguard. The only way to know, is wait and see if they will screen him shirtless one episode or another. Very Happy

About the 4. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed after watching it. Compared to the previous episodes, I found there was a small downfall. The graphics sometimes looked rather off, and the plot wasn't all that spectacular either. Let's hope this was just one less good episode, like the 4 from Gurren Lagann was too.
Seems like the 5 will offer us an extra portion of Allelujah ! cheers
But I hope he'll be fine, 'cause the preview sounded rather ... silent *backing you Allelujah, my buddy*

Hahaha, it's really funny how I already consider him as a good friend of mine. Very Happy

Traumatic is a big word, but it sure was far from pleasant. Especially since he was dead ugly. It would've been a bit less disgusting if it were at least a cute guy. But still, I prefer not to be kissed on the mouth by another man. On the cheek is something different ! We have friends from the French part of Belgium, and it's a habit that Raoul and I kiss on the cheek when we greet.
And yeah, that guy indeed seemed like he wanted more than just kissing me *brrrrrrr ><*

I didn't really want to get near him a second time. He disgusted me too much.

Yeah, I guess us pretty boys aren't all that safe anymore. And I know what I'm talking about. There's more and more other males who stare at me in a disturbing way. Especially when I'm walking down the street looking at people in my typical way, or wiping my hair away from in front of my eyes sexily.
On the other hand, if also males think I'm worthy staring at, it's quite flattering in a way Very Happy

And yeah, that guy's a bastard ! Razz

I was rather stunned too when I read about you and your friend. It was as if I was looking at something I had written myself. Thingperson and I did have a slightly different variation every now and then, like me being her demon brother. But I always remained onii-chan Very Happy
Cagaloli ... That sounds so really, really cute !

Well, I have always been more of a Kira fan, so it was logic I was her Kira ^^

Oh my *blushes*. That was sweet, thanx. And I feel the same about you. I mean, just look at how much we say to each other ! Razz

Yep, I'm a MT member, but compared to some time ago, I don't visit the site much anymore. I only do to participate in the 'Angels vs Demons' RPG thread. But next to that, my activity is almost zero.

You bet a lot of the MT moderators are a real pain in the ass. I had a gallery with more than 130 submissions. Some stupid, and false judgement by one of the scan mods made me lose 100 of them in 1 single day !!! *still growls and shows my fangs when I think about it* That's when I said I had enough of it and would only go back for the RPG anymore.

Don't worry, I will ^^
And yes, you truly are fantastic members !

Well, I'm still just the moderator, but I do care a lot about this forum. After all, I've been here from the very start. I've seen it grow, and become a beloved place. I care much about all our members, so yeah, this place is indeed like a child to me. ^^

Yeah, I do have a lot of things in common with Athrun. Fact is, I never even realized it all that much up until now ^^'

Ow and, HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! ( cheers
31st ... I should get my Super Eurobeat 182 any moment)

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   

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The newest anime you are watching
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