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 The newest anime you are watching

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 31 Oct - 11:19

@ tanth:

Heheheh. And yep. He's one of those type of people who is always very happy when you give him something nice.

Who knows. People might be fighting to get the tag. Hahah. That sure would be totally nuts. XD

Yeah, it's very interesting to learn about other cultures. We have lots of things in common, but our societies also have some really remarkable differences (the downloading laws eg.)

Yeah, I'm counting on you Razz
And wouldn't it indeed be awesome to show such stamp to somebody in real life. With ink that washes off real hard. Imagine the number of people who would work much harder than they normally do. Very Happy

Wow ! 3 papers ! How do you find the time to combine that will still being so active here ?!

Dang, you're lucky. 3 months ! I wish I had a long holiday like that Sad But it's good to know you'll look for some spectacular topics. ^^

I think he is. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done that to me.
I was already going to samurai training, but not long enough yet to react fast enough. Besides, when a guy grabs you like that, I can assure you that the first 30 seconds, your mind goes on a blank.
I guess if it would've happened now, I would have probably twisted or snapped his arm. Or if I could carry along my katana, give him a poke in the stomach with the handle, and then draw my sword, holding it to his neck, giving him an ice cold look. That would be awesome, to see him scared like hell Razz *evil laugh*

Yes, you have to pay for it. But compared to gas prices, it's nothing. Man, gas is so pricey lately ! Luckily, I can use a company car every now and then, and save myself some money.
well, you can cross my country in a relatively short time too. Of course, all the traffic makes you lose a lot of precious time.

True. There does seem to appear more and more Asucaga fanart, which is a good sign. As long as they remain vividly in people's mind, this place can live on. Although lately, the Chat Lounge has been the most active part ^_^'

That sure would be nice. I think if one will, it'll either be Lockon or Allelujah. Both of them would of course be even better ! Very Happy

Hahaha. Yeah, the Justice is a good idea. As for the rest, I will use my Kyrios to cover you while you smash things. And I'll also take on the back up MS.
Aya Himura. Kyrios. Launching !

I think that most would think that it's a joke. But imagine it being true. Dang ><

Well I guess that in your case, it's indeed handy to have a brother. XD

Gasaraki is a mecha series made by Sunrise in 1998. It's rather complicated to describe it shortly. Maybe Wikipedia offers a good background text about it.
Jing is about a young bandit called Jing. He's a master in stealing, so that's why they call him the King of Bandits. It's a funny series. ^^

Well, I buy almost everything in France. You won't find much anime related stuff over here in Belgium (maybe one manga and some magazines). So far, all the figurines I have bought are non-fake. I do watch the price when I buy. If something is remarkably cheaper than in other stores, I consider it as possible fake.
Yeah, that's logic Very Happy I'm not that much of a FF player myself, but I do find collecting the FF figurines fun, since they are very nicely sculpted (still not as nice as my Lamento boys though). Genesis looks really cool, so that's why I have my hopes up high that they'll make a figurine of him as well sooner or later. In the meanwhile, I'll happily wait for Reno and Kadaj. Razz

Drooling doesn't hurt, but leaving behind such beautiful displays in the shop's showcase surely does ><

True Very Happy

I watch Saiunkoku Monogatari. Lots of long hair for me to enjoy. XD It's a really nice series, and the first OP song is so lovely. Must have played it over a billion times. Anybody else watching this lovely series ?

And let's end with a Double 0 pic. And look who's looking (^^') totally cool, again ! Very Happy

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Master Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer

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Age : 31
Location : France; Paris, city of the light and of the lovers ^.^
What Fan Of : AthrunxCagalli, SheenaxZelos, ZeldaxLink, AmberxHei, Tybalt, KallenxLulu...and I love drawing !
Job or Hobbies : Student , yeah...you can call me a student...
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 31 Oct - 18:56

Tanth : You are kidding me, but one of them was really waiting for a kiss >_<
The others two were joking but him, he knows that I'm an Athrun fangirl, and that's what he wanted -___-
But he can alwaiys wait the name is not suffisant >_<

I kiss the Athrun faces not name xD

Lulu gay...a new drama to the girlas over the world xDD
It will be so sad -__- He reminds me Kamui, from X by Clamp, and I'm a Kamui x Kotori fan...if Lulu is gay it will be just like Kamui x Fuma and all the rumors -___-
Why guys are falling in love with guys >_< And often the best, it's so unfair xD
Not Lulu no >_< And if there is no reaction that's only cause he doesn't love CC...wait the lovely moment where he'll be the one who kiss Kallen :p
And he can't be gay...Suzaku isn't interested Very Happy
He hates Lulu ahahahahaha xD *killer eyes è_é*

Lulu was cute with Shirley too..."You're my destiny..." The scene with Shirley in episode 14 was so beautiful ...But I don't think they could become a couple now...it seems really over ...the path is free, Shirley is out, CC is under the sea, Suzaku hates Lelouch, GOGOGO Kallen !!! xDD

Athrun x Cagalli is too strong with evolution, problems...it's clear, it's a too beautiful relation, other coupls have no chance xD (even if I love a lot of couples...they are simply the best \o/)

LOL you haven't guess that Nina (that stupid girl) was masturbating ? With an Euphemia pics LOL xD ...poor Nina her dear Euphemia was in love with Suzaku, THE eleven that Nina hates...xD
When we see it, in a french forum, we were speaking only about that xD Really traumatisant XDDD
I remember that a friend had speaking to try with a table to see too -__-""
About Nina, she is awesome in the last Code Geass episode xDD
*BOOOOM* xDD Go Nina xD

Suzaku die...I hope xD I don't want he will be with Kallen u_u CC and Suzaku in heavens, with Euphie and Cheese kun u.u

Yeah My sister is pregnant but she is older (24, 2(...I don't remember xD) but it's really a problem...to my parents, sisters, me, her...it's really complicate ...
But believe me, older sisters isn't fun (to me ) >_<'

Oww it's good to be an inspiration =) Even for the perv things xD
It's even an advantage no ?...xD

I think Athrun realized that Meyrin has feelings for him but since to him she seems to be like a little sister...maybe he doesn't want to broke her heart and he actes like he didn't known...or just like you say, he thinks (or knows since even me, I think like that) that it's a different kind of love (after all she see him like a war hero...she doesn't seems loves him like Cagalli ...Cagalli and Athrun it's the BIG LOVE ^.^)

Fllay will be the name of Lacus daughter...and she'll have red hairs...you'll see you'll see xDD

Exams...I share your grief -__- The night is the only moment where I can live (no school, no homework...and the day after I'm tired and I sleep at the university xD)...I don't want imagine what will be the results when exams will be there...be brave Tanth *_* When you'll see your high marks, you'll be proud è__é

Kirayathrun Himurallelujah : Another name ?...You want beat all records xD
So Kuro Chaisor...
Kikurayathrun Himurallelujah ? Or Kirayathrun Himurallelujaisor ?
Choose, I can't found better è.é
(I think you are the nickname recordman...**Congratulations** \o/)

And it's a seed mode...in real life that's all :Þ Adrenaline rush \o/
Yeah, be faithful, you'll be soon a perfect samurai (after all, you are ...(censure cause long nickname xD)....Himurallelujah ! You can do that !)

Ahahahaha I admit, I admit without problem, we can only be happy ♥ ^.^"
Oww I didn't see your new models >.<

About english language I guessed it was too cause it's an international language, it's a logical idea after all (that's simply cause I'm lazy that I complain xD It's easy to read english fanfics cause I know already characters and all...there all is unknown so it tooks more efforts u.u)

You don't finish your works ? So why don't you create a gallery to yours unfinished draws ? :p
Hehehe I want to see that...
Yay Dark \o/ An other of my fav characters \o/
So cute artworks >.< It reminds me a sad part of the anime...u.u

orhan is not a problem...orphans characters are a lot, this doesn't create a particular thing in common with Shinn...to reminds Shinn he'll must be completely stupid...without reflexion capacity u_u

Looooooooool yaoi fanatics have already attaked ? xD
Allelujah and Tiera, it was predictable...but don't despair, don't forget that...Tiera is a girl !!! xD
Looks the scan you put (Lockon is so hooot xD) Tiera is not hot...he is not sexy...he is pretty !
And the little screen in the bottom...he seems so girly O_o

Imagine he is a girl...the doujinshi artists will be trapped xD
I don't think but if we want resist to the yaoi fan assaults...we must found ripost xD
(And where is Setsuna u.u So unfaiir...)

Only 4 episode and you can already imagine the family life of your favorite...So good xD
But in the girl that we have seen, did you found a girl who could be good to him ? u.u
I have found girl with grey hair to Tiera, Marina to Setsuna, Wang to Hongrong (yeaaaaaaaaaah xD) but I cant' choose a girl to Allelujah...maybe she'll be present later, juste like the G-wing girls u_u

Hongrong must surely have a nice body but he seems more slim that Allelujah so I think it must be different (maybe cause he seems too taller...)

Their arms seems already different...who know (Hongrong shirtless...Oh no I mustn't fantasize on an anime character xDD)

Yeah the 4 seems more like an explanations of the world and the part...but I'm glad cause finally, we have discovered Marina and I can already tell that I love this character (she is so beautiful >_<)...and we have seen Wang and Hongrong so I can only be happy Very Happy

The path where Setsuna is dreaming in the parc was excellent too >_<" Poor Setsuna...he is hiting so much suffering >_<
This episode was really calm...
And the design weren't really good, sure >_<""

Ahahahaha he was ugly ? xD
Nothing was spared to you ...but it's a good thing, imagine if has been cute...you could have like that and...Girls will have lost another cute guy u_u
There, he was crazy and ugly, you could never forget that xD
A quelque chose malheur est bon \o/

Not traumatic ? Personnally when an unknown person touch me I'm shoked so there....u__u
You are strong. Really u___u

Yeah, you're right, it's flattering ! But when they are not your type...it's a little disturbing >_<"
And uke are always looking the most beautiful guys u__u It's really a problem xD
(I understand better the yaoist logic...since in the Gundam there are a lot a pretty guys they are thinking they can only prefer other men...)
What a sad conclusion...If all beautiful guys were uke, what will become girls u_u

This world is just too complicate xD
But stay away guys who are attracted by you >_< Even if with your samurai training you can certainly stop them be careful *___*

Yeaah that's the same thing to me xD How it is possible that another couple of person could playing to the same game of us u.u
My oniichan were surprised but really happy after xD Ehehehe and we have too others variation, for example, since he is become a death note fan and that he is my Kira...
I let you imagine the possibilities (after all nicknames are my specialities xD)
But Kira/Cagal(o)li forever \o/

Aww thanks xD To me it sounds ridiculus but...he is persistent u_u"
And to Kira, it's not hard to understand, it's really more pleasant to identifiate to a character we love, and since good circumstences are present...^.^

Cuuuuute ♥ ">.<" Ayathrun is so kawaai x)

Ow yeah, I understand better the problem with MiniTokyo u_u" Sure it must be really irritating >_<""
So finally we are both disappointed by moderation \o/

Yay this place is really pleasant mission complete Very Happy
(And with only a few active members it's really impressive u.u)

About the common things with Athrun, it's siply cause you were the Thingperson's Kira no ? xD Now you are become our Ayathrun (...etc) you can't ignore the reality xp

But with long hair, awesome body, girlish face and green eyes...you could have seen that before it's true xD

Yeaaaaaaah ! happy Halloween, trick or treat like say foreign people \o/
Children disguised were so cuute xD Even in my university a few people were disguised (one of them cosplayed itachi Uchiwa...xD ) and for the fisrt time, school wasn't so boring ^.^

Eurobeat forever \o/ After my last week which was a "dirty dance" period, It's "Just one touch" who is haunting me xD
I want more advice Ayathrun, I want more, even the friend who makes me discovered Eurobeat didn't know the great sounds you gave me u.u
It's so good to listen that in that sad city ♥
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Gender : Male Number of posts : 724
Age : 32
Location : Belgium - Europe
What Fan Of : anime & manga, electronic music, my beloved RPG OC(!) demons (especially Kuro and Oriya, my two lovlies)
Job or Hobbies : (job) Communication Specialist and Graphic Designer; (hobbies) OC creation, drawing & digital art, collecting music, going raving and clubbing, ...
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Thu 1 Nov - 15:15

@ Loli:

Well, I think I have already beaten all records when it comes to nicknames Very Happy
Hmmm. I'd choose the first one. But seeing the length, I think it's best to keep Kirayathrun (or Kurayathrun) as the maximum. ^^'

Good old Aya is still fine too of course. XD (up to you to decide how much you want to type every time ^^)

Well, still I think it will take 5 years before I can consider myself as a real good samurai. With only 2 years so far, I'm still lacking much experience. And I still end up too often with scratches or bruises Very Happy BUT, I now got one of those armour plate thingies that protect your hips. It's lighter than a complete armour, and it keeps the place I get most scratches, my hips, more undamaged. And of course, it looks real Cool

Heheheh Very Happy
Well, I haven't any digitalised versions of my other tram models yet. It always takes a long time before a certain design on paper is complete enough to make the final digital version. But I'll make a scan of a sketch for one of my new CityFlex trams one of the following days.

Yeah, you're just being lazy tongue ^.^
But I agree that the fact that all character are new makes it a bit harder. For me as a writer too, because you have to introduce everybody, and nobody knows how they look and what their behaviour is like. On the other hand, you can have characters that are 100% the way you want them to be, and that's fun.

Well, I don't 'cause most of the surprise is already gone when you give too much previews. I like people to have a 'wow' reaction when they finally get to see my finished work. On the other hand, if I keep having so little time to finish everything, I'll have no other choice but to make such gallery.

Yeah, I've read in one of the previous posts you like Dark, so that's why I picked that particular work to give a little appetiser. Besides, Dark is also high in my fav character ranking.
Like I've said, it still looks rather rough this way. It'll be much nicer with the finishing touches (new outlines, tears, background, ...) And yes, it indeed is a reproduction of that ever so touchy scene where Risa reads that letter of her grandmother about Dark. I was so touched by it, that I simply had to make an artwork of that scene. And like in the anime, my artwork also includes Dark's spread wings and some snow falling from a sad grey sky.

I do put a lot of emphasis on Seiji being an orphan. At school, he used to be bullied (other kids said he was the teacher's pet just because she felt sorry for him). Next to that, he lives on his own, visits his parents' grave a lot, thinks a lot about the good old days, but also about how they got brutally killed. And so on ...

Yes, Tieria does look super feminine on that little image. Still, I'm not too happy about Allelujah ending up with him. Surely Allelujah deserves much better than that ... That ... Urgh, I can't even find a proper word to describe Tieria. But *sigh*, yaoi is something inevitable.
Don't worry, Alleluja ! To me, you stay a real man ! *high five* Very Happy

(Yeah, I do get rather hyped up when I am die-hard fan of a certain character ^^')

Setsuna was indeed missing. To make that up, here's an image that has him as well. AND, Allelujah looks way too class on this one, again. Tsheh, you Cool devil ! *high fives with him again* XD

Just look at Tieria ! Rolling Eyes For shame you are called a man ! Take an example at the guys behind and next to you !

Those who want the full-size version of this image, let me know and I'll pm it to you.

Yeah, I already can. Like I said, he'd be a great dad. He looks the type to be one. ^^
Hmmm ... I think I'll wait a bit longer to say who of the girls would fit him good. It's like you said. The woman of his life might only appear later, just like Hilde in Gundam Wing, or Cagalli in GS.

Hongrong's indeed taller than Allelujah, at least I think so. Allelujah is rather tall too. But I think Hongrong appears slimmer because of his outfit. Don't forget that Allelujah's is literally sticking to his body, putting extra emphasis on his muscles. It's the same with me. I look slimmer wearing my wide kimono than wearing a tight shirt. (although it doesn't sound logical)
I do think they should have given Hongrong other shoes. The ones he has now aren't really fitting a tall, tough guy like him (well at least that is my opinion).

I guess I found the 4 less good because there was little Allelujah, and the rare moments seeing him were graphically so less good than the previous episodes. I mean, compared to the awesome shots in 3, this was really disappointing.
The scenes with Setsuna on the other hand were good. Especially the one in the park was impressive.
Well, let's just hope the 5 will be better again.

Yeah, he was ugly. Not really to say THE ugliest guy I've ever seen, but still, mother nature has let him down a bit when she created him. Very Happy
HAHAHAHAHA. Omg, no ! Even if he were cute, I would have never allowed him to ... you know Rolling Eyes . OR, he should have let me be the seme. Lol. Nah, just joking. XD

I'm not really shocked when somebody touches me. But what he did was far crossed the limit.
Myeah, I guess that when you have already been almost sliced by a sword several times, you don't get shocked so soon anymore. ^^

I didn't feel like a uke for one second ! Well maybe the first two seconds. But nah, I can't imagine myself as a uke. But I understand what you mean. Pretty boys/men are often getting interpreted like that. *sigh*

The first male who fancies me and gets too close will learn what it is to get horny seeing a cute samurai trainee, the hard way ! ... Actually, seen what we are talking about, 'the hard way' sounded rather ambiguous. XD ^^''''''''''''
It would be handy though if I could always carry along my Wakizashi, just like ancient samurai did. I don't think this would happen a second time.

Yeah, I can imagine all the nickname variations, knowing you Very Happy Ow, so he was happily surprised ?! That's cool.
Gosh, I still find it so unique that two of us here on this small forum do the same little brother-sister game. There's btw a good Eurobeat song about it (Brother & Sister, by Virginelle, on Euromach volume 2) !

You bet that whole situation on MT pissed me off real good. And to make it complete, I had just had a terrible week. I've really been sitting crying like a little child when I lost my scans, pure from shock.

Well, in a way I'm happy that this place isn't flooded with active members. Makes it possible for me to do my job in a decent way. And I have always found the bond between people in a small group so much tighter, than when you have to share your time with too many people.

True, I can't ignore that I have become your very personal Ayathrun. Very Happy
Hmmm, and yeah, the way you describe it, it should have indeed seemed very logic to me. Hehe. cheers for green eyes !

Over here, there hasn't really been much hype about Halloween. Some (badly) dressed up kids passing by, but next to that, nothing very special.
I've been celebrating Halloween on Gaia Online. There's this battle between Humans and Vampires I've been participating. As a Vampire of course, since I like characters with fangs a lot more, and my character already is a demon, so it was a logical choice. I've btw obtained the highest Vampire rank this afternoon (Elder) ! cheers

YES ! Eurobeat forever ! I'm still waiting with a lot of impatience for my copy of SEB 182 to arrive any moment now >< (can't wait much longer ! ARGH ! Need ... SEB ... 182 ... quick ...)
Yes, One Touch is indeed a song that keeps haunting you. One of the best modern Eurobeat tracks made.

He didn't ?! ° _ ° I really thought these songs were rather well know in 'Eurobeat land'.

Gosh, it sure isn't easy to advice, since there are so much great songs to find, and of course, on different albums Rolling Eyes
What you could do, is go to Eurobeat.go2id. There you can download almost all of the albums. (zip and rar files)


As for the newer albums (SEB 176 and further), you can find those on

http://idforums.net (Inital D Music section)

Let's see what songs I play/like most:

- Babyface - SEB 178
- Boogie Boogie - SEB 153
(that's a really catchy track !)
- Black U.F.O - SEB 166
(super catchy !!!)
- Come Back (Extended Mix) - Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution 14
- Damn Damn my Heart - SEB 178
- Doctor Doctor 2007 - SEB 173
- Emotions - SEB 174
- Everybody Dance - SEB 177
- Fight for Love Tonight - SEB 136
- Futureland - SEB 175
- Get Another Chance - SEB 142 (Great song !)
- Glorious - SEB 178
- Go Go Money - SEB 159
- Go Wild - SEB 173
- Here I am - SEB 139
- In the Night - SEB 135
- I've Got to Go - SEB 141
- Jolie - SEB 132
- Keep on Loving you - SEB 172
- Kiss to Kiss - SEB 142

... More next time ^^'

A good option is also looking for the Mix albums (SEB 180, 170, 160, 150, ...), and the SEB 178 disc 2, Junction Produce Mix by DJ Boss.

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Lieutenant Commander

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What Fan Of : Asucaga
Job or Hobbies : College is my workplace. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Thu 1 Nov - 23:03

Whoa. So many new posts again. XD

Aya> Hahaa. He's one who cares more about the sincerity. One of the best bits about his sweet personality. XD

We could make a brand! Very Happy Hahaa.

Yeap, all those stupid download laws. Geez. They're still fighting the case out in court, about the company's right to sue downloaders. It's been found out that they do not actually have the proper license to all the animes they claim they do. In fact, the only anime that they have the right to sue people for downloading is Gundam Seed. That's enough to put me in jail though. Hahaa. Good thing I wasn't caught.
And all that hype, even game roms are getting hunt down. Nintendo's catching rom downloaders!

You have the big moderator tag under your nickname! How can you ever forget? XD
It'll come in handy if you're the boss. Hahaa! Razz Damn, I would really want one to excuse me from detention classes.

Easy. After I come home from the papers, I take a break by coming here before starting on my revision for the next ones. Besides, on days when I have that many papers, they start early in the morning - 8am. =-=

Your schooling days are over! You had your turn. Hahaa.
There's always the new anime seasons to talk about. Very Happy This season has got a lot of new romance animes.

Is homosexuality common in your area? o-o Over here, it's considered a crime to have gay sex. Recently, there was a debate over repealing the gay sex law.
Next time you see him, trip him. Hur. Since you can't go do something outrightly violent to him like snapping his arm now. Hahaa!

Yea, I hear my parents complaining about rising gas prices. XD Company cars don't look good, do they? Hahaa! What car do you own? Very Happy
Is Belgium quite a small country? I always had the impression that it's quite big. Or maybe it's time I brush up on my geography. Hahaa.

Ok ok, we get your point. Hahaa! More discussions on Asucaga eh? Razz
Well, the chat lounge it the place where we can go off-topic and it's still alright. Of course it'll be more popular. XD

I have a hunch it'd be Setsuna though. Main characters always get the best of everything. =\

Hahaa! That isn't your full name, Aya! XD What's it? I lost count. Ayathrun Himurallejulah was it? I think there was a 'Kira' in it too. Razz

Yea, I myself would think it's a joke, but still. Sad

Yeap, I love having an elder brother. Hahaa. Except for when we start talking about boyfriends and such. He gets over-protective. =-=

Oooh. Mecha. Cool. Not much mecha series to watch lately, except for Double 0 of course. Hahaa.
A funny show eh? I'd try that. Very Happy

Ooog. Do you guys have your own local anime magazines? All the ones over here died. Hahaa. Well, there's this new manga compilations thing. Like the Shounen Jump kind.
Hahaa. Yea, the price is always a good way to judge the autenticity of a product. XD

Hahaa. Reno is a damn popular guy it seems. When AC debuted, there were people calling themselves Reno here and there and lots of Reno cosplayers I got sick of them. Hahaa. I like Kadaj's hair! Very Happy

True true. XD And the Picture Studio 1 (of Meer and Yzak) is out over here! I MUST get it this weekend. Who cares what my brother says. Hahaa. Have you guys seen pictures of them? Real cute too. Very Happy

They used the same OP for the second season too! But with different sequences. I think almost every single guy in there have long hair. The whole Ryuuki and Seiran brotherly love is just so adorable~
And sometimes it's just hard to believe that Ryuuki and Yzak share the same seiyuu. Such different personalities! Hahaa.

Tiera's without specs! o-o

I just bought Newtype Romance Autumn just now. There're a picture for Double 0 where Allejulah's holding on to Lockon's haro! Very Happy Maybe I'll go scan it later. Very Happy

Loli> They don't have the Athrun face? lol. Forget it then. Hahaa.

Face > Name anytime. Razz After all, you can always change your name. Hahaa.

I don't think many people will be shocked over the fact that Lulu's gay. Hahaa. Come on, how many Lulu X Suzaku fanarts are there around? XD It's just like Asukira all over again. They're situation is quite similar too; best friends meeting on different sides in a war.
Yea, the best guys are turning gay. Why oh why~? No one's giving a hoot about us heterosexual girls. Hahaa.
Next thing we know, they'll be pairing girls together.
Your killer eyes are so cute~! <3 Gosh, I'm getting excited over two e's. =-=

I couldn't stand Shirley. lol. She's just one of those characters that I wouldn't like. But she did seem to love Lulu a lot. It's kind of sad how they turned out.

Yes! Asucaga BANZAI~! cheers Cheers to them. Very Happy

Aw. The scene was only for a few seconds. I just dismissed it after it past. Hahaa. And I'm not always one who thinks 'that' way, you know. Razz
Masturbating with a table is indeed new. XD Or maybe I'm behind times. Hahaa. So Nina is homosexual. Very Happy

Nah, I was just kidding. Suzaku won't die. Lulu used the geass on him to tell him to live, remember? Hahaa.
Why would you need Cheese-kun in heaven? It's supposed to be bliss all the time, I don't think you'll get pregnant there. Hahahahahaa.

Ok, I know, never ask a lady her age, right? You don't need to tell me her real age. Hahaa. Give your sister a Cheese-kun for her birthday. *nods*

Lil me, an inspiration for perverted things? LOL

I read a really nice fic of Athrun and Meyrin last night. Yes, I actually went to click on the oh-so-god-forsaken pairing of Athrun and Meyrin. I was bored! And I just wanted to look at how many fics they have compared to Asucaga. XD (Athrun and Meyrin's only got 1 page of fic while Athrun and Cagalli has got 40+ pages! Hahaa)
Really well-written. It tells of Meyrin's feelings to Athrun and Athrun's. er. true feelings I guess? Hahaa.
Read it here if you're interested~

Kira would be a really mean mean husband to name thei daughter after Fllay. Hahaa.

We're all night-walkers! Hahaa. Yea, true, the night is mostly the time I can come online. I usually nap in the afternoon.
Naughty loli naps in class! >D
I'll only get my results January next year. They'll be shipped to Cambridge to be marked. Hahaa. *crosses finger on good marks*
And the eyes! <3
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Fri 2 Nov - 9:50

@ tanth:

Hmmm. Yeah, our own brand. Sounds nice ! I'm partially responsable for the marketing at work, so I guess making our own brand wouldn't be any problem. Razz

I'm glad we don't have those annoying laws over here (yet). They would so piss me off.
Jeesh, they only have one license, but claim to have more. That is really so extremely lame ! Now that we are talking about downloads. What I also think is very lame these days, is that they start to release only .mkv or other special type of files, more and more. That's really so annoying when you can only play .avi files. ><
Where will it end ?! Soon, they'll start to hunt down everything that can be downloaded (official images, manga, douji's, ...). Pfff.

I'm so used to it, that I don't pay any attention anymore to my moderator tag. I should do more actually, since I am proud of my title.
I think it's best that I'm not a boss, or would become one. I'm too much of a daydreamer. XD
You get detention that much ?! Very Happy

Still, I think it earns respect that you can combine both things so fluently. *bows for tanth*
You don't have to teach me anything about getting up and starting working early. Very Happy

I know, but seen all the work I have, it sure would be nice if holidays could be a bit longer than they are now. Long summer holidays are soooooooooo nice, and mine are sooooooooo short Sad

Yeah, the new anime series could be good topics. Even if not everybody watches a certain series, the ones who do can learn the others more about them and share images. Kinda like I did with Mononoke.

Myeah, it's more widely accepted over here. Having gay sex isn't a crime. We even have gay marriage that is allowed by the law.
Nah, just making him trip isn't satisfying enough. XD I want him to suffer ! MWUHAHAHA ! *glowing eyes and a fanged grin* But yeah, something like that wouldn't be allowed. It's best that I never encounter him anymore I guess. ^^

You bet the gas prices are to complain about ! And, well, I wouldn't say that all company cars aren't looking good. Mine looks sure as good as my personal car, if not better. XD My personal one is a Honda Logo (yeah, Japanese cars rule !). My company car is a new Volkswagen Jetta. (both in metallic silver)

I think it's time to brush up, yes. XD Belgium is the second smallest country of Europe. Next to that, we're just above France, which is huge, and makes us look even smaller than we already are. ^^'

Well, in the beginning, the Chat Lounge wasn't all that popular as it is now, even with the off-topic allowance. I guess it's just because we started off with less interesting subjects than the ones we have now.

It would indeed be the most logic that Setsuna is the one. But when you look on sites like 4chan, you can see that out of the 4 pilots, Lockon is the most popular one.

Yeah, we're already at Kirayathrun Himurallelujah. XD XD XD But Aya Himura is easier to memorize, and shorter to pronounce during MS launching sequences. XD Very Happy

Well, that's part of being a brother. I think I would do the same if I would be a big brother. It's something natural ^^

There's one that's on my 'to watch' list, but right now, I can't think of the name. I'll look it up.

Not in Belgium, but there's a Dutch one, and several French ones. And these are easy for me to get.

Yeah, Reno is quite popular. There's lots of artwork to find of him (most yaoi though Rolling Eyes And indeed, the massive Reno cosplays are starting to get really annoying. But next to that, he's cool. ^^
Yeah, Kadaj has kick-ass hair. AND, let's not forget his sword ! How could I not love his sword ! XD

Nope, haven't seen any pictures of them yet. You have some ? You made me curious Razz
I hope you can go get them this weekend ^.^

I haven't started on the second season yet. It's funny, how a long series like this still only has 1 and the same OP song.
Yeah, I also think nearly every male Saiunkoku character has long hair (except for some children/younger characters). Gosh, I sure would have loved living in those days ! I could let my hair grow till it reaches my butt, and nobody would complain about it. Oh no ! Here I go daydreaming again ^^'''''''''' XD

I think Yzak was Tomokazu Seki's less good performance. Probably mainly since I never liked Yak in the very first place. I think he was ever so great as Shuichi (Gravitation).

Yep, and he looks much better without them. Still, he can't compete with the others ! (read: especially Allelujah) XD

OW OW, and YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. I'd love to see that image of Allelujah holding to Haro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Fri 2 Nov - 13:19

That new mecha series I was referring to is called Dancouga Nova. I haven't tried it out yet, so I don't know if it's any good. I first have to finish my Innocent Venus download before I can start on this one.

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Fri 2 Nov - 17:41

When I saw your posts I prefered take my shower before to answer...u_u I guess it will be not easy xD

So let's go \o/

Kikurayathrun Himurallelujah (paste u.u") :No, No Kurayathrun will be a big problem cause Kira disappears u.u
And we must to give you a tribute, don't forget that you are Kenshin (one of the best anime character *_*) Athrun (The most beautiful guy over the anime world) Kira (the Thingperson's brother), Allelujah (Your best friends xD), Kuro (Your character !) and finally...you, Aya \o/

...It's a little complicate, Aya is good too, sure ^_^""""

Loooool you seems so proud of your armor...ehehe Kenshin is always more and more near ne ?

I see about the arts, you prefer impressive with works finished isn't it ?
I can understand that but wait and wait...always wait xD
And I wait too the trams u__u"""

I'll used your story to be patient ahahahaha, I still have progressed \o/
Not so lazy after all :p
Ahhh you see it ? So cute to put this draw, Dark is definitely in my top 10 about the male characters xD
Yeah that scene was really sad u_u even me, who don't really like the anime, I loved this path, the Dark expression when he folds his wing was really...sad u_u
So the pics will be entire, not only the face ? Ehehehe since I love this one I'm pressed to see the complete picture Very Happy

...Sure your Seiji have not a pink past u_u
But this kind of background can only make a character more interesting, see how he could advance, and grow...
(Shinn could have been interesting finally...xD How could they make such a stupid character with his BG...u_u)

Yay I prefer that pics, with the cute Setsuna *.* I love his position xD
And you're right Tiera seems always so feminine (it's difficult to admit he has really a man voice cause when I see those scans I remember why I believed he was a girl...)
And look, he is wearing his pink vest...producers are hiting an important thing about him sure...
(Un hermaphrodite ? Asexué ? Comme les anges u_u...)

Like Nataku from X by Clamp...I see only this way to Tiera u_u
I don't like the Allelujah face on this pic, but Lockon reminds me really Duo Very Happy So pleasant !
Characters seems better in the anime that on the scans...

Maybe Allelujah is a psychopat you know...after all he was talking to him and seems strange in the first episode...and remember that Quatre was the cuttest of the pilot...finally he destroyed a colony xD
Who knows ;D

I want an answer to this important problem...Has really Hongrong muscles too important than Allelujah's ?

Don't joking with that !xD You don't seems realize that a big majority of the pretty guys are now a part of uke community u_u"
I don't know why, maybe cause they can have all the girls they want and they are tired xD
So stay an exception and don't make such scared joke xDD

Ehehehe ugly guy kissed you...God is definitely with girls community \o/
You could never become uke now xD Stay like Allelujah, an Unattainable dream !
And yeah, Allelujah will find a girl, after all, gundam pilots stay rarely alone ^^

Your sword will be helpful sure, cause it's become a general idea, pretty guys are uke...it's sad but often true u_u""
I can easily understand that people could be surprised xD
But as I said it's a very good thing, your our glimmer of hope xp
Ehehehe our VERY personal Ayathrun Himura (I keep my favourite characters there it's shorter xD)

My brother didn't believe my to start and finally he was just like you, surprised that you and me had encounter each other ^^"
But I think that if one other brother-sister couple is present here, it's only a proof that a lot of fan must be like us...or it's the destiny xD
It's simply very class Cool

Sure a little groupe is more sympathic, everyone can get to know the other easier and even to the new people it's easier to intergrate
And you are not a lot of active moderator so, it's certainly better like that ^^

Congratulations for your new rank \o/ Ehehehe in my ex french forum I was superior Goddess so I know how it can be pleasant xD
Not so much children with disguise ? That's pity, Hallowen is a celebration which is really fun ^.^

Thank You SO MUCH to those links *____*
Ahahaha My computer will have soon memory problem xDD
Finally I'll have new songs ^x^
Really, really thanks Ayathrun \o/

And since I have a lot of things to download...and cause the night is my only moment of freedom, It will be later to my crazy perv xD
But I let this pic to Vorahk if he come back...I don't know how he can love this couple but...xD

No...Athrun is definitely better with Cagalli u__u
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 3 Nov - 6:07

Aya> Yay! We'll be our own stars in time to come! Very Happy Hahaa.

Hahaa. If so, I bet you would be one of those who would go protest against the movement. There was a mini one over here, since protests are illegal too. =-=;; They had one where a group of anime fans went to a park with their figurines holding placards a la an actual protest. XD Really cute! Also, they made a word play on one of the political parties here. The political party's called 'People's action party'. They called theirs 'People's action figurine party'. LOL. Oh, and the riot police went down with 4 vans to apprehend... figurines. XD
I have no idea about the licenses and laws bit, but what I'm really clear on is that they have the right to catch downloaders of Gundam Seed only.
Just download the codecs! mkv files are supposedly better quality than avi ones, if I'm not mistaken. Hahaa.
Official art?! No way. And don't take away my doujins. We don't get good quality ones here. Sad

Yea you should! Very Happy
You mean you're too lazy, Mr. lazy. XD
Well, kind of. XD;; Though I skip them most of the time. Hahaa! It's so embarassing, really. They make me sit outside the staff room where the teachers walk in and out. And it doesn't help that they put me outside the Chinese Department where every single teacher in there knows me for being the President of a club.

Why, thank you. XD
Do you get up real early everyday? Hahaa. What time does your work start? I wouldn't want a job where I have to get up at such ungodly hours such as 6. o-o

There there. *hugs* It's not like you don't enjoy your job right? Very Happy

Yeap, after all, we can't watch every single anime out there. There's just too many! A bit of intro here and there would help us see what's really worth watching and which are the 1001 animes you have to watch before you die kinds. XD

How liberal! Over here, everything's so restrictive. Gay sex is a crime, heck, even downloading porn is. But it's just one of those laws that the police don't really enforce.
Yea, if you did something like that, you'd be charged for assualt. Hahaa. We can't do without you over here!

Yea, especially when you have cars that don't go easy on the gas. XD
Oh yeah. those 2 are kind of similar. Those 2 cars have the chibi look. Hahaa. Really cute cars. Very Happy

I don't need my geography anymore. The exam's past. Hahaa. Oooh, I never knew that. But the second smallest country in Europe isn't saying much yea. At least your country appears as a patch on the atlas. Mine's just a red dot (the land's too small that the marking for the country is bigger than us). XD;;

Ah, yea, we need something to degress from before we digress, right? XD;; At least the Chat Lounge isn't as disorganised as this other forum's which I go to. They have 'Come in here and chat with me now', 'Random Spam' threads where people post gibberish. Yes, just to increase post counts. =-=

I bet Allejulah's close by. Very Happy
Who really knows with these polls. The main characters always get there instead of those seemingly more popular side characters.

Yea. XD And what? I see Kuro's name included in it too. By the time you finish saying your name, the battle's probably over. Hahaa.

I guess. But it's so hypocritical yea? He can talk about such things with my cousin and when I start talking about these, he glares at me. =\
You've got the protective brother in you! Very Happy

It's your job to go try out that anime and give us a review! Razz

That's nice. At least something more 'at home' for you. Very Happy

Yaoi's almost every female's fantasy. Really. XD
FF7 has really bigass swords. I'm amazed at how Cloud manages to carry his around. Hahaa.

And yes, I got them. >D
My mother went out just now in the afternoon, so I just gave her a call and told her I'm going out to get something. Hahaa. But meh, they've only got Yzak left. Meer was sold out! D: And what, in 3 days?! I wanted the cards for the Meer set really badly. Meer's fairytale was the Little Mermaid. Athrun was the Prince and Cagalli the fiancee. There were Asucaga moments in the cards! ><
I'll be sharing the pictures of my Yzak in the merchandise thread (since that's probably where it belongs. ^^;; ) Wink

It's one of those shows that have more middle-aged women as fans. XD;; It started off as a novel, after all. I don't think middle-aged women would appreciate all the new OPs anyway. Hahaa.
Do people complain about your long hair? o-o I thought only your mother does. Hahaa.

Ok, I'm so ignorant I didn't know he did Shuichi too. O-O

Duh about Tiera. XD

Ok, I scanned it. Hahaa. And I scanned some other bits in the magazine too.

There you go, Allejulah holding the haro! Look at his smileeeeeeeeeee~

Here's one I scanned for myself. XD

And one for you, Aya. XD
(Sorry but that's the best I could fold the magazine to fit under the scanner! Part of his leg got cut off 'cause he was right next to the spine of the magazine. Sad )

And one for Loli! It's the only picture of Hong Rong in the magazine so.. ^^;; It's really small, but it's the thought that counts, right? Razz

And since we were talking about Saiunkoku, some scans too. Shower robes! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

And some pages of chibi seed story. XD *I only scanned those with Athrun in it. Hahaa. Coincidentally, they're also the only ones with Kira in it. So I guess these are for all of us, eh?*

Apologies for the off center pics! ><

Loli> I was about to ask which year that calender was from when I chanced upon it myself. 2008! Gosh, I would've expected Lacus to be with Kira, but.. No Kira X Lacus, no Athrun X Cagalli (nor Meyrin for that matter, phew). Are they toying with us? ><
The calender doesn't really look all good to me, and I've already ordered it. Sad Nevermind, it's Seed. XD;;;
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 3 Nov - 12:16

@ Loli:

It's getting indeed a bit complicated ^^' I think we best keep it like this and stop adding more names. Very Happy

You bet I am proud about my new armour plates ! They're very handy, and they really look so cool in combination with the rest of our outfits and my long hair XD). Ow, ow cheers I can wear them again tonight at training. *already ties up my hair*

I understand that for you guys, the waiting is hard. But believe me, it's also hard for me to wait so long until I can finish a work.
Don't worry. As promised, here's a scan of the first, very very rough idea sketch for my new CityFlex (the front). This version will be called CityFlex Classic 2 (second generation already). Basically, this is the replacing type for my older EuroCity range. There's still lots of things that will change in the final design, but you already get a pretty good idea of what it will look like.
The other CityFlex types will be more modular built and a bit more modern looking (especially the hybrid version).

I know. It was such a sad moment, that I really had tears in my eyes. Happened a couple of times btw, when I watched DNAngel.
No, no. ^^ The Dark artwork will be upper torso (shoulders), face and wings ! It's a rather large image btw (1976 x 1286 pixels).

That is so true ! Shinn could have been a very interesting character, seen his terrible past (though it was still rather recent that his parents and sister died). Instead, they did nothing with it, except for some lame angst moments, and that's a real shame.

I knew you'd like that image more. ^^
Yes, Tieria looks so darn gay here. I for one, would never wear a pink vest, especially not THAT kind of pink. And the way he places his hand ... Rolling Eyes To think THAT is a Gundam Meister. Neutral But then again, he got the ugliest Gundam Razz

Hmm. I think Allelujah doesn't look all that bad on this pic. His soft smile's almost a naughty one. And I like the 'crossed arms and tipped head' pose. Very masculine. Reminds me of somebody who does that a lot too Wink Very Happy

I've seen all kinds of speculations about Allelujah on the net the past days. After the preview of ep 5, a lot start to think he is some kind of failed project, like Kira. I'll just wait for the 5 to know who he really is, and what his past is.
Meanwhile, you stay my number one, Alle ! (afterwards too XD)

I think he is, but not as much as Allelujah. I've been taken a bit of a closer look, and Hong Rong's neck muscles and shoulder muscles are smaller than Alle's. Mine are too, but the difference is not as big.
I guess a shirtless scene will indeed be the only way to find out. Maybe you can write to Sunrise that they have to include an episode where they all take off their shirts, so you can compare. After all, there is already an image of Setsuna shirtless.

Gomen ne if I scared you. ^^ Like I said, there's nothing to worry about. When it comes to anime, I prefer male characters (they're less fake than all those 'huge boobs'), but in real life it's the females that get all my attention. Very Happy
I think that some turn uke because for a man, having sex or doing uke kind of stuff with other males is something fascinating. I know it sounds strange, but men sometimes fantasize about it. I'm an honest person, so yeah, I admit I do too sometimes (sometimes ! Not always Very Happy). It makes you really horny, but afterwards, you don't feel the urge to do it for real (at least I don't). Razz

There's too much bias these days. Like males can't watch yaoi, and stuff like that. I mean, I as a male have no problem at all watching yaoi, even the hardcore yaoi. In fact, it makes me feel glad not to be an uke, when you see how painful it can be. Very Happy

But to assure you, no I'm not uke, and don't plan on becoming one either. ^^

Unattainable dream. Wow, that sounded really nice. Razz

Yeah, he'll find somebody. Allelujah's not the type to stay alone for the rest of his life. And he's good looking, so he shouldn't worry. Very Happy

It would also be handy to carry my Wakizashi when I have to park my car at a place where you have to pay. When you're a little late, and there's this grumpy police man writing a ticket, WHAM, Wakizashi against his throat. XD But then again, carrying weapons in public isn't allow. *deep sigh*

You bet it's pure class ! Cool So far, you are the only other person I know doing this too. So I think it's destiny. I don't believe in anything (God, religion, whatever), except for destiny. I strongly believe in that. ^^'

True. If this place would have been crowded, you would have probably felt lost when you arrived. I know that I surely wouldn't have had as much time to guide you and know you better. So yeah, smaller groups are much nicer. ^^
And I agree that for a small forum like this, less moderators is better. Otherwise, members might feel 'watched' too much.

Thanx ^.^ Yeah it's really fun to obtain a high ranking. Some others are even dropping by my profile page or pm me to say it's great to see a dedicated vampire like me. Razz
Wow, Superior Godess ! Now that's indeed some title to be very proud of ! *bows for Godess Loli*
It was quite disappointing to see so little and bad dressed kids. The Halloween spirit was really low this year.

You're very welcome. I'm happy when I can spread the love for Eurobeat music.
Your computer sure will feel the difference. If you have all the albums, it takes quite a lot of GB's memory.

Yesterday evening, my copy of the SEB 182 finally came ! cheers bounce And O M G ! It's a fantastic album ! Really, I strongly advise you to get the mp3's. There are so much strong, fast and gorgeous tracks on it. It's been a while since there has been such a great SEB.
There's a download link on the Initial D forum I linked you (page 6 of the SEB 182 topic). If you can, get it ! It's really awesome !

I never liked Lacus x Athrun. And seeing that pic makes me like that couple even less.


tanth, I'll reply to your post when I get back from samurai training. ^.^

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 3 Nov - 15:23

@ tanth:

As promised, here I am to reply to your post, although I'm really tired. We had stamina training (pfffffff), followed by some duelling. I still have to get used to the extra weight of our new hip armour plates. And hahaha, guess what ! I ended up with another bleeding scratch. The tip of my sword's blade slipped aside for a second, and the sword of my sparring partner accidentally 'poked' my arm. =^^'= But it's just a small scratch.


Yep ! We'll be ever so popular. People will do anything to get our autographs or see us. XD

Yes, I would have probably gone protesting too. When it comes to protecting my rights as an anime fan, I can be quite hyped. It sure sounded like a funny action. I can imagine everybody bringing along their figurines. And the word play ! *lol*
Only 4 vans ! Over here, they send out a lot more vans. Even the water cannon trucks are standing ready for action every time there is a riot or protest action.

Well, I tried that, but for some dumb reason, the mkv codecs don't work on my laptops. I asked my computer seller, even the ICT guys at work, and none of them knows why. ><

XD ^^' I can be non-lazy too you know *innocent expression and wags my tail* Ow and *puppy dog eyes* (MWUHAHAHA for knowing your weak point Very Happy)
Yeah, I know what you mean. We had the same thing at school too. All the teachers and other students could see you sitting there. I never had any detention (well, just once, when I broke a plastic hockey stick by smacking it on some jerk's face). I was in the same school as the one where my mom is teaching French. I even had French from her 3 years ! So I had an extra motivation to keep myself from getting detention. XD

I get up at 6.30 every day. I'm starting work at 8.30, but I need some time to get myself ready ^^' (yeah, the hair ! XD). And I always have to check my mailbox before I leave, to see if there are appointments that have been swapped. In that case, it's best to be ready on time.

*nestles me against you for comforting* I know it's not the end of the world. Still, a tiny bit of more spare time would be welcome. And of course I love my job. I wouldn't want to have another. It's very versatile, so I never really get bored.

Well, I'm over 250 already. Still, there is so much more on my 'want to watch' list. It's indeed hard sometimes to pick out some nice series. So we could make lists of all the series we have seen. When somebody notices a series he hasn't seen yet, and wants to know if it's good, he can ask.

There has been times over here when gays weren't supported. But laws changed, and people started agreeing a bit more that gays are human beings too. And that's good. I have nothing against gay people. Except for when they try to kiss you by force Rolling Eyes A friend of mine is gay, and he's one of the sweetest persons I've ever met, so I think it's good the law is respecting them too. Too bad there are still a lot of blindfolded people, like my dad, who are strongly against gays.

OR, when you like to drive fast, like I do ^^'
I wouldn't say they are both chibi. Very Happy As for my Honda, I agree. It's such a cute car. My Volkswagen Jetta company car on the other hand is already a rather big car.

That sounds very small indeed. What's the name of your country ? ('cause you put ORB in your profile ^^' Very Happy)

Well I do pay a lot of attention to the cleanness of our Chat Lounge (and the rest of the forum too of course). I know what you mean. The Chat Lounge on Gaia Online is just horrible. I would never ever want to moderate such an anarchy of useless topics, massive spamming, and other gibberish as you said so nicely. All those times you see posts, only saying 'BUMP' ... Argh ! >< I'd never allow that here. Luckily, all posts here have a certain depth, even in the Chat Lounge. *hugs the forum and our members*

Sadly, that's true. It's because often, magazine staff picks out the main character, because the series is "so called" not able to exist without the main character. Tssss. Rubbish !
I remember there once was a 'best character' voting in a magazine. The results: nothing but THE main character of series. There's been a massive complaint from the readers, that the results had been fixed by the staff, since nearly nobody even voted for THE main characters.
I truly hope that Lockon and Allelujah will have a nice place in the ranking. ^^

HAHAHAHAHA. So true ! That's why I'll use 'Aya Himura' whenever I'm in a MS fight. Very Happy

That's indeed less pleasant for you. But I'm sure he loves you very much. ^^
And yes, I'd be a very protective big brother. I'm the type that would fight if they would bully or hurt my little sister or brother.

And that of males too. XD Very Happy I mean, every man fantasises about having sex with another man once in a lifetime. It's pretty arousing Razz

Hahahahah, yeah, they indeed are. Kadaj's katana's regular size, but man, Sephiroth's is toooo long ! That simply can't be practical, and I know what I'm talking about. And Cloud's sword is indeed one big piece of 'cuttingnes' *lol*

That's indeed the best place to talk about it, so my comment is in there. ^^

Myeah, that's true.
It does indeed happen that people complain about my long hair. They have no reason to, since it's MY hair, and it surely isn't the longest hair around. I could understand if they did in case it would reach down my butt. But it seems that for some people, men like me with hair just passing their shoulders is already a 'crime'. Tssss. *sighs*

Yes, he did. And he did it very good in my opinion. Shuichi is far from an easy character to lend your voice to. Tomokazu did some of the singing too, but mainly for the Audio Drama CD's (songs like 'Bird' and 'Fake Star'). Shuichi's singing was done by Kotani Kinya ('Smashing Blue' being my favourite song).
Talking about Gravitation. There's this new deluxe DVD set that will be out soon over here. The complete series and the OVA (which I don't have yet), in a special Gravitation backpack featuring a chibi Shuichi. I'd love to get my hands on it. It's rather expensive though. Still, if I encounter one, I'll buy it. ^^

O M F G !!! It's so much better than I would have ever dared dreaming !

I'm so in love with that first image. They all looks so great. Except for Tieria. He looks as if he's been raped a minute ago. XD
Lockon's smile seems a bit off, compared to what we are used of him. Still, he's über cool.
Setsuna looks really cute with those weights. Hahaha, just look at his silly face Very Happy
An my beloved Allelujah. OMG ! He looks soooooooooooo awesome. My fanheart is screaming from joy. XD His smile is so adorable, and he looks super kawaii holding Haro. I hope we'll see this more often in the series as well ! AND, I only now really noticed he and I have yet another thing in common ! Those wrist thingies (I don't what to call them in English ^^'''''''''''). cheers

The character pages are so cool too. Don't worry about the part lost because of the spine. I know how hard it us to scan from such type of magazine.
Alle's character sheet really made me so happy *tears of joy*. He's soooo cool on the big image. Ow and I found out that his seiyuu, Hiroyuki Yoshino also did the voice of Gai in Saint Beast !
° _ ° I would have never guessed those two having the same voice actor. Crazy Gai next to gentle Allelujah is quite a world of difference !

I wonder when we'll see Patrick back in action again.

The Saiunkoku image is great too. I love it when they have their hair untied.
Is it only me, but I think Seiran looks different ?! Might be just my imagination. ^^
Kouyuu looks kick-ass as usual. Love his pose. And every time I see Shuuei like that, I wonder how he manages to get ALL that hair of his tied up.

SEE ! I always said Shinn's nothing but a dog ! This is the best prove. XD

I'm loving these images so much that I've decided to order me a copy of this Newtype Romance. I want to hold and feel that awesome image of Allelujah and Haro.

Thanx so much for sharing these pics with us. You're the best ! *gives a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge hug*
And to thank you, I'll make some scans when the next Special issue of AnimeLand arrives (by the end of the month). It's a J-pop special, featuring ... your beloved Hyde ! And there's an interview with High and Mighty Colour as well. So I'll try to deliver some scans ^.^


Wow, that was one hell of a post to reply to. And now, I'm off to take a nice hot shower. I'm all smelly from sweating at training, so I really need a shower. And I have to change my bandage too.

*night night kiss* Very Happy

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What Fan Of : AthrunxCagalli, SheenaxZelos, ZeldaxLink, AmberxHei, Tybalt, KallenxLulu...and I love drawing !
Job or Hobbies : Student , yeah...you can call me a student...
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 3 Nov - 19:17

Ayathrun : before everything, did you seen Gundam 00 episode 5 ?
OMG we learn so much about your beloved Allelujah !
...not so much but we discovering some important things...

Like his second personnality !It was simply awesome, a true surprise !

Never I thought he could be..."two"
It was really impressive, with his eyes and his hair which are changing with his personnality ^^

And when I think that before his metamorphosis he was speaking nicely with the hotess...
It's great. Really, a schizophrenic Allelujah ...you have two favorite characters in one !

About this episode, since I stated, I finished ; I've simply love it ^^
More action that in the 4, I loved the Allelujah's intervention finally helped by Setsuna and Lockon !
(Tiera...-_-" he seems more like Wufei that Wufei himself u_u)

Ehehehe and Seiji was present too, I don't know why but I stat to love this character, he seems so common but we know that he'll have an important role; And Louise is so cute with him (ahahah when she is jumping in their wagon to eat the chips xD I guess I'd made the same stupid thing xD)

Marina was really pretty too and even if it was for a few second we have seen Hongrong and Wang u_u
But Gladly we have seen Setsuna during his physical entertainement *.* It was just...wonderful ;p

The last episode shows Allelujah during his detention...u_u
Hard thing to be a saviour -.-

About the eurobeat new album, I'll try to pick up after the other ^.^ I've already DL so much songs but I hadn't time to listen today -_-
About your samurai training... did you ever try to colour your hair...why not orange hair ? *.*
Kenshin forever ♥
You'll have the total battosai look with orange hair...:p
(Oh it reminds me ! battosai too has two personnality xD)

About your draw, I questioned about one thing...you are the first person that I know who like draw and customize tram, it's original ...
You must have your reasons no ?
You'll must try to be engaged by the RATP. Seriously they really need talented designers -_-"
It's just a start for the moment I want see the final version just like the first I seen with his beautiful colours and all ♥.♥
And so even the Dark artworks seems not finished...Go go, draw ! :p (easier to say that to do ne ? )

Oh yeah about Shinn we are totally okay...a character with such a sad past, if he could have changed during the anime...for exemple that they keep his hatred to Cagalli but that he change after with all his experience...a character with his own devils, his weaknesses, his fear...he could have been so interesting -_-
When we can compare to the Kira and Athrun's evolution in Seed, he seems really pityful ...
The only moment that I loved with him was the Stellar's death, it was beautiful with the lake, the snow and his tears...just like the Aerith's death in FF 7 ^_^
And with "Shinkai no Kodoku" it was simply magic...why the character is so pathetic >_<

Humm if I must write to sunrise it will be to ask an Athrun x cagalli wedding in the movie :p
I love Hongrong but there are most important things ...and after all I had already a Setsuna shirtless, my fav pilot...I guess that when summer scans will be up to gundam 00, Wang will be on on a transat and Hongrong will be there, shirtless (Yay !), to give her cocktails ...I'll be patient ^_^""

And no no you didn't scared me...ok I admit maybe just a little, but understand that you are an awesome specimen, you must stay loyal to the girl population \o/
When I see what you said I'm understand why rumors say that men are pervert...To my part, I can't seehow it could be interesting to make love with a girl...eeeek noo

And don't deny you admit you are the same è_é

About the anime characters I can understand even if I prefer often girls in anime series...gundam is an exception cause boys are awesome but for example in Code Geass Kallen is my favourite, or in Tenjou Tenge Maya Natsume is the better character to me (and If I love Maya I can't reproach to others animes girls to have huge boobs...-.-""")
And even in Gundam 00, Wang, Marina and Louise are so cuute !

To the Allelujah's wife I must make others plans...I thought to a nice and cute girl to him but since he has a second personnality, I think he'll be perfect with a Catherine (Yeah, we must found a Catherine to him...a punch in his beautiful face when he becomes crazy just like to Trowa muahahahahaha *run behind a shield xD*

Carry swords isn't allowed...it reminds me Kenshin (one more time :p)

Yes you're right ! I think it's simply cause we are two of the four most class people over the world that we encounter xp
(Everyone has not a Cagalli or a Kira, finally we are certainly exceptional ! (or maybe totally crazy, we have choice)
You believe in destiny ? Ehehe, me, I believe in God (I can't accept that the planet and the life are the result of nothing, there are too many awesome things in this worl ^.^) and in destiny too \o/

Ahahaha yeah I'm a Goddess Cool But it's natural, I'm an AsuCaga fan, I have a Kira, I have long hair and girlish face (xD je sors !) and I'm talented to found nickname ...finally it's logic xD
Loool poeple pm you about your rank ? To me it was the same thing ^^"" often new arrivants who are impressive (how could I say to them that it's only a line behind my nick...it's so good to see that xp)

Even if I have seen children disguise and a lot of things about halloween, it wasn't too important that the last year u.u I suppose that just like in Belgic, Hallowen lost his importance...(an other occasion to organise party which disappear gradually u_u")

No Athrun x Lacus wasn't a good couple..they seems too precious together...they are definitely better with the twins -_-

Tanth my Crzay perv : I love the pics you put *___*
Yeah, even if Hongrong hasn't the better place (xD) I have my Setsuna and he is so cuuute *______*
Tiera seems always so...girly u_u"""

Really thanks *___*
Ehehehe the RGB seed are always so kawai xD
(Luna as a cat xDDD she is so kawaaai )
And the Cagalli's eye behind Athrun...finally she let her anger apperas xD It's a good thing Very Happy

And yeah face is superior to the name sure xD

Yeeeah but there are just fanarts, as in Seed or others...imagine that Lulu and Suzaku will be a true couple in the anime...I think it will be a surprise xD Even if often the boys friendship seems more like a boyfriends relationship u_u"

Good guys are just tired to have everywomen they wanted xD They want challenge so they are looking for other guys ...it was my point of view
But now That Ayathrun said that guys are excited by having sex with other guys I think they are definitely perv xD And really really bad with us u.u
Stay only ugly boys xD It's their fault if lesbians are always more and more u_u"
(But I think my position were good too, men are searching for Ayathrun and he says he'll stay hetero xD you see, it's a sort of...opposite reaction u_u)

è____é <== You like that ? xD I've other killer eyes too, see :: ò.ó (they reminds me Kira eyes in the Piggyhoho flash -__-')

Yeah Nina is homosexual...I was terrified to Euphie cause this girl can be really scary u_u"
(And Nunally catches her while she was masturbating...gladly she is blind...-__-")

Yeah with the Lulu geass it's a strong probabilityé that Suzaku die...I was simply exposed my wish xD I don't want a relation with Kallen NEVER -_-
I prefer that she'll lost ther life in an heroic fight that to be a couple with this ****** >_<

Cheese kun ! That's a good idea, and with the cheese kun an instruction to use (I'm sure it will be a big help u_u"")
Christmas soon, one present found \o/

Your results will be later...January will be the end of you scholar year ?
Cause to us, January will be our first exam session u_u

It's problematic to be night talker, we are so tired the morning...I must awake at 6.30 and I continue to sleep until 14.00 u_u
It will be better to stay in the bed after all the result will be the same xD

Ehehehe I'm going to read the fic now, after all tomorrow I can sleep Very Happy

♥ ♥ AsuCaga forever ♥ ♥
(Did you seen the others pics of the calendar 2008 ? Cagalli is so cute when she is blushing ^.^ And Athrun is so class...as usual *.*)
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 3 Nov - 20:16

Aya> Aw. You didn't have to reply if you were tired. Embarassed
Stamina training must be very tiring. o-o It's something like running around or something, right? New hip armor plates? Very Happy How does it lok like?
D: Did it bleed a lot? You guys were using real Katanas?

And we'll be too lazy to attend autograph sessions. XD

Yea, i think I would too. But rioting is just something we can't do over here. The culture's here more of multi-racialism. We have all sorts of races over here, so they have some anti-rioting laws. Like how we need to apply for an assembly of more than who knows how many people. Also, being a small country like ours, it's easy for the police to catch us. Hahaa.
It was damn cute, really! It even got featured on tv! Hahaa.
Yeap, only 4. Like I've said, we don't usually have riots over here, so maybe they didn't expect anything much. And besides, it wasn't really a riot. XD;;
Oooh. That must be a lot of police. o-o I've never seen an actual riot before. Hahaa. What's it like?

Your computer is resistent to change! Hahaa.

D: Puppy.. dog eyes..
Razz But yea, you're already non-lazy when it comes to forumming. Hahaa.
*pokes you for knowing my weakness Razz *
You smacked a hockey stick in a guy's face. o-o Man! You must be some rebeliious kid or something! Why'd you do that for? And it must suck having your mother teaching in your school, eh? Hahaa. All the fears of getting caught! And you have to complete your homework too. Hahaa.

Whoa! 6.30! You're quite the early bird, aren't you? Most work starts at 8.30, right? Why must work and school start so early in the morning? =-=
Yes, your hair. lol!

*pats Aya* Just look on the bright side of things and everything will be better. Very Happy Since you like your job, it doesn't really matter if you get spare time or not, right? You get to have fun while on the job!

That sounds like a potential topic for a thread. Wink And you've really watched a lot of animes! 250! Gosh.

Yeap, that's exactly how it is over here. So much talk in the Parliament during the debate. Stuff like how they respect homosexual's right to their sexuality but believe that 'our society is still too conservative'. And yea, I have homosexual friends too. Most girls my age are lesbians and I have no idea why. So much so that some people are referring to those born in my year as the homo/bisexual year. =-=

You must be good friends with the traffic police then! Hahaa.
You even have an image! Hahaa. Most people over here prefers European cars. Yea, it's funny. You guys prefer Japanese cars while we over here prefer European cars. Hahaa. Even so, we can get Japanese cars really cheap over here, so there's a lot of them on the roads.

Hahaa! My country's located in an area quite like ORB's actually (eternal summer near the equator), and both countries have the same poltical standing in most issues - neutral. XD Mine's Singapore, just at the edge of Asia. (Yea, at the very tip. They even have a small island where they built a hut and called it the Southern-most tip of the Asia continent. Razz )

Hahaa! The bump posts! I've even seen "jf483jt9" posts. Some people were even counting their posts in their posts (if that makes sense to you. XD). But there are no moderators there, very much like a free-for-all kind of forum. How will moderators react to such posts? XD
*returns the hug*

The magazine staff actually fixes the votes? o-o I never knew that! I hate it when people abuse their authority like that. It's just like the local cosplay society. They've already selected people to represent us in the World Cosplay Summit, but still go through all the trouble of a competition. And sometimes, more deserving people don't get to go. =-= Well, it wasn't the case for this year, but a lot of competitions were rigged.
Go go Lockon and Allejulah! XD

XD Let's launch! *Can't think of a full name to use XD*

Well, yea, I understands he does. Hahaa.
You've a quality just like Kira! Very Happy

Really?! Geez, that's something new for me. Hahaa. I've learnt another thing today!

Yea, Sephiroth's sword is indeed very long. How does he even wield it properly? XD And Cloud's... It's not only for cutting, eh? Razz

Those people need to understand that guys with long hair are sexy! Get out of the traditional world and let's look at something more refereshing. =-= Like you've said, yea, if it passes your butt, it's understandable. Heck, even for a female, that's a wee bit too long too. Hahaa.

Yes, Shuich is a difficult character indeed. You'd expect them to get a female to voice him or something. Hahaa. He's just the chibi kind of characters, yet not so chibi sometimes too. Hahaa. It's so cool about the DVD! I'd like to see the backpack if you get it! >D
It's so sad we don't get much DVDs over here. It's usually from that certain company that's sueing everyone's pants off, or the occasional ones from America or Taiwan and HongKong. Otherwise, we have to order from Japan.

I'm glad they were good enough to render such a reaction from you! XD

LOL about Tiera. I never see it that way. Hahaa. Why does he even sit like that? And why is he eyeing Haro? D:
Lockon's drawn a but weird in here. His arms bit looks a bit.. off.
Hahaa. Setsuna's building up those muscles to compete with Allejulah. XD
And yea, Allejulah looks the best in that picture (they just have to draw Lockon like that. Sad ) They're called wrist bands. XD Yeap, Allejulah holding the Haro shows the more affectionate side of him. Very Happy And it gives fangirl's some wild ideas about him and Lockon. =-=

Gai?! Really? O_O Both of them are such different characters!
Hahaa. The character pages are very interesting. They have this box for 10 questions and the characters' answers. Here's Allejulah's (Lockon's bit was cut off at the side Sad )

If you need a translation, I'll do it tomorrow evening. ^^;;

Seiran looks different when he sets his eyes on Ryuuki. He's alwys so gentle when he's looking at Ryuuki, and Shuurei too. Hahaa.
I'm guessing your favourite is Kouyuu?
And yea, Shuuei's hair is indeed very long. o-o

Hahaa! Shinn-doggy turned real. XD I haven't gotten round to reading the story yet, so I can't really provide a summary now. XD;;

It's a pretty awesome issue. And there's a free CG chibi towel too. Very Happy

Aw. It's good to share nice stuff with friends now and then. Smile *hugs you back*
YES! Scans of Hyde would be oh-so-great! XD XD XD I wouldn't mind the HandMC interview too! Very Happy

You wrote all that without taking a shower first? Hahaa.

Well, it's day over here, but all the same, *good night kiss* Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 3 Nov - 20:53

I can't beleved it took me so long to reply to Aya that Loli replied before I posted mine. XD That's what I get for multi-tasking I guess. XD

Loli> You like Setsuna? I didn't know that, if not I would've scanned Setsuna's character page too! I'll do it tomorrow evening. Very Happy
And for the time being, I've up-ed Hong Rong's picture for you. Very Happy

Lol! It's Shinn's eye! Hahaa. Shinn's eye is red, Cagalli's amber! XD Well, if you're talking about the story two issues back, yea, there was an angry Cagalli. XD

Get the life-sized poster of Athrun to kiss! Hahaa. I pasted mine on my wadrobe. Mad

Well, true. Hahaa. A non-yaoi anime turned yaoi! Given CG's timeslot, it won't be surprising. Hahaa. At least you'll be sure kids won't chance upon it (maybe that explains Nina's.. happy time? lol )

That's a very new point of view to me! Hahaa! Oh my, I worry for the sexuality of our beloved Athrun. He's got so many women, he's probably eyeing Kira! Mad Ok, no, we as Asucaga fans believe in Athrun's love to Cagalli. XD
It really depends on the individual, I think. Hahaa. But sometimes, I look at the gays and I think they tend to look better than the hetero-s. Mad Hot hetero-s like Aya is just so hard to find! That's why I'm going for cute guys. XD

Yea! I like the killer eyes! The o ones are nice too! And Piggyhoho's drawings are just so cute. XD I've read her fanfics (they're in Chinese XD) amd her Asucaga one was just so hilarious! XD

We don't want our Nuanlly exposed to Nina's wild desires. XD Euphie has, well had, Suzaku to protect her. Hahaa.

We'll leave Kallen to the producers. Maybe everyone except Suzaku will die, since Suzaku can't die anymore. Hahaa. Imagine, he'll be an immortal! D:

Seriously?! I think your sis should know how to use it, right? XD;;
And don't tell her that gift idea came from me. Mad

Hm, not really. January's the start of the year, actually. Our education system's probably different from yours, I think. We take the General Certificate of Examinations by Cambridge University over here. I'm taking Ordinary level now. The results will be released in January, which is suposedely the start of a school year, but for college, we start at february. We don't have seasonal changes here so our school years start in january and so on. XD
Our first exam session will be in March. XD;;

I find it ok to be a nightwalker. Very Happy I sleep in class and teachers never nag at me. Hahaa. What do you mean results will be the same?! If you actually listen to classes, I bet you'd be a top student. Very Happy

Hahaa. It's a short fic anyway. XD

Yea, I saw the other pictures. No Asucaga. T-T Cagalli does look very cute in there, pity there's only one image of her. Sad I like the Athrun on the cover! Totally cool! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sun 4 Nov - 8:36

@ Loli:

Shocked No I haven't. So far, I only encountered a raw torrent, and I didn't find anything on YouTube. I think the subs should be on tomorrow evening, so I'll watch then. I sure am hyped to see it. Very Happy

I did already hear about all the things you wrote, but never thought it would actually be the truth.
So it was true after all that Allelujah has a double personality. I for one wouldn't have expected it either. But I guess it only adds more coolness to his character.

I've encountered some fanart where he's in his berserk mode and where his bang is flipped over to the other side.

Also, Alle is getting pictured more and more as a seme, instead of an uke. *sigh of relief*

From what you described, the 5 seems indeed a lot better than crappy 4. Ow, I can't wait to download and watch. >< I badly need my weekly dose of Allelujah ! Razz

Saji will probably be the loved number one silly character of Double 0. And argh, you made me even more curious now ! bounce

Yes, I can imagine you have loved the Setsuna scene. For a kid of his age, he has a very well trained body. But then again, Heero was the same. At the age of 16, I was still a skinny kid. XD Very Happy

Yes, I know all about it. After all, you girls are always saying I am the saviour of boydom. Razz

bounce Damn ! Why can't I wait any longer to see episode 5 ?! Argh. It'll be hard to focus tomorrow at work. I'll be counting the seconds to get home. And they better make sure that the sub torrents will be online by the time I arrive ! Or I'll get Mad

It sure takes some time to listen to all those songs, I know. I haven't had the time either to listen to disc two of the new SEB 182. I hope to do so this evening. I've heard it's a good mix.
Well I did it pink once, but that was just for a bet with a friend. I don't think my boss would appreciate it if I would dye my hair orange. Maybe Kenshin's darker hair colour from the OVA's would be more appreciated. ^^
Well, I guess you could say I have two personalities too. But then again, that kinda is part of being a Public Relations Manager. But my mom says I can be very versatile. One moment I'm the nicest guy around, other times I could easily kill or hurt somebody. I never really paid attention to it myself. I guess overall, I'm a nice guy ... or at least I hope so ^-^'''''

Well, ever since I was a wee kid, I've always had a certain passion for big vehicles, mainly trucks, buses, trams and other rail vehicles. I think a tram is something beautiful. Hard to explain why, but I really find public transport something wonderful. Two weeks ago, I went to Busworld 2007, the biggest international bus exhibition. I can assure you I've been walking around drooling all day long seeing those wonderful buses. I climbed behind the steering wheel of almost each bus at the exhibition. Very Happy

Making my own designs, or transforming older vehicles is a fun hobby to me. And judging by the nice comment you gave, I suppose you like the design for my CityFlex Classic ? ^.^
Well, the RATP itself won't take any designers. Most of the designing is done by people hired by the tram constructors, in Paris' case, Alsthom. I guess you're referring to the older trams, but I think the latest generation of Paris' Citadis trams (the long ones) have a rather nice design. They sure look better than the trams we have here in Belgium (except for the new T3000 and T4000 Flexity Outlook trams in Brussel, 'cause they are really kick-ass).
I do agree that the colours I use for my fiction company Connex are fresher and nicer than the plain RATP colours. And of course, my trams have the image of Luke. Very Happy

The 'go draw' is indeed easier said than done I'm afraid ^^'

Yep, I couldn't agree more on what you said about stupid Shinn. Kira and Athrun evolved so much during Seed and Destiny. Especially Kira, going from being a simple student to becoming one of the best MS pilots, and from being a real crybaby to being a non-crybaby.
Stellar's death was indeed a very memorable moment, and also one of the rare moments I liked Shinn. His rage afterwards was too much though to please me one bit.

Hmm yeah, I guess you're right. Once summer will be around, we'll get some summer outfit Double 0 pics. Who knows, maybe we'll even get a summer episode. That sure would be nice. A day off at the beach for our beloved characters. ... Yep, there goes my imagination again ! XD
Besides, Sunrise wouldn't even bother opening the letter if we were to send one. >_>

Oh my ! A beautiful specimen ... *BLUSH !* After such flattering words, how could I ever turn my back on female community. Razz
Yes, in a certain way, all of us males are perverts. One a bit more than another of course, lol. I don't want to turn this place into a Sex Chat Lounge, but oh well, this tiny bit won't hurt. When a male's jacking off, he's almost 100% of the times thinking about something really erotic. And to keep things from getting boring after a while, it happens that there's some fantasising about doing it with another guy. That's the only logical explanation I can give to it. Very Happy

There are indeed a lot of cool female characters, but I'm always feeling more sympathy for the male ones. But then again, I guess it's logic. ^^

Yeah. That might indeed be a good choice. But I don't think that just because Allelujah has a second personality, we must forget about his overall gentle side.

Yep, it always reminds me of Kenshin too whenever I say such type of things. Very Happy

We are the best in the world ! XD All should bow for the almighty Kira and Cagalli 4. XD Razz
I don't believe in God, because if he truly existed, there wouldn't be so much suffering in the world. My aunt is having a real nasty cancer and is rapidly loosing the fight against it. She's been suffering for about two years now. The doctor thinks she will die very soon, so my uncle is really feeling lost. My grandfather also died from a nasty cancer 4 years ago. So I can't really believe there is a God. But that doesn't mean I have anything against people who do. We all believe in something, and we must respect that. ^^

Yeah, it's just the same. New ones who are discovering the Gaian World, and who admire you for having a high rank during an event. Same goes for my little house on Gaia Online. A lot of people, especially new members, admire me for all the time and gold I spent on building my cosy home (and I'm proud of it).

Yes, I feel the Halloween hype over here is past its highest point. There was remarkably less Halloween decoration in shops compared to the previous years.

Athrun x Lacus seemed too fake. I mean, just look at them on that calendar image Rolling Eyes

Quote :
Good guys are just tired to have everywomen they wanted xD They want challenge so they are looking for other guys ...it was my point of view
But now That Ayathrun said that guys are excited by having sex with other guys I think they are definitely perv xD And really really bad with us u.u
Stay only ugly boys xD It's their fault if lesbians are always more and more u_u"
(But I think my position were good too, men are searching for Ayathrun and he says he'll stay hetero xD you see, it's a sort of...opposite reaction u_u)

I couldn't help but really lol'ed when I read this. Razz

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sun 4 Nov - 11:15

@ tanth:

First of all, it seems that our theory about posts getting shorter wasn't right after all ^^'

Yes I had to. I promised you I would reply, and it's not because I felt a bit tired that I shouldn't live up to that promise ! I would have felt bad not replying.

Well, at samurai training, stamina is more making slashing moves and katana drawing moves repeatedly. A bit boring, but a vital part of training. And it's good for growing solid biceps. Razz
We were indeed using real katana's. It really was a dumb accident. I guess my arm must have moved an inch for a tiny second, making my sword going off balance. It didn't bleed all that much, at least not compared to what I am used. I think it won't even scar. Besides, getting wounded is part of being a samurai too. It makes you strong. ^^
These new hip armours kinda look like this, but are more compact.

Btw, Kuro has the same type of pony tail as this guy, but it's longer.

Yeah, that's true. XD

We also have lots of different races here, but that doesn't mean there isn't a riot every now and then. But they are rare. Lately, there's been some riots, due to the high tension between two races of immigrants. But it was nothing compared to what happened in the suburbs of Paris more than a year ago. Loli will know what I am talking about.
Hah. We're a small country as well, and yet the police sometimes is unable to catch criminals. Really so lame Rolling Eyes
I've only seen riots on tv. It's mainly like a fight between the police forces and the rioters. All sorts of hings getting used to toss, cars being burnt, a lot of yelling, and rioters getting knocked down by the water jet of the water cannon trucks. XD

Yes, I guess it indeed is. ^^'

*pokes you for poking* XD
When it comes to being active here, people indeed have no single right to call us lazy ! Very Happy

Nah, I'm not that much of a rebel. It's just that I got super pissed off at that jerk. He had been teasing me for more than a year already. I was still in my 'silent weakling' period back then. We were getting dressed for PE. This guy was constantly poking with one of these hockey sticks in my back and my butt. At first I tried to ignore him, but he kept poking, and I eventually lost control of myself. I grabbed another stick and smacked it with all might (not much back then compared to know XD) against his stupid face. The stick broke in two, and his face was bleeding real hard. But at least he never dared teasing me again. Very Happy

It wasn't always so pleasant, that's true. Especially since the others sometimes picked on me when they got detention from my mom or had bad grades for French.

Yes, I'm quite an early bird, except during holidays and weekends. Well, I'm not complaining about work starting at 8.30. At least we can go home earlier than when it would start later.
Yeah, my hair Rolling Eyes Takes me half an hour a day to get my hair done properly ^^'''''''

True, but not all days are as much fun. And so little spare time makes it hard to keep up with my hobbies, especially when I have lots of deadlines and need to bring some of my work at home. On the other hand, I have more time after work than I did after school and had home work to make.

Yeah, anime's a real obsession. I always want more and more. Very Happy My goal is to have watched 500 series at minimum within the next years.

Oh my, really ?! I only know some homosexual people who have the same age as me. Most are straight.
People always like to stick a certain title to every generation. Since I was born in 1986, the year the nuclear reactor in Tsjernobyl exploded, they refer to people of my age as the radioactive children -_-''''''''

I must say that I am very, very pleased with the quality of Japanese cars. My dad always used to have European cars, and every single one of them cost him a lot since a lot of mechanical parts broke and needed to be replaced. He now has a 6 year old Honda Civic Aerodeck, and next to some small costs for regular maintenance, he had no other costs at all ! Same goes for my Honda Logo, who is 4 years old now.
So far, I can't really complain about the Volkswagen Jetta. It's a good car, yet I prefer the Japanese ones.

Ah, so you're from Singapore ! I should've known that. I know a lot of basic things about Singapore.

Yeah, you indeed see lots of that sort of posts. I must say that next to special events, I very rarely visit the Gaia forums. They're too much of a chaos.
I think moderating a place like that must be one hell of a hard task. Like I said, I'd gladly say 'No' to the job. I'm happy here, so I'm staying here ^.^

I really hate it when they do such a things. Abuse of power only leads to complaints. It's like as if I would start editing all your posts. No, I think the guys from that magazine have learned their lesson after such a massive wave of complaints.
YES ! GO GO Lockon and Allelujah ! You two are the best !!!

XD All systems green. Aya Himura and Kyrios are ready for launch !
Heheheh Razz
Hmm, yeah. We'll have to find a second name for you. Maybe Loli can think of something. She's good at making nicknames ^^

Yep, now you know a bit more about male psychology. ^^ You'll never watch yaoi again in the same way as you did before. XD

Good question. Proves again how unreal a game can be. Give somebody such a long sword in real life, and he'll lose to somebody with a regular katana.

Damn right us long-haired males are sexy ! Razz Short hair's for when you're in the army or when you're older. I always say that when you're still young, you must enjoy all the years you can have long hair. And that's what I do. I don't care if others complain. I'm very happy with my long terra brown manes. XD
Yeah, but you can still tie it up if it's that long. You can always cut off long hair when you're tired of it, but you can't stick it back. So to all those who nag about the fact males can't have long hair, tongue XD

Yeah, but it's nice to see they gave a rather female looking character like Shuichi this kind of voice. Makes him a bit less of a 'trap' *lol*
I do hope that despite the high price, they won't get sold out quickly, since I don't know when I'll have time to go anime shopping again. I really want such a backpack ! >.< It's too kawaii !
Over here, we can't complain about DVD's and manga. Anime is really popular in France, so there is lots to find. Many quality series have been released on DVD (old ones and new ones). I'm looking forward to the upcoming DVD's of Garasu no Kantai.
They also spend a lot of time working on gorgeous packaging. There's this Record of Lodoss War ultimate collector box. It's huge. It has all the episodes, OVA's, movies and even special gadgets and an artbook ! And the new collector box for Beck will be shaped like a big music loudspeaker.
So far, I only have one DVD box imported from Japan, a deluxe edition of RahXephon. And meanwhile, RahXephon's also been released on DVD over here.

Well yes of course. Without you I would have never seen these images in the first place ^.^

Hahaha. Yes, Tieria is indeed looking at Haro, now that you mention it. Who knows what those two have been doing. Or maybe Allelujah ordered Haro to film Tieria getting raped, and now Tieria is thinking of a way to get the film deleted. XD Argh, my imagination is on the loose again ! Razz XD
Yeah, who knows. He still has to train a lot though to be able to compete with Allelujah. Although for a kid of his age, he's very muscled.
Wrist bands, indeed ^^' I have such ones too. They have almost the same colour ! cheers
I can only agree that Allelujah looks the best. Holding Haro like that indeed shows his gentle side. And it surely had the effect you mentioned. The image I posted in my reply to Loli is the perfect proof. Very Happy

I see you are shocked too that Gai and Allelujah have the same seiyuu. ^^ There sure is a lot more difference than lets say between Akira performing Athrun and Yuda.
Ah yeah, that's always cool, those boxes. Some translating would indeed be nice ^^' *puppy dog eyes* Razz

It's true he does. Still, I find his looks a bit different on this image. Oh well, who cares. It's a great image.
Yep, Kouyuu's indeed my favourite. I love his personality. And I like the way he ties up his hair.

Yes, and like I also said, Shinn-dog's being dominated by rey !

I've already filled in the order ! Very Happy I'm sending it tomorrow asap. ^^

Yeah, it's really great how we share stuff. I find it most enjoyable and sweet *hugs*
I hope that there will be lots of good pics to scan and share. I'll see what I can do on the HaMC interview, since it's in French.

Yep. Luckily, the smell of male samurai sweat and blood didn't come along with my post. Very Happy XD

Ahah, yeah, I always forget that when it's night over here, it's day for you. ^^

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sun 4 Nov - 11:18

Ow and I forgot to say CONGRATS !

This is the first topic here having 10 pages ! We can all be proud being part of this great event. ^^

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sun 4 Nov - 18:21

Oh my this is such a great topic onii chan i love it, oh my you watch so many animes and so great ones to i love the images, oh umm since my computers broken i dont get to watch as many animes as i like, but when i do get to borrow sams computer i watch dragonaut oh i love it so cute it is and the romance in it.



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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 5 Nov - 8:43

Aya> Hahaa. Let's keep up the good work then! It's hardly I find a good forum or thread that compels me to write such long posts with some interesting and thoughtful content. Very Happy

Aw. You could've taken your shower or your hot bath Razz first. It's so nice of you to honour your promise like that. Gentlemen are so hard to find nowadays. Sad

Drawing your Katana repeatedly actually sounds fun to me. silent Or maybe it's just because I've never done it myself before. XD Work those biceps, Aya! >D So that you can wow us with your progress sometime. Very Happy
What were you thinking at that point in time? XDXDXD Thank goodness for small bleeding. XD And it's all too well there isn't a scar. A scar on the finger won't be all that sexy anyway. Hahaa.
Oh! That must look so cool! Very Happy

And yea, I know. You've shown me a picture of Kuro before! Razz

Well, we have no riots over here at all. You have to register with the police to stage a protest. And like hell they would ok the application. Razz
Doesn't living among such tense atmosphere make you feel a bit insecure? It's like a riot may break out anytime. o-o
The criminals over your place are smarter to escape the police. XD
Oooh. LOLI! XD (Trying to attract her attention) What's a real riot like? Very Happy
LOL. Getting knocked down by water jets! HAHAHAHAA. That's so damn hilarious! I'm actually imagining people being knocked down like bowling pins. XD

*pokes you in the abbs XD*
Definitely none. Look at the lengths of our posts! XD k, maybe Loli is doing better than us. Razz

Serves that guy right! >D I think 'silent weaklings' if you want to call it that way, are cute. Very Happy There's that alluring aura about them. Like there may be a different side to them underneath it all.
Poking a guy with a stick in the butt sounds a bit wrong. Razz

That's so unfair for you, isn't it? =\ Was the guy who you whacked a victim of your mother's detentions?

Well, true. XD You either start early or finish late. All's fair, eh? XD
Half an hour? You take half an hour to wax your hair? D: That's a long time. o-o

Hey, at least it improved since your schooling days, eh? Very Happy Homework sucks, really. Since it's homework, it should belong at home, shouldn't it? Hahaa.

500?! And how many animes are there out there? Around a thousand plus, I gather. You would've watched half of all animes. O_O

Yeap. And one of my female friends was actually getting emotional over being rejected by a girl. Two years later, the girl went to confess to her. But she already found another partner. And she keeps fangirling about her girlfriend online. Hahaa.
Radioactive babies! >D I'd pick that over Homo/bisexual anytime. At least you're safe from prolonged exposure to radiation from nuclear driven Gundams.

Do European cars cost a lot in Europe? XD It costs so much more over here. My parents are in the same boat as your father was. Hahaa. Their Jaguar is giving them headaches; the gas, the engine keeps making weird noises. Oh, and once, someone stole the Jaguar figure. LOL.
Yea, Japanese cars are easier to maintain. I'm not too sure about Honda since my parents never owned one but they had a Subaru Impreza before this and that car was so smooth moving! Very Happy
It's pretty amazing you can have your own car at 21! Very Happy My math teacher got her first car at 32. Laughing
The Volkswagon Beetle looks cute! One down point is that it's a bit too common. =\

You do? Very Happy Say, like what? That we're tiny? Hahaa! Ever been here before? Very Happy

You'd probably get frustrated just by going into the forums if you were the moderator there. Hahaa. The main point in forums is to have fun and hold discussions, not increasing post counts. XD
It's good that you're staying here. XD I like this place too, so I'm staying here too. Razz

Gosh, A moderator that edits people's posts. That's a good example. It's like putting words into people's mouths.
When you put both their names together, I can't help but scroll down to look at the Alle and Lockon picture. Uke Lockon looks so... Uke-ish-ly lovable! >< Alle looks good too. Razz

No! D: I'm not leaving it to Loli to give me a nickname! She'll say crazy perv for sure. ><

Hahaa. But I always believe that most people are part bi. XD I don't really think that's a problem though. Hahaa. But that's really an insight.
Hm. If guys watch Yaoi, that means I should watch some Yuri too. XD

Well, a game's a game. It's called a game for a reason. Hahaa.

Oh noes. You've just put the image of old men with long hair in my mind. o-o *shakes head* Well, if we change the face of the old men a wee bit.. Hahaa. Some guys are like wine, you know. They look better with age. Very Happy
lol! Let me join in too! To those people who think guys can't have long hair, screw you. You have weird tastes. XD

Reserve a copy of it! Or have it mailed to yout place. Hahaa.
So you get your DVDs in French? I mean, like the regions. XD I have no idea what Region French DVDs are. ^^;;
The good thing about importing Japanese DVDs are that they're faster. Hahaa. It's the fastest you can get it, anyway. Hahaa. And they have really nice goodies too! The first run edition of HandMC's Enrai single (I can never remember the ful name of that song XD) had a half-naked pin up of Athrun. <3 I ordered it immediately when I found out. Razz
I love artbooks! The beautiful art all compiled in a book~!

O-O I don't think Alle would want to watch Tiera getting raped. XD;; (He can just go rape Lockon. Razz Oh noes. My imagination is running wild too. XD)
Kira was more muscled when he was that age! XD Sometimes, I think they emphasized Kira's muscles a bit too much in his bathing scene in Seed. Why would a technical student like him be so well-muscled? XD

Allejulah cosplay? Wink
Tender loving Allejulah.. >///< He looks good on top of Lockon. Very Happy

Don't get me started on Akira and Yuda! I was so amazed by his work with Yuda! I could not tell at first, the masculine voice of Yuda just does not go like Athrun's gentleness and sweetness. But of course, when I listened to it intently, I can hear the hint of Athrun that's so much of Akira in Yuda's voice.
Puppy dog eyes again! D:
*pokes you Razz*
I'll do my best with the translation then. XD

Q1. How do you spend your summers?
A1. I do training with Setsuna (perhaps he means the weights? XD). After which I do some work on Kyrios.
Q2. What's your favourite food?
A2. I eat all sorts of food and I don't have any preference.
Q3. Apart from mechanics, what other things are you good at?
A3. (Alright, this is beyond me, but the katakana reads Mo-no-po-ri.. Monopoly?! ) I won everyone at that.

I'll do the rest tomrrow. Hahaa. A bit lost in Q4. XD;;

Well, his face shape was a bit different. But yea, lovely all the same. XD
As long as it's not his sense of direction that you admire! Razz

Dominance? Whenever I see that word, I think of seme. =-= Seme Rey and uke Shinn... D: D: D:

XD Enjoy the cute towel. I'm keeping it with my Athrun chibi towel. Razz

And here I am to share a fanart I found. Razz No idea if you guys have seen it before, but I love this artist's ability to imitate Hisashi Hirai' style! Look at Athrun being assaulted by girls. XD

*hugs back Very Happy *

Sweaty males.. Oh no, my imagination is off again. >///<
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 5 Nov - 12:38

Ayathrun Himura : Yeaaaah 10 \o/

So the next path are the...20 pages \o/
(With all those long posts and all those Gundam 00 episode it will must be easy Very Happy)

You didn't see it ? Ewww...I spoiled you so...u_u"
But believe me, it was great to see that Very Happy The nice Allelujah and bad...finally I think it will be the yaoi couple...just like Link and Oni Link in Zelda u_u"

If you reminds Yugioh (You must know yugioh, everyone know yugioh xD ) Dark and White Allelujah are simply like the two Bakura, it was fun to see; and Allelujah can only become more interesting (I know you love already him a lot but now...your love to him can only become unlimited ...(Gladly it's only an anime character...you promised Ayathrun don't become an uke...¬_¬ )

Those fanarts are excellent xD That's totally Allelujah xDD
You'll see it episode 5 was definitely one of the better Very Happy And the good thing is that nice and dark Allelujah are both cute, the dark is not cooler that the nice (it's often that situation with the two personnality characters but there it was simply great !)

The episode finished so quickly...
Forget the love story with Lockon, or Tiera, Allelujah already found his big love : himself xD

OMG pink ??? Really ? ahahahaha I saw a girl with pink hair this morning and I was surprised, I had never see it (Blue or green I've seen but pink never) and now you tell me that...so good xD You are brave, even me I could never do that xD
But if you weren't working, after pink, I suppose it will be not so hard to make an orange colour...^^'
Pink must be so cute xD

...Dark Ayathrun and White Ayathrun...your resemblances with your beloved Allelujah is becoming increasingly strong u_u"
It's kinda...scrary...*dipped few steps xp*
But seriously I understand perfectly u_u I am simply just like that too u_u (but me I'm not a samurai...really less dangerous than you when I'm angry )
Dangerous Ayathrun /o\

Just like I said it's not a common passion but finally it's a sort of tunning passion no ?
The designs and all (even if I don't think that tunners are interested by transportation mode tunning)
And cars, you like transform them ?

Ehehehe Yeah I like the design ^^ With sweet curves and all...but I want the final result xp
About the Paris tram I don't know...your city flex reminds me a little the Lyon tram but I haven't see any Paris tram for the moment...Rer and metro is suffisant, when I'm out of the transport stations I prefer to walk (ehehe Paris is so beautiful ^^)
And I've never crossed the way of one of their tram...
...Really a tram professional O_o" Wow...

We are okay...never sunrise will take the time to offer letters (but rumors say that Fukuda received death menace after the end of destiny by the AsuCaga fans...after all he opens maybe letters xD)

(About the summer scans...we'll have certainly some summer fanarts before that...why am I sure they will be yaoi...¬_¬ )

Looooool, The words came without my thinking, but it is true that I have not skimped on the flattery xD But it's true, say an other thing will be a lie no ? u.u
But all those comments will may have to you the same affects that on pretty boys who became uke...they are tired to have fangirls and they are turning towards boys u__u

Thanks Godness, you love compliments ^.^"""

Eeeek you are not the only person who tell me that about boys >_<"" One of my friends tells me the same thing and another tell me that to a guy every women is a potential girlfriend, and if the women aren't his type, every men ...no really...you guys are simply pervert u_u"
Well...we can tell that it's all the nature's fault -.-"

[Compliments mode ON]

Yeaaaaaah ! Just so cute that coincidence (or destiny !)
It was so predictable finally, perfects being couldn't never encounter \o/
With our chance to have our Kira or Cagalli, it was sure, we are simply the best ♫ !

[/Compliments mode OFF]

My grand mother and my favourite uncle have been victime of cancer, and they suffered too...but that sort of suffering is evocated in my religion...it's really complicated to tell but I've choose to believe alone, cause in the holy book I've simply found what I was searching ^.^
But I have too a lot of friends (almots all...what sort of friends are they xDD ) who don't believe and it's not a problem, after all, the differences in thoughts of the humans being are a charm of the world \o/ It will be sad if we were all thinking the same way...^.^
So I can easily understand that people can don't believe ^__^

Your house is so pretty *.* I've never try an online game (I can become really quickly addict and it's no good to me xD) but that pic is just too pretty!
Hehehehe Japanese style Very Happy

Yeah about Athrun and Lacus it was really a fake couple...they looks like children who are playing to adults...adults lovers u_u
Gladly they hadn't a lot of couple moments during Seed -__-"

Ehhhh admit that my position is good too ! After all if guys are perv, I could only found good reasons to explain the fact that they love more and more each other xD
Cause men perversion is unlimited >_<"""


Ehehehehe I want it xD
Ohohoh I've read you want a new nickname ? Crazy perv is not suffisant to you ? ;p

About the fic, I had already read it by the past, but sure it was good...Meyrin seems really hate Cagalli finally xD

And I have another one to give you xD Short too, but so fun


Awwwww thank you my crazy perv >.< he is so hot...even in a small picture like that, he is awesome *_*
With his flower and serious face...Hongrong x Setsuna forever *get out xD*

It was Shinn eyes ? But I've already seen Cagalli with red eyes to show her anger xD
It's the fault of the color yellow behind xD (Shameful ! I confused Shinn-stupid and Cagalli...u_u")

Nina's happy time...poor Euphie u_______u"""""
Yeaaah but about Athrun, everytime he named Cagalli, he named Kira..."I want protect Cagalli, Kira..." and did you reminds the Freedom destruction by Shinn ? With the Archangel ?

He believed that Archangel and Freedom were destroyed and he only tells the Kira name O_o
Cagalli was in the Archangel and he knew that !>_<"
Athrun is really strange sometimes -___-
(And when I think to the Supernova 2, with chibi Athrun and Kira who are telling "Kiraaaa, Athruuun" at the end...that's not really reassuring...u_u")

Piggyhoho rocks ! With her videos and all...and the seed animals xDD
Kira eyes are the better xDD

If everyone die and Suzaku stay alive it will be perfect xD Cause the Kallen x Suzaku will be impossible ♥_♥
Kill Kallen, save her ! xD

Yeah our scholar system is different...to us the start of the year is September...you are most logic than us xD

Oh you seen it !! No Asucaga ! The favourite couple of the saga had no pic !
They want certainely keep the suspense about their relation and prefer put horrible pics of Athrun x Lacus xDD

The film, please >__<

...what's true riots looks like...come to Paris and I'll help you to discover that u_u"

I explain..;Paris, France capital is surrounded by departments glued to the city...and two years ago, our defense minister "insulted" the people living in those departements, often poor or middle class (rich are on Paris u_u)
So almost the youth "bad" guys of those departements decided to become violent and started to broke everything...cars burned, store looted...and it was simply everywher in the parisian region...

And this movement spreads on the entiere country...it was the
Crisis suburbs =)

You have few pics on this video who can help you to imagine u_u

It was impressive...u_u And the minister who provoked that has been voted to be our new president in July...I let you imagine what suburbs will organize soon u_u"""
(Guys can be really really dangerous u___u"""")

So http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=ViV0Hia1RIc

(The song is ironic...singer sings "Sweet France, Dear country of my childhood"...really sweet yeah xDDD )

...that's a french riots xD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 6 Nov - 4:47

Loli> Yes yes. here it is. XD

And since I was scanning that, I scanned the pin up from animage's november issue.

It's for all of us! cheers
I left out the other half since they were all teh females and I don't think anyone here likes the girls. XD

I want one, but not crazy perv! D: Something better? XD

Nah, I don't think her feelings towards Cagalli actually counts as hatred. Hahaa. I'd give her credit for being a nice girl. It just so happens that the man Meyrin likes loves another. Maybe more of a resentment or envy kind of feeling? That's how I feel. Very Happy

That was a funny fic! The last bit was so hilarious! Hahaa! At least I liked Athrun before seeing his naked body. XD

XD I'll look out for more Hongrong pictures for you then! Very Happy
Hongrong X Setsuna? *mental image* D:

XDXDXD If Cagalli's eyes turn red, it probably was flames. Hahaa. Which kinds of tells about Shinn's mood all the time. So he's always angry. XD

lol! Archangel went into the sea! I think Athrun knew that. XD
But when Akatsuki was attacked by Destiny, he went "CAGALLI!" And out pops Strike Freedom. Razz
Asukira probably made the epitome of yaoi pairing in Gundam with that. Hahaa.

Yea, her animal logs are cute. XD Penguin Athrun! How adorable. She did a short strip on interviewing the four characters on their partners. Did you see that one? Hahahaa! I liked how Athrun and Kira stoned at the last bit. Razz

You're so mean! D: But it's ok. I don't mind. Suzaku's my favourite character. Razz

Well, yea, but when we start school over here, you guys are probably having your winter break. XD

The Athrun X Lacus fanfic vorahk posted was so nice and moving that I don't really mind that couple (since we know it's impossible anyway hahaa) Asucaga forever still! Very Happy Very Happy

The film the film! Want to join me and Aya in attacking their workplace if they don't release the film? XD

How did you feel during the riots? o-o Like, did school stop or something? It must be dangerous for you to go out, wasn't it?

Don't females take part in riots? Hahaa.
And I can't view that video. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 6 Nov - 10:00

@ sis:

Thanx ^.^ That's really sweet of you. And remember, I promised you I would some day come up with a topic that would be the biggest one we have ever seen here.
Yes, we do indeed. And as you can see, we're currently rather hyped about Gundam 00. ^^' (especially me about Allelujah XD) Have you already started watching it, despite your broken computer ?

Ah yes, Dragonaut. I watch it too. Nice show indeed. I understand why you like it so much. It's a really cute series. And there is naked male flesh Wink


@ tanth:

Well, I am very pleased to hear that. Next to the RPG, I have to admit that is also the only place where I feel the urge to write such long posts with a real meaningful content. ^^

They are indeed. That's why I'm doing everything I can to be one. And well, it's not a problem that I first replied. The shower wasn't going to walk away. Very Happy Besides, after a nice hot shower, I always feel a bit tired (from the heath), so I probably would've written dumb(er) mistakes/things. ^^

It's because you have never done it before. Very Happy After a while, it gets a bit boring. But like I said, it's very important to know how to draw your katana perfectly. When it comes to speed, mastering the drawing technique can save your life. So these, boring, lessons are very vital.
Lol, I am ! XD And I knew you'd say something like that Razz
I wasn't thinking of anything when that happened ! Very Happy (Loli might be right when she's calling you a perv ^.^). I had a small cramp in my right arm, making it go off track a bit. And since our swords were really touching at the very tips of their blades, it's normal that when my arm moved, the other sword got into my direction ^^'
Well I already have one scar on my finger, so that's enough. And yes, thank goodness it won't leave a big scar like the one on my back, even if it's considered as sexy. Very Happy
You bet our armour plates look cool. Too bad our entire outfit isn't like that. XD

Yeah, but on that one he still had his hair done differently than now. His bangs are shorter since he ties his hair up in a longer and wider tail. Also, like that guy, he has some kick-ass silver striping (only in his pony tail). He got it after his strength rose a level. To think that he used to have shorter black hair two years ago.

It's not as if riots over here are registered. Very Happy
No, it doesn't really scare me, since I live in a smaller city, where there isn't any rioting. If I'd live in Brussel or Antwerpen, then I think I wouldn't say the same.
Lets just say the police over here aren't always the smartest people you can find. And sometimes, they really abuse their power in a total lame way.
Well, I see Loli gave quite a nice reply to what a REAL riot is. Luckily, we haven't had such a bad ones over here yet. Although there were some smaller similar riots at Brussel during that period.
Well it does kinda look that way. These jets are really powerful. I guess it must hurt when you get knocked down by such a massive blow of ice cold water.

Watch out that you don't break your finger, trying to poke my abs. They're like solid rock. Razz
Loli is indeed our champion when it comes to long posts. Go, Loli ! Very Happy

Yeah, besides, he has a really dumb face that almost is crying for people to smack something against it. Very Happy And he shouldn't have poked with that stick in my butt, the pervert !
That's true, but still, I am happy that I'm not the 'silent weakling' anymore that I used to be. It was so bad that I nearly didn't dare talking to anybody. And now look at me ! I'm a PR Manager, I talk till you all go nuts, and I'm in a samurai training class. It's really an amazing transformation I've gone through.

Non of the guys that were in the class together with 'stick-boy' were too fond of my mother and her teaching. But he mainly teased me like hell just because he was jealous that I was in a higher type of class than him.

True. ^^
Well yeah, it takes me half and hour until my hair is washed, dried, brushed and styled. And I have rather soft hair, which since it is long, is tough to get styled properly.

You bet homework sucks. I'm really glad I'm past that period of my life.

500 is just a minimum. If I can, I'll try to watch more. But then again, there will have to be enough series that I find interesting enough to watch. Very Happy

Since we're busy about anime series, and there's already quite some text, let's throw in an image. I've been on Mononoke image hunt again, and I encountered this very nicely drawn one. And I think you girls will like it even more Wink

Wow, that's quite a story. The other girl must have felt stupid, waiting for two years to confess, and then having to see she let her slip away.
Hahahahahah, yeah, I guess we are indeed well fit to pilot nuclear powered Gundams. Still, it's not so nice when people say we act too hyper or have our flaws because of the radiation cloud that passed above Belgium after the explosion. They don't do it much anymore the past years, but when they did, they really made it sound as if we were some freaks.

Depends on what type you buy. There are really cheap ones, like the Dacia Logan. And then of course you have the super expensive ones, like Ferrari, Lamborgini, Aston Martin, Porsche, ... But overall, they cost less for us then they do for you. It's logic. ^^
Oulala, a Jaguar ! Not the cheapest car around Very Happy Yeah, sometimes European cars can be real troublesome. I know somebody who had an Alfa Romeo, and it was more in the garage than he could drive with it.
I can only agree to everybody else who says that Japanese cars are very, very good.
I guess it is. But I got the car from my grandfather, after he stopped driving. What I think is more impressive for somebody of my age, is to have his own company car.
A cute car indeed. Over here, they use them a lot as company promotion cars.

Well I guess that on Gaia, getting a higher post count IS one of the main points of the forum. At least the Chat Lounge. After all, the site staff tells everybody they can earn gold easily by posting in the forum. So that's why the place is flooded with 'Bump for gold' topics. Still, I prefer forums like this one billions of times more. What you write here at least has a meaning, AND you get replies !

Or even worse ! I once posted a gallery comment on Minitokyo. It was for a scan that replaced one of mine. So I said "Nice scan, blablabla ... Thanks for sharing, blablabla ... Too bad though it means another scan I had to lose." The scan had been posted by a moderator. By the next day, when I returned, my post had already been modified. I edited it to make it back the way it was. AND, the next day, it was gone ! I was really Mad (stupid MT moderators ! Acting like God)

Yeah, that pic of Alle and Lockon is really funny. The look on Lockon's face ! And Alle looks as if he's surprised by what he's doing there, sitting on top of Lockon.
Allelujah has become THE ultimate Double 0 seme after episode 5. I think we won't see him much in uke situations anymore, unless his dark side is the seme and his normal one the uke.

Hmm, yeah. You're right. Knowing her ... XD

Time for another image in between massive blocks of text. Tied up Medicine Seller. To let the imaginations here go wild Very Happy XD

Yes, it's generally proven that everybody is part bi. But I think that when it comes to fantasising about having sex with somebody of the same gender, we males are on the top of the list. ^^'
You could try it out yes. Very Happy

Yep, true. XD

I did ?! o.0 Well it surely wasn't my intention to. ^^' And still, I prefer being a rather young wine. Very Happy
That's the spirit ! If they keep nagging, we'll start a riot ! XD

I'd have to look up if I can. Maybe when the stock is out, I could still order one at the FNAC.
DVD's here are zone2. I can't play zone1 DVD's (American), without switching my player. And even then, it causes trouble.
We can't really complain about the fast arrival of series. Rather 'young' series like GSD, Air Gear and .hack//ROOTS are already available.
HAHAHAHAHAH. I can clearly imagine you did when you found out ! XD
Yes, artbooks are awesome. I have some really nice ones. I especially like my Samurai Deeper Kyo one.

Hmm yeah, I agree that Allelujah isn't the type to go watch somebody getting raped (unless when his second personality is in charge). Besides, he's too cool for such a thing to do Razz
I don't think Kira was all THAT muscled. They just put some emphasis on his muscles during that shower scene as pure fan service. Besides, your muscles get more emphasised when your body is wet.
Generally, I'd say that Setsuna is more muscled than Kira was at his age. When you look at Kira when he was in bed at Lacus' place after the fight with Athrun, he looked far from muscled.

I felt rather soon that Yuda and Athrun have the same seiyuu, especially the moments that Athrun speaks slowly. Akira has this typical tone that you can recognize easily.
After hearing Allelujah's voice longer now, and of course now knowing the link, I must say that there are some moments you can recognize Gai. But they are very rare. Gai and Allelujah are way too different from each other.

cheers the puppy dog eyes worked ! (again Very Happy)
The answers are exactly what I expected Allelujah to reply, except for the Monopoly. Training during summer ! Maybe we'll get to see some summer scenes or images of Allelujah training. That'd be cool !

See ! I was right after all that the shape of his face looked a bit different. But it's like you said, no big deal. Very Happy
No, that is something about him that I don't really admire all that much. XD Next to that, he's really cool. Especially when he gets upset.

I HAVE seen some images already of seme rey and uke Shinn ! Uke rey too (Gilbert being the seme of course).

I will ^^ And Rolling Eyes (naughty thoughts)

Nope, that image is new to me. And I must say it's really cute ! Hahah, just look at all those girls taking a picture of Athrun. Poor Athrun. It can be tiring, being popular and good looking.

So, your imagination goes wild about sweaty males ?! ... XD

Then I hope some non-sweaty episode 5 Lockon is fine as well Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 6 Nov - 11:20

Tanth I love you *____*

Setsuna is really hot, it help me to forget that Hongrong was only on a small pic...u_u"""

Awww I love the first pic on this scan, when in the op he is trying to catch Marina...beautiful opening Very Happy
Yeah the last one is all for us...But Setsuna is the better (Mwahahahahahahahahaha) and the bigger xD
It's so good to have the hero as your favourite *__* (and a secondary character too...u_u")

Why don't you like carzy perv ?
Perv is a natural thing and crazy is fun...you are a natural funny girl...my explanation is void I admit xD

Oh I remember, you are lazy too ! (I don't forget the "Lolipopo is too complicate xD") So why not...lazy crazy perv !
*Run far far far away*
Lazy, crazy...Lacrazy ! xD Two in one \o/

Oh I think that Meyrin isn't really in love with Athrun...she sees him like an hero and she is impressive...mayble her first love but not the big;

So about Cagalli I don't think that in the anime she has really some resentment to her...but in that fic sure, Meyrin seems really have feelings to Athrun ^^"

Heheheh Meyrin will be better with Vino that with Athrun (Do you remember ? The mechanic who were jokink with Youlan about the tight clothes and the Meer's boobs u__u"" )

They have cute haircut so they will be good together xD (With Auel too ! Auel was really cute as character, but they didn't devellop ...-__-)

You see, it was hilarious xD And true !

So nice !! Hongrong forever *.* But as I said as secondary character...I must wait the scan with Wang, when she'll be there, he'll be there too ! è_é

Nooooooo !
No mental image it was a bad joke xDD
I don't want yaoi...u__u And not with my favourite...-__-"

Lool That's it for sure !
About Shinn with friends we named him "red orangina"...I don't know if in your country that publicity exist but when I was young a pub about a drink had a bad character, totally red and slogan was "orangina red, why is he so villain ?"...it's totally Shinn so u_u"""

No Athrun didn't know about the Archangel he was scared when he said "Archangel...Kira...KIRAAAAAAA"
He is in love with Kira -___-
But it's a good thing...cause Cagalli is Kira's twin and she has the same face xD
And since Athrun isn't gay and that Cagalli has Kira's face...he loves her Very Happy
Call me Sherlock Holmes, It was elementary xDD

(I stop my delirium I stop...I try to stop xp)

Yeaaah I see the interviews ! xD It was so cute, Athrun who was thinking Cagalli could think to him like an eagle...a pinguin...after all it's too a sort of bird u_u"
Her doujinshi about the haunted house was great too xD

...Suzaku is your favourite Character ???? No it's impossible O_O Not Suzaku, don't tell me that xD
I hate him -___- He is just so...so...so ...(I can't found the english words xD)

But at the end of the season he was class...with his killer eyes facing to Lelouch...(But I was simply cause at this moment I hated Lelouch...as he said to Kallen he used her...moron >_<)

Yeah about school that's it ^^ And soon Christam holidays...it's too long u_u)

About Athrun x Lacus I have already read a fic about them, in french, and after all I never tryed anymore...
Athrun was a bitch with Cagalli in that fic cause he started to have feelings for Lacus...I supposed that all fics about them aren't too bad that this one but as you said Asucaga forever !

I prefer definitely read fics about them and with their success, in fanfiction.net, we have a lot of choice Very Happy

During the riots ?...Humm you know, even if it's not really intelligent to act like this, most are acting like this to protest so, they don't attack people...

So we aren't really in danger...but on the other hands there are too guys who are acting like that (generally theyr are the one who burns store and all...) just to advantage of the situation and there, it's better to stay away from them...

Cause if you are a boy they can easily racket and kick you and if you are a girl...I let you imagine -_-
Durings those periods it's better to avoid the danger zones u_u

And girls aren't acting during certains riots like the one of 2005 ^^
As I said, guys can be really dangerous ...during the more temperates riots yeah, we are participating but not when the very very bad guys are out xD

And we must go to school yeah xD
France is a revolutionary country so if we must stop to live when there are riots, it will be really problematic Very Happy

It's not soo dangerous u_u It could be but we know where we musn't go ^.^ (It's complicate to explain, come in France !>_<)

There is another video u_u"

This one is most calm, so it's possible to see it xD

And this one is the night of our president election...Sarkozy is just like Bush in USA and in France, Bush isn't really loved so...

[url] http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=gd9Kwgm_18w[/url]
But it's calm, most intersting videos aren't allowed to the minor u_u

And what are you talking about >.< The film will be realeased !
It's sure *__*
If they don't yeah I join you >_<
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 6 Nov - 12:25

@ Loli:

Yep, let's try to get this topic a 20 page one. That sure would be an impressive accomplishment for a smaller forum like this.

Nah, no problem about the spoiling. It made me look so much forward to the episode. And O M G ! It was really FABULOUS ! It was even so much better than I had dared dreaming. So beautiful ! *tears of joy*

The quality was back on the same awesome level as the first 3 episodes. *sigh of relief* The graphics were really great this time. To me, this truly was the best episode so far, and not only because it had so much Allelujah in it. Very Happy Well, that did make is very enjoyable for me, as die-hard Alle fan. ^^

Allelujah's other side is indeed really cool, despite being rather evil. What a grin ! And who'd ever guessed Alle being such a dirty talker ('bitch' and 'you piece of shit'). Very Happy
I agree, he remains equally cool, no matter what personality is at the upper hand. I do have to say that I like his hair more this way, flipped to the left side (from his point of view). Mainly because the smaller bang is bigger (^^'''') than the other way round. And yellow eyes suit him really good too. I must admit though that I was sort of glad when he got back to normal again. ^^

I've become an even bigger fan of him now. bounce Just like you had predicted ! ^^
I loved it when he yelled "Kyrios". So cool >.< And we had a nice view on Kyrios transforming, and its design.
The Saji - Louise moments were so darn cute. I love this couple. And Marina looked really great in that outfit. I hope to see her more dressed like that. It really fits her.
What I hated about this episode was Tieria's attitude at the end. Stupid arrogant shemale ! But Sumeragi-sama's reply to him was awesome. Very Happy

Allelujah did indeed remind me of Bakura. He also reminded me of Agito/Akito from Air Gear. But this is the first time I really like a character with such strong split personality. I think we're in for a lot of 'wow' the upcoming episodes. Can't wait for the 6 to arrive. But what's with Alle sitting in that isolation room ?! He looks so depressed Sad This better not be Tieria's idea, or else I'll kick his female butt Mad

As a little break from all this text, some episode 5 Setsuna.

And some Hong Rong to please your fan heart ^^

I'll keep the Allelujah screenshots for the end of this post. ^^

Well, sometimes, I still don't know why I actually said yes to that bet. I guess I wanted to know if I dared doing a thing like that. And I must say that the betting reward was quite the motivation too Very Happy ... 250 euros Razz
After having it pink, orange would indeed be less of a big step. But with work, I'll have to stick to orange shirts for the moment. I'm btw wearing an orange (it's more soft ochre though) sweat. But that just aside. ^^

I agree that it's indeed becoming a bit scary. I already told tanth, that I even have similar wrist bands like the ones Allelujah is wearing. Mine are a bit darker. I'm still unable though to get my hair have the same flips like Allelujah, but at least I'm trying. Razz
HAHAHAHAH, dark and white Ayathrun. XD And yep, I'm more dangerous than you are Very Happy

It's indeed not a common passion. Tuning ? ... Well, in certain way yes I guess, since I give the buses I modernize new design mirrors, stylish airco units, a new interior, a new engine (I even move the engine room from the back to the middle), new displays. I even gave some buses a partially new look.
As for cars, no. I don't tune cars or am all that much passioned about. I'm more thrilled about all vehicles that weigh more than 5 tons Very Happy

Patience my dear, patience. ^^ A new tram isn't designed in just a finger click. The design for my Vario DE high speed diesel freight locomotive took me 3 years to complete !
Yes, most of my ideas are based on a fluid curve pattern. Edgy lines can be a nice touch sometimes (for front light modules, eg.), but I mainly use curved forms.

This new tram line (T3) isn't really in the centre of Paris, so that's why you might not have seen the new Citadis trams yet. Here's a pic of them:

What I like about these trams are the front light modules. The white stripes below the red lights are cool. They're like the borders below the eyes that some anime-style demons have.
And here's how the new T4000 trams for our capital look like.

Yes, I've heard about these rumours. I think they open letters, have a quick look what it's about, and as soon as they see it's just some fan asking for something they throw it away immediately.

Yes, summer fanarts. And I sure hope they won't all be yaoi ones. Just some normal beach scenery would be nice. ^^

You surely didn't ! Very Happy I must've been as red as a tomato. XD And that's good, ne, that all those words came so spontaneously. Actually, that's really flattering too.
Don't worry. Flattering won't turn me into an uke. Actually, I like it very much when females tell me flattering things. I guess that too makes me a rare male species Very Happy ^^' heheheh.
No uke'ness for me. If people want to use me for a yaoi story, they better make sure that I'm the seme Twisted Evil Razz (that was my dark side at word Very Happy).

Yep, that's basically what it means to be a man. Although there is of course a lot of bluffing. I think that the 'every girl is a potential girlfriend' is a bit blown up. At least I don't fantasise about every girl I know. And be assured, there still are plenty enough to stop me from having to fantasise about men ! ^^

I couldn't agree any more with that ^^

That's cool how you do believe in religion, after that happening. I for one shouldn't be able to do so (see, I'm not always so strong !). All of us must die one day or another, but I find it somehow cruel that good people like my grandfather and aunt, and so many others, have to die in such a painful way. There are just too many messed up things in this world for me to believe in any God. (like children getting murdered or raped)
Yes. If that would be the case, we would be nothing more than cattle. Everybody believes in what he/she wants, and that is indeed a charm of the world.

Awww, thanx ^.^ I'm so glad you like it. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. It's both cosy and design, both classic and modern at the same time. And I really wanted to create a warm feeling. Also the Japanese touch HAD to be included.
But I'm most proud about the light 'towers' and the way I placed them. I surely wouldn't mind turning my room that way. Very Happy

Athrun and Lacus as a couple looked indeed like two children playing 'happily married couple'. It just seemed so wrong and fake from the very start. I was really happy too about the lack of AsuLacu moments (it even sounds wrong ! ><).

I admit Smile

Ok, as promised, Allelujah screenshot flood Very Happy Here we go !

This part was really awesome ! Very Happy

He looks so kick-ass here. And just look at that perfect body ! I'll have to work a bit more on emphasizing my hips more, after seeing the way his are. Very Happy

Love his hair this way. But dang, it's hard to do it the same way in real life ! ><

Naughty thoughts ? XD

Once again, I LOVE the hair ! ^^

"Kyrios !"

Always nice to see him smile. ^^

Sorry for the massive amount of Allelujah pics. But as his number one fan, I felt it was my duty to do this.

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Master Chief Petty Officer

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 6 Nov - 16:21

Ayathrun : It's possible ! Looks,with you, me, Tanth and Vorakh, this topic became really active ! And now, with Kai and maybe others people who could return or discover this forum it could be just like here in others forum sections ^^

I KNEW IT ! You love him ! (It was easy I admit ^.^)
You see, he was awesome Very Happy
Eheheh so the subbed version is out, I was waiting yesterday but nothing >_<

About Tiera (Ahahaha you dislike him too !(her ?), it's because you know that yaoi fanatics see him like Allelujah's lovers ?...Or simply cause it's shameful to be so selfish and arrogant (and so girly xD) ?
He is simply irritating at the end...Did you see his reaction ? Everyone helped Allelujah , even Setsuna who seems so cold, but Tiera...no he is just able to criticate >_<
I hate this type of person, I hope really he has good reasons to act like this >_<

About the preview I don't think it's Tiera idea but simply a punishment...after all he acts without orders and as a member of celestial being, he msut be just like a militar...and when a militar disobey he must be punish u.u

He seems really sad it's true >_< Poor Allelujah, with his two personality...he must be a character quite tortured
Let's hoping, soon he'll found a girl who could be assuage his suffering ^_^

This episode was impressive ne ? Very Happy Allelujah was awesome and he saved Louise and Saji \o/ (Go Saji !Become a pilot to protect Louise !)
It's true that design was good, but even episode 4 design was a little less good to me the problem was the lack of action so...
There it was simply perfect \o/

Oh yeah you see that ! Marina was really class, a true modern princess ^^
And Wang is continuing to change clothes every episode ! It's the first character that I see in an anime who is changing so much time !
I'm ready to bet she has most clothes that card captor Sakura \o/
So cute !

Ow thanks to the pics xD
Setsuna during his training it's simply...a feeling impossible to express in english Very Happy (Whoaaaaa xD Quel canon !)
And Hongrong always so hot, even during 5 secondes, even it he is just standing...he is simply perfect u.u
Go Hongrong express your true personnality ! Kiss Wang ♥ (I want this couple xp)

Hey...On the screen dark Allelujah seems more scary that in the anime...
I had seen his yellow eyes and his scary face but there...whoa...xD
Looool your comments, "naughty thoughts" : He is a man after all xD !
About the hair....I can only dirige you towards...a gel tube u_u"

I prefer the nice one The Dark seems too scary to me \o/ Lol I didn't realize all those injuries Very Happy

White Allelujah is so cute with the hotess and with others people...I wonder wiy he had two personnality...I believed that Tiera was the only one who was victim of experience...But after all we don't know a lot of things about them >_<

250 euros...okay I understand better O_o To a price like that I'll be able to cosplay Lacus Clyne so I understand better why you try that color ^.^

About trams you posted, I prefer definitely the belgic tram, the one which seems circulate in Paris seems to me too "archaïc" >_<
Even if as you said the front with borders isn't bad (demon eyes...the worst is that it's true ¬.¬ ) but I don't like the form
(I explain that quickly in french cause in english it will be too complicate for me...If anyone wants understand I'll try to translate >_<")

Le truc qui me gène c'est que la forme en générale me semble trop "carré", avec les couleurs et la forme de l'avant qui part en courbe mais se bloque comme pour former un angle ça me gène (n dirait que ça va se terminer façon avion mais au final ça devient littéralement plat), je préfère largement quand c'est fait de courbes ça fait direct design plus aérodynamique si j'oses dire...

I prefer the second cause even if the form isn't like I love, it seems more like a bus, and the result isn't too disorderly that the other...it's uniform and better ^^
A pic of Lyon tram, see, design is softer that the other ^^ That's cause I like your designs, It's the same sort of way, more futurist with curves...

It looks like an earthworm ne ? u__u Eeeek >_<""
But irl, Lyon tram are really beautiful ^.^

Now that you show me our parisian trams I'm sure to continue to walk >_<"

Yeaah you say that about women but you admit you have already fantasize about men >_<
I prefer be sure xD
I imagine it's flattery...and you can't imagine how much...cause I'm really not the type of person who likes flattering people...u_u"
Maybe cause I'm watching to much anime and that for me now, everyone is ugly u.u"

So when one person is really beautiful or cute or anything else, I can only say that xp
And an Athrun Allelujah Himura is truely rare :Þ!
Oh it's not a question to be strong or not...everyone has his own interpretation of things of the life ...it's dependant of our own experience that's all ^.^

About your house, The warm feelings is really present ! Ehehehe I guess that the cold winter night it must be really comfortable ...Snow outside and inside welfare *.*
Ahahaha when it will snow in Paris I will dream of that piece >.<
And security too ! It's pretty, pleasant and warm...the perfect piece ^.^ (With a BIG tv to watch anime ...Sure I'm in love with a virtual house xD)

And Yeah, AsuRaku it wasn't good u.u Not good at all...
After all Athrun is good only with Cagalli and Lacus...(Urgh...it's difficult to tell that...I'm a KiraxFllay supporter...xD)...with Kira u.u
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 6 Nov - 17:44

I started watching Death Note, I think it's an okay series. I absolutely love L though XP.
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   

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The newest anime you are watching
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