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 The newest anime you are watching

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Lieutenant Commander

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 7 Nov - 9:45

*takes a deep breath* Here we go! XD

Aya> Yeap, really nice place we have here. Kudos to the admin and you mods for giving birth to this place! XD cheers

You'll be very popular (ok, maybe you already are Razz ) with the ladies when you have a gentleman attitude! Very Happy Ladies are suckers for those. Hahaa.
Aw. What you've written were never dumb. I look forward to reading your (and the other members too, of course XD) posts everyday. I think I'm addicted to this forum. Hahaa.

I have a wooden katana though! Very Happy Maybe I'll try drawing it over and over. Hahaa. True. Which reminds me of the fluid way Kenshin draws his katana. Very Happy Practise till you reach his level, Aya! >D
Am I so predictable? Razz
Oy! I resent that! D< Hahaa. Cramp from all the blade-drawing practices? Razz
Sexiness up points are good. Very Happy Risking a little pain for that won't hurt. The rewards they bring > the pain. Razz
Well, like you've said, too much armour would be too heavy. XD

Oooh. He changed his hairstyle now? XD Silver striping eh? Giving him what you can't have? Hahaa!
*pats Kuro's tail Very Happy*

Exactly. How do you think registering for a riot will ever work? Hahaa.
Oh yea. You never saw a real riot before too. Hahaa.
Abuse of power? Won't they like, get into trouble with their higher-ups? How do they abuse their power anyway? o-o
Yeap, Loli provided a very good account. Very Happy
The mental image continues to haunt me. Hahaa.

Solid rock abs! Reminds me of Petros from Trinity Blood. XD
cheers for Loli! XD

And nobody else did? XD Damn pervert, really. The butt of all places.
I can't imagine you being like that! lol! What with all the long posts here. Hahaa! What caused the change? Something traumatic happened to you? o-o

Oooh. Yea, I understand. Hahaa. Those people have inferiority complex. XD

Yea, soft hair is indeed very difficult to style. XD
Speaking of jobs, my aunt found one for me and my cousin. o-o Some data-keying for charity. And work starts at 9 in the morning! D: D: D:

You make me envious. Razz

And you complain about not having enough free time! Hahaa. If you can watch that many animes, you have more free time than all of us!

Yes indeed. Girls love this kind of images. XD It makes my fangirl heart happy. Very Happy

Hm, yeah. Wishy-washy people. XD
It was just a mere coincidence that the explosion took place! What has it got to do with people born in your year? Those people are a bit too touchy. XD

Of course. Hahaa. I never heard of Dacia Logan before. We don't have that over here. o-o
I guess so. XD Now that's an exxagerated way of saying it! Hahaa. It's not that awful a car, is it? I don't know anyone (or anyone's parents for that matter hahaa) who owns an Alfa Romeo. Ok, maybe a teacher in school. But it's not like I talk to teachers about their cars. XD
A company car.. How does that really work, actually? Hahaa. Is it something like the company buying cars for people in their managerial positions?
We have more of Volvos for company promotion cars over here.

Yeap. Posts full of crap are not even worth reading. Hahaa. It's not good for brain development. Razz Don't those moderators there fear for their server or something? Hahaa. Having so many spams slows the server a goddamn lot. We do our best to reply to everyone. XD

I hate people like that. Editing people's posts are like an infringement of copyright. HAHAHAA. Didn't you complain to the moderator about that?

The look on Lockon's face was priceless. Alle was probably in his other-self when he got above Lockon! Hahaa. Hey cool! Alle has an uke and seme side! More pleasure for the partner. Razz


Hahaa! And to counter that, I've a tied-up Athrun.

Guys fantasize more about sex, be it with a female or another male, than females. Hahaa. Remember Claymore? Guys don't become claymores because of their lust or something. Razz

XD Wipe off that expiry date label. Hahaa.
Oh nono. I need a permit to start a riot here. Razz

Why didn't you get a multi-coded DVD player? o-o They're better! You don't have to worry about codes when you buy DVDs. XD
Hahaa. Yea. We get GSD over here already too. And Airgear's showing on cable, so not much to complain about too. Except for the quality of subs. Damn the company that releases them.
XD It was so worth it. Hahaa.
Samurai Deeper Kyo! One manga that I keep telling myself to read but haven't really gotten down to it. Razz

He can just bag a lday to enjoy it for himself. No need for voyeurism. Hahaa.
Kira is definitely not that muscled. That's why I went "Is that Kira?!" when I first saw that scene. Not because I'm more of a fan of Athrun than Kira, but I really doubt that Kira would be more well-muscled than Athrun. Athrun's a soldier who received proper military training. Kira did not.
Well, given that Setsuna trains with Alle... XD

Yeap, he does. Which makes me fangirl over his voice. Hahaa. His voice when he spoke to the children in the first episode gave it away.
Hahaa! A person can't change his voice that much anyway. There should be some similarities here and there. XD

XD You and your puppy eyes.
Yea, the Monopoly bit didn't make sense. Razz Half naked and sweaty training too. Very Happy

Seiran is still Seiran. XD
When he gets upset with Shuuei. Hahaa! XD

Gil. Agh. Their relationship really bothers me. Hahaa.

Naughty thoughts? You're a perv too! XD

I'd join in the paparazzi. Very Happy

There's something alpha male about sweaty guys. Hahaa. Ok, to be exact, I love wet guys. Athrun when he was escaping from ZAFT totally flipped my fangirl heart. XD

I love how smug he looks in the first one. Hahaa.
The last one is totally sweet too! <3

Yes, non-sweaty Lockon works good for me. Hahaa.

Phew. That took me a long time to type. I'd reply to Loli and the others tomorrow. And probably bring along some scans of Newtype's novmeber issue to compensate Loli. Setsuna, right? Hahaa. There's cg too. Very Happy I'll scan them for you tomorrow, I promise. It's 1am over here and I need my bed. T-T
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 7 Nov - 14:53

@ Loli:

Yes, I'm pretty sure we will be able to reach the 20 pages. After all, we got pretty fast from 10 to 11 ... although it's mainly because of all the images we've posted Very Happy But Razz to that. ^^

How could I not love this wonderful episode, filled with so much Allelujah goodness ! ^^ Very Happy
Yes, the HD subs by Nyoron are out. The less good quality was out sooner, and since I couldn't wait any longer, I watched that one first. And even with the less good quality of the sub, I was already impressed. The HD, that I downloaded a couple of hours later, was really awesome.

That is one reason why I'm far from a Tieria fan. Although that after episode 5, Allelujah is safe about his place as a seme. Very Happy
Tieria seems like an emotionless heap of flesh and blood. The way he reacted to Allelujah and Sumeragi's reaction was really so lame ! Who the hell that shemale thinks he is ?! He acts like some superior being. Tssss. His reaction really made me Mad Nobody insults my beloved Allelujah !
Yes, that was really cool how even Setsuna helped. I was sure Lockon would, but seeing Setsuna help too was a pleasant surprise.
What I hope, is that Tieria simply gets very little airing time, like in ep5.

I agree that he disobeyed the orders. Still, what Alle did is really very admirable. After all, if it weren't for him, over 200 people, and possible some more down on earth would have died. No, Allelujah is a real hero, and I hope he will eventually get the proper reward and respect he deserves !

Yes, it really breaks my heart seeing him looking so sad. If it wouldn't seem wrong for a guy doing so, I would enclose him in my arms to comfort him. Actually, I think there's nothing wrong for a male to do so with a person he cares about a lot, even if it's another male. Yeah, what the heck ! >< *goes comforting Allelujah*
Having a split personality like that sure must be hard to live with. His good side fighting to take back control. And then these memories from when he was drifting in space. It sure must be tough for him. Once again, when we got to see the very first images of him some months ago, I never would have expected Allelujah to have such a complex personality.
Yes, maybe some love could cheer up his heart. ^^

I agree 500% that this episode was really impressive. It's been a while that I've been sitting so excitedly watching an anime episode. Allelujah simply was top class ! *high fives with Alle, and you too*
Yeah, that was great how he saved Saji and Louise. And speaking of, I have a feeling these two will always end up in troubles some way or another. I mean, they did both fell off the edge during the tour outside. But they're so cute ^.^
The 5 was indeed a good action packed episode, even without all thát much MS fighting. It was indeed 'perfect' Razz

Marina looked really pretty in her modern outfit.
Yeah, I noticed that too. I have this feeling we'll get to see her in an another dress every episode. And that's really great, since in my opinion, one of the biggest flaws of anime is the lack of different clothes. Characters wearing the same outfit during the entire series over and over again seems so wrong.

You're welcome. I knew I could please you with some sweaty Setsuna and less sweaty Hong Rong. Very Happy
They use that expression in English too. ^^ 'A real canon'. And yes, Hong Rong is always so top class, even if we only get to see him for just a couple of seconds an episode.
Hong Rong x Wang would be so awesome ! >.< I too want to see them end up as a couple ! XD

Yeah, dark Allelujah looks indeed more scary on a picture, than in the anime itself. But then again it's logic. In the anime, these scenes are all very short, so it's only on a non-moving image that you truly see the scary part of him at full glory. ^^
Glad you like my screenshots and comments. ^.^ Yep, naughty thoughts indeed. XD Admit, it really looks as if he's thinking about something real nasty. Very Happy
I already tried with gel, and even then it still looks ... not right. ^^' I guess I'll have to continue training on my brushing technique, or use some very fine hair spray.

Yes, I also still prefer nice Allelujah over dark Allelujah. His tenderness and softer voice are more appealing.
Injuries ? ^^'

I'm asking myself that question too. Maybe Allelujah was also part of the perfect soldier project. If he has nano machines in his body too, maybe they are the ones causing him to swap personalities. But who knows, maybe some other dark secret might be connected to our beloved Gundam Meister.

My friend really thought I wouldn't do it, that's why he came up with that really high price. But man, was he shocked when I arrived at school with pink hair. At first he thought it was a wig, but you should have seen his face when he pulled my hair and saw I actually dyed it. Priceless ! Very Happy XD

Not looking at the fact they drive over here and were built here, but I too think the T4000 look better. I still love the 'demonic eyes' of the Paris trams, but the T4000's have so much nicer design details.

The Paris Citadis looks indeed too edged at several points, and I think that the nose going down so deep towards the ground makes it loose a lot of its streamline. Still, it's much better looking than the design for the new trams at Reims.

It sure is nice how they were able to integrate the looks of a champagne glass in the design for the nose section, and when you look it from a pure design state of view, it's a really impressive and dared project. Still, I prefer the more 'fluent' look for a tram. But edginess is THE new trend in public transport designs. The new generation of buses is getting more edgy again too. But then again, how long will this trend last ?!

I didn't base my design on the Lyon Citadis though. ^^ It's remarkable how people think the Lyon trams look more modern than newer types of Citadis trams, despite the fact they already drive for more than 5 years.

HAHAHAHAH ! That's the first time I hear somebody call a Lyon tram an earthworm. XD
From that angle it does look a bit like an earthworm. But when you look at it from a nearly side angle, I (and other tram fanatics) think the Lyon Citadis looks more like the snout of a dolphin.

They were btw the first type of Citadis trams with a custom design.

XD And it's better for your health as well. ^^

Yes, I already fantasised about men. But when you compare it to the fantasising about women, it's pretty puny.
Really ?! Oh my. So I am one of the few persons you can flatter ?! I think I feel a blush coming this way ... Yep, there it is ! Very Happy
Yeah, anime does that to you. One of the reasons why I started working so hard on my looks was due to all those good looking anime males. They made me feel frustrated. So I decided to join them instead. And it worked, since people often say I look like an anime character (especially now with the Allelujah look). ^^

Quote :
So when one person is really beautiful or cute or anything else, I can only say that xp
And an Athrun Allelujah Himura is truely rare :Þ!

^.^ !!!!!!!!!! That was really sweet.

Yeah, that's true. And even though I can be a pretty tough cookie at samurai training, I'm actually bit of a softy deep inside. Kinda like Allelujah. Tough looks, gentle personality. (let's forget about his dark side for now)
I think I sometimes expect too much from this world, and the life I have, which makes me think so much about all the things that go wrong and all the cruelties.

That was also part of my intentions when I made my little house. A nice warm place during cold times, and a place where you can completely relax after a long hard day. After all, my little character is a demon fighter, so his days outside fighting are long and tiring. Here's how my 'Gaia'n me' looks like:

Ain't he cute ? ^^


@ tanth :

I'll reply to your post on Friday. I'm going to bed now, 'cause I'm a bit worn out from pumping up the good old muscles at gym tonight. I won't be able to reply tomorrow, 'cause I have a late night work reunion at work. Gomen ne.

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Master Chief Petty Officer

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Thu 8 Nov - 14:56

Ayathrun: It's sure ! After all, this topic is about the newest anime and there are always news anime...if one topic can really stay alive a long time on this forum, this one is the chosen ;p

And the pics are part of a forum so...ahahaha let's go ! 20 page, here we go !

This episode was destined to the Allelujah's fan sure ^.^
But the next...ahahaha he seems sad, I guess your fan heart will be broken u.u

Tiera acts only like a celestial being (superior being is inferior to him xD) and since he is really similar to Wufei we can easily imagine that he has his own vision of the justice...and to him, act like Allelujah (and all the crew...-_-") wasn't correct...
I hope really he'll have a good development cause there, he's been unbearable.

Setsuna seems less cold that was Heero to the start of Wing , I admit that I was surprise too...But after all, they know aldready each other in the group, so even if he is not really a kind of friend to the pilot he stays a comrade ^^
And finally, even if he doesn't speak a lot, he has never been really bad with the other guys...it was predictable finally u.u

About the heroic act of Allelujah...one thing was strange...did you notice that the firing of the Kyrios is left from the Earth and that he succeeds to achieve his target which was in the space O_o
I don't know if the Kyrios is very accurate or if it's not a little abused xD

The scene was good but ...maybe a little too incrdible :p

Nooooo ! Don't go comforting Allelujah ! xD
It's bad you're a man stay away from him >__<"

Wait that he find his girlfriend and he'll be okay xp
He has a darkside who knows if Dark Allelujah (with his naughty thoughts xD) doesn't like touch other guys *_*
Avoid the risk è_é

About his girlfriend...it seems that he is connect to the white hair girl...she is not really pretty but maybe interesting u.u
I'm sure that Saji will have an important role after *_* He knows Setsuna, he seems really intelligent...he reminds me a little Kira ^^

Wang and her news clothes...finally I wonder if the producer are really wrong when the characters keeps always the same clothes cause when I see the fanart about her...she is always, always wearing her japanese dress...

But that's certainly cause almost were ecchi fanarts -_-"
That's pity cause if those draws weren't too exagerate, they are really beautiful u.u

(And why she is always only >_< I want Hongrong with her or simply Hongrong fanarts >_<")
\o/ Yay, another fan to that pairing \o/ He is always with her, it's impossible that she hadn't see that his bodyguard is...a real canon Very Happy

Heheheh about Gundam 00 I've made a dream about xD And it was strange cause it was too linked to your trams u_u"""
(Certainly cause I answer when it's late the night -__-")

I was with someone that I don't remember in a tram (but at the interior, it was more like a TGV, with table and a lot of space between the seats...)
And behind me were sitting, face to face, Wang and Hongrong...
The dream was really long and I don't remember of all, only that you and Tanth were present (yeah even if I didn't know her face she was here u_u" I'm an oracle >_<") and a lot of people that I know...

Finally the only thing that I remember clearly is that it was soon the end of the journey and I lifted my seat while the person sitting in front of me telling "don't go, it's not correct !" u_u"... I went next to their table and at this moment, the tram has suffered a shock and I fell >_<
Since I'm not lucky, I am not fallen on Hongrong (Tsss even when I sleep this can't happen -__-') but on the ground.

And there, just like a basic instinct I've catch his ponytail and I woke up Very Happy
And my last remember is that his hair were sweet ^___^ really nice touch :p

It's a crazy dream no ? u.u" It's not the first time that I dream about anime characters but this time, it was too connect to this forum ^^"
A true delirium ^.^"""

(Hehehehe I dreamed about my favourite I'me a true fangirl \o/)

To return to the subject I can't believe that you already tryed with gel...Allelujah's haircut doesn't seems so complicate u.u
Maybe it was not a good gel u__u

I can imagine the surprise of your friend...but he is crazy...250 Euros it will must be too attractive xD

Reims ? They create trams to Reims ? u.u
But I lived one year to Reims, it's not a really big city and there wasn't tram...
But those are great Oo Reims is a grey and sad city, those colorful mode of transportation could only be a good thing xD
Those trams seems really futurist, the design and the color...really out of our time ...it seems they are there to make a space travel \o/

I know that you didn't base yours on Lyon trams; Despite the curves, they aren't really similar ^^
But just like those trams, yours seems more futurist...and it's strange that they seems more recent yeah...ahahaha it's certainly cause the designer were more inspirate that those from Paris or from Belgium u.u

Futurist trams are simply the best \o/ Lyon and Reims trams are great *_*
Hey with the pics you put, it's no more an earthworm (but one my pic it was that xD it seems squirming on the grass >.<"") and not a dolphin...but an animal who looks like to the dolphin...A killer whale !!!

That's that ! xD

About the flattering the problem isn't that I don't like to tell nice things to person but that I tell always what I think, and if the person haven't something specific I don't see the interest to tell u.u"
So yeah you are a privileged Very Happy You are still red ? xD Ahahaha you are the tomato-man xp

Awww so good ! You are taking care of you to don't be frustrate by anime characters ? Ahahahaha some of my friends should take you as an example >_< Certains are simply become true geek cause of the anime and take care of them...no it's impossible u.u"
Ehehehe anime consequences can be really different Very Happy

Ehehehe you are a kind guy hidden behind a strong apparence...Kikurayathrun Himurallelujah we are okay ^.^ (Allelujah is just like you or Kenshin...amazing !xp)

Your character is so cuuute OxO Oh my, he is just too, too too kawai !
I love that combinaison; Green hair and eyes with dark skinned...and his haircut *.*
And I don't speak about tatoos ahahahaha he is cute and sexy xD

So the house is to him ? That's really a surprise he doesn't seems the sort of guy who lived in a house which seems so quiet xD
(Loool the little bald mice ! Kawai desu !)

Loool I love him, he is superb !

And to finish a little revenge on Tiera...:p

Allelujah and his girlfriend (She can touch him, not you Ayathrun !xp)

And to finish a cute pic of the Hongrong cute future girlfriend :p

My Crazy perv ! I wait your post...and scans ^____^
(How can you make me wait >.< I'm not patient !)
And Yeah Hurray for me even if I don't know why, I accept xD

Last edited by on Fri 9 Nov - 7:19; edited 1 time in total
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Lieutenant Commander

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Thu 8 Nov - 22:10

Loli> Hahaa! I didn't mean to make you wait. I just had a couple of things to do nowadays, didn't have much time to post till after midnight and by then, I was usually pooped.

Ok, now to reply to your previous post. Hahaa.

I haven't seen any Hongrong pictures around, but if I do, I'll scan them for you. Very Happy And glad that you like the Setsuna scans!

Setsuna is too big for his age. He should let the seniors take the limelight. Razz Hahaa! Secondary character? You mean on Hongrong? They're putting him down. I hardly see any official pictures of him.

Yes, your explanation is void. LOL. Perv may be natural, but naming a person a perv isn't. Razz It makes me sound like someone with a higher perv rating than others!

*runs after Loli XD*
No thank you. I don't want any new nicknames. Razz Hahaa! Lacrazy sounds likes Raww Klueze. ._.

The crush kind of love? Hahaa. Yea, I agree that it's most probably her first love. XD First loves don't usually work out in Seed, eh? We have Athrun who's got Lacus before, Cagalli who had a crush on Kira (LOL), Lacus who had Athrun, Kira and Fllay.. Even Luna and Shinn had others before. Hahaa.

Yeap, that fic did make it look like Meyrin really really loved Athrun. But still, a well-written fic all the same. Very Happy

Ah yea, Vino. Most fics have her with Vino anyway. They suit each other anyway. Hahaa.
Too bad Auel is dead. XD At least it's cute that Auel's nono word was 'Okasan'. Added to his cuteness factor. Laughing

Athrun's body indeed made lots of girls fall for him. XD

I still love those eyes. XD

D: *shakes my head to get the mental image away*
We should find some Setsuna X Hongrong fanart for Loli. >D

Nope, we don't have that over here. o-o Is it a tv ad? 'Cause I don't watch much tv anyway (only the anime channel XD). But anyway, hahaa, you're right. It fits Shinn all too well. Maybe he drinks Oragina red in pubs too! Razz

lol! Don't think too much about it. Hahaa. He was probably just too agitated that his best friend was "killed".
You've figured all of that out, eh? XD I don't care about the reasoning as long as you give me my Asucaga. XD

Why stop it? It's good! We need to keep the Asucaga going on. Very Happy

I think it's alright that Athrun is a penguin. After all, penguins are cute and my favourite animal too. Did you watch the movie "Happy Feet"? XD Mumbles is just so adorable. I want a baby emperor penguin!
Oh! The haunted house doujin! I love how Athrun was egged into moving in on Cagalli. Hahaa! And a night in a hotel? Athrun was too dumb to miss out that chance!

Why not? Razz Suzaku looks cute. And he has the blur look about him. Hahaa. And not to forget his coordinator-like abilities. XD

Killer eyes! XD Lelouch should die for what he did to Kallen. >D

You're complaining about long breaks?! XD I want one too. Soon! Three more papers to go and it'll be the end of exams and the start of my long break. Hurhur. Very Happy:D

I hate fics that try to bash other pairings. Really. Even those Asucaga fics that puts Meyrin or Meer in a totally bad light, I don't like those. Especially Meer! Meer's dead, for goodness sake! D: It gives a bad reputation to the fans.

Lots and lots! Hahaa. And I'll be contributing to it soon! There's a fic waiting to be completed on my hard disk, and I'll be posting it up as soon as I complete it. However, what with my procrastinating and all, it's going to take a long while. o-o

Ah. So they don't attack people. Burning stores! I see a burning car in the youtube link you posted. And there was a flying fire. o-o
Of course, you don't walk into the danger zones. XD
Temperate riots are like the one in the youtube video, right? The people are just milling around. I've never seen such police before. They're all geared up!

Hahaa. I guess you're right on the school bit. XD

I haven't had the chance to go to France yet. My father's work keeps him from long-distanced holidays so.. maybe when I'm old enough to go overseas on my own. Very Happy

Bush! lol. Let's not get started on politics. XD

Well, the operation to bomb them is just a backup plan. Hahaa. Razz

And now, the scans. Very Happy

First off, Loli's. XD I promised Code Geass scans, right? Razz And here we go.

Kallen looks really shy. XD

And my favourite Seed Club four panels were gone. Sad Or maybe I didn't flip the pages properly again? o-o

Anyway, they have this Seed Club lookalike for Code Geass. The same artist, hence the same style.

O_O I forgot to scan in a page. XD;; I'll do it in the evening. Very Happy

And one for Aya. I found this picture of the Medicine seller. Not sure if you've bought this issue of Newtype, or have seen this picture already, but I just scanned it in all the same. XD;;

And the mechanics book for double 0 that came with the issue.

I didn't scan in Virtue's pages. lol.

Aya> It's ok if you couldn't reply the day before. XD But I've still made some scans for you. Very Happy *points above*

Kai> Ah. Deathnote. L is totally cool, really. I like his hair. Hahaa. But Light's not all that bad too. Miyano Mamoru does have a good voice. Very Happy

And about Deathnote, the anime seems to have more yaoi references about the both of them. Shan't say much 'cause you might not have finished watching the series yet, eh? XD;;
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Fri 9 Nov - 13:52

@ tanth:

Ok, here we are. Once again, sorry for the wait. And thanx for being so patient ^.^

Thanx. We can be proud indeed. It's not easy for a smaller forum like this to exist and be such an active place, next to all these other killer size forums. ^^

Well yes of course I am a gentleman. The world is lacking men with a decent attitude towards women. I'm always ready to help my female colleagues whenever I can. Today at work, Lynn asked me if I knew a good program she could use to make a card for her husband's birthday. Instead, I made it in her place. She was ever so happy.
Awwwww. That's really sweet. And yes, this place is very addictive.

Cool, you have a bokken ! You can try that, but still, it's not the same as drawing a katana. A bokken is good to learn how to hold and swing your sword. We used them in the beginning, but now rarely. Once you're used to a katana, you don't really want a bokken anymore. Very Happy
Yes, Kenshin draws his sword really fast. It would be really kick-ass if I could draw mine at the same speed. My drawing speed is already pretty fine, still, I could not compete yet with Kenshin. Razz
Sometimes, yes ! Very Happy
Nah, I think I had that cramp because my arms were still feeling a bit tired from training at the gym. Every now and then, when I train hard at gym, my arms are shaking the next days from effort. So I think that was the cause. Like now, I just got back from gym, and my arms are shaky, so I'm constantly tapping on the wrong keys. ^^'
Yeah, I agree with that. As a male, if you want to be good looking, you have to be able to bare some pain. The wound will btw do leave a small scar. Not as 'sexy' of course as the one on my back. Very Happy That makes 3 scars so far. I wonder if I get a reduction at 5 ? XD Very Happy XD

Indeed giving him a lot of things I can't. Very Happy He already has that hairstyle since this summer. It was then that he got a bit stronger, so by levelling up to the highest rank as demon (at his young age !!!), he got the striping.
*he wags his tail from enjoying the patting*

Nope, and I'm glad I haven't to be honest. ^^
Not really, since the higher ups do it too. An example of what they do is: They arrive at the fries shop with all their blue lights and the siren of their car on. They rush inside, make all the people move aside ... so they can order. Once they have their food, they rush into their car again, and speed off with all the noise and light, driving way too fast at a place where they always give people speeding tickets. Otherwise, their fries might get cold by the time they get back Rolling Eyes
Just one of the many things.

He's the one with the Yzak type of hair, right ?! Luckily that is the only thing in common he and I have.
My abs are the muscles I'm most proud of, and the ones that I train best. Razz

And yet it is true. But sometimes, I'm surprised myself of how very much I changed the past 3 to 4 years, both on the inside and the outside.
Nope, nothing traumatic that made me change. I just said to myself, that the day I would go to college, I would change my way of living. I would step out of the corner and learn how to live for real. And I did. ^^ I became a lot more social, did a lot of things I would have never dared before, and started working on my looks (training, letting my hair grow, getting a tan, buying colourful clothes, ...).

You bet it is. And even when you manage to get it done properly, a hard breeze of wind is already enough to make it look messed up again.
9 am is a nice hour to start working. Although that now that I'm used to 8.30, I wouldn't like to start later anymore, how strange it may sound. Very Happy

I can, cause sometimes, when I have a day off, or during a holiday, I have 'anime marathons', where I watch anime during more than half a day, several days a week. ^^

I knew I could please with that image. And once again, respect to the person who drew this, 'cause it is really amazingly well done (lovely line art !)

Speaking of our beloved Medicine Seller, let's have some more Very Happy

Awwww ... Isn't he adorable !

He's really cool on this one (well, he always is Very Happy): his staring eyes, and especially his fangs. Wish I had fangs like that Razz

Yeah, me too I wonder why these people find it so amusing to call us like that. But like I said, I don't care. They just want to make them selves look 'interesting' by behaving like that. Tssss.

Dacia is part of the Renault Group. They build really cheap cars, so that people with less money can still buy a car that has a certain amount of space.
No, I guess the newer generation of Alfa Romeo's are good cars. But the type I was talking about, well I heard several people who had one like that complain a lot about parts breaking, or the engine failing.
The company buys a certain amount of cars for the employees who are most on the road. They can use the car both for work as private, since you still have to pay for the gas yourself. Next to that, there are also several cars that don't really belong to anybody particular, and that can be used when an employee needs to go get something at one of the other locations of the company.
Volvo's are a lot used too over here, especially the 'break' models. Our previous company cars used to be 'beaks' too.

Well yes, you do get to see a lot of problems with the server because of these useless spamming type of topics. And what is the result ... They have to buy stronger servers.
Yeah, and replying to all these long posts is quite an achievement !

It's true. It's like giving people both the right of speak, and at the same time forbid it. Rolling Eyes No, I didn't complain. It wouldn't have had any result anyway. The only thing I risked by complaining, was getting a lot of the other moderators starting to nag at me and act rude, or even ban me. A lot of the MT moderators are really like some over-powered clan. I've seen moderators who only had other moderators in their friends list ! Neutral

Yeah. You don't get to see Lockon like that every day. XD
Alle might indeed have been in his dark mode when he knocked Lockon on the floor and got on top of him. Then he switched back, 'cause on the pic his bang is on the right side (from his point of view), and was all shocked. Very Happy
Uke and seme united in one. Now that is really awesome. I'm glad I chose Allelujah as my ultimate Double 0 favourite. ^^ He rules !

Waoh ! OMG, just look at him ! Seems like he got another wave of fangirls rushing over on top of him. Or Cagalli felt frustrated. Very Happy Gotta love that shame-filled blush.
I counter your tied up Athrun, with yet another one of the many tied up Medicine Seller. People really like to tie him up and 'uke' him. Razz And note that look on his face !

Well it's true, we do. We're generally known for it. Very Happy If I wanted to, I could easily start fantasising about tied up Medicine Seller from above. Razz

We can have the riot over here. Our MS should be able to withstand the water cannons. XD

I watch DVD's on my computer. We never bought a DVD player, since my parents don't feel like buying and watching DVD's, and I prefer to watch anime, on my own, at my easy in my room.
The Samurai Deeper Kyo manga is fantastic ! Really, it's one of my overall favourites. I love the plot (so much better than the lame anime version), and the graphics are stunning. I'm up to volume 35 now (the series is almost finished Sad ). I've especially started to like it very much as from volume 11, when Shinrei, my fav character, appears for the first time.

(anime version Shinrei)

I'll finish the rest tomorrow. I haven't eaten yet since 12 this noon, so I badly need some food. So the rest will be for tomorrow (it's not all that much so, I'll combine it with your next post)

What I do would like to say now, is thanx for all the scans ! I have the issue myself, but still it's very nice of you to scan and share. So yes, I had seen that image of the Medicine Seller already. ^^
I love the profile spread for Kyrios. There's some really awesome images, showing just how bloody sexy Kyrios is. Man, I really love that Gundam !

In return for your scans, here's a shirtless Lockon to say thanx ^.^


(No time to check for mistakes. Toooooo hungry ^^')

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 10 Nov - 9:07

Aya> Hahaa. No worries. It's a forum. The fact that we can make a single reply every single day is amazing in its own.

And then again, as I've just mentioned, it is amazing - the activity in this place. Kudos to all of us. Very Happy

Another aspect of you that's alike Athrun. Athrun's a real gentleman too. Very Happy
That's so sweet of you to help out your colleague, Lynn. It's nice how people help each other out. Especially since you're good at the graphics department. Hahaa.
I hope I don't get caught by the police for drug abuse. LOL.

I didn't know it was a bokken. Hahaa. Yeap, I figured it wouldn't be the same as drawing a real katana. It's made of different materials, after all. I don't think it'd feel the same. Hahaa. How do you practise swinging your sword? I mean, is there any particular movement you keep practising? I'd like to try it out on my own sometime. =x But of course, if you have a real katana, why go for the amateur-ish version? XD
If you could do it just like Kenshin, I'd enshrine a statue of you and worship O-Aya-Battosai. XD
Gee, I never knew I was. Hahaa. Well, not like it's a bad thing. Razz
Oh, I get that too. The trembling hands. But it's due to exertion from too much playing on my DS. XD No wonder you've always needed to check for mistakes in your posts. Razz Take it easy with the typing then. I don't know any cure for the trembling though. =\
What, you think this is some promotion at the super? Hahaa. Eh, just for a lil cramp you get a scar! You have to be more careful. If not you'd be ridden with scars soon!

So Kuro's already at the highest level?! *pats him on the tail for his hardwork* Darn, won't all the fun with battling and training be gone now? D: Create some more newer levels for him to conquer. Very Happy

I don't think it's anything someone might wish for. I was just curious on how a real riot is like, is all. XD
The higher-ups do that too? That's bad. Don't patronise the fries shop anymore. Hahaa!

Yeap, that's him. Hahaa! I recall the artist writing something about man striving to have rock-hard abs like him in volume 5 of the manga. XDXDXD Just as long as you don't have hair like him. Razz
Very Happy *pokes your abs again*

That must've taken quite a lot of determination and will to change so drastically as you've illustrated. But what made you have the notion to change in the first place? It can't just be a passing fancy or thought, can it? o-o

Maybe you should try hats or caps sometime! Hahaa. A whole new look! Very Happy And the wind wouldn't mess up your hair too. (Your hat will XD)
Yes, it indeed does sound strange. People would usually hope for a few more minutes in bed. Hahaa. What time do you get off work? I get off at 6 in the evening. 9 whole hours. Drat.

How I wish I could do something like that. In fact, I have planned to this holiday. But my mother just had to promise my aunt who introduced the job that I would go work. =-=

Yea! I admire people who can do such well linearts! Some people often point out that I don't draw my lines strong enough, ending up with sketchy lines.

And again, I'm awed by the texture kind of effect.
Sketchiness isn't all that bad, especially in the second picture. Hahaa.
Is the third one an official art? o-o It's done up pretty much like the anime, as much as I can draw from the screenshots you've posted.
And chibi medicine seller! Hahaa! That's so cute. <3

Sharpen your canine teeth, Aya! Then maybe you'd have fangs like his. Razz

'Interesting'? Maybe. As deliquents probably. Picking on people isn't something that they could be proud of.

Oh it is? My parents used to own a Renault! Very Happy At least we have that over here. Hahaa.
I see. Failing engines are indeed problematic. Isn't that the worse thing that can ever happen to any car owner? XD
Eh, which means, you own two cars? Hahaa. One from the company, and one of your own! Very Happy Impressive for your age!
Ah, those breaks look very spacious. No wonder they're popular for company cars. Hahaa.

What about this forum? Does the admin pay for the server? o-o Or is it hosted on some kind of free forums site like invision board?
Hahaa! Indeed! Everytime I look at my post count, I'd be amazed at how many of them are actually quite lengthy. Razz

The irony. Hahaa. Oh. Those clique-y situations? Yea. It's like they're keeping the forums to themselves and running it their way. As you've said, 'overpowered clan'.

Uh-huh! Lockon as the uke. Who would ever have thought? He looked very much like the seme. Hahaa.
I'd think so too! Hahaa. He looks just as clueless as Lockon. Razz Or maybe it's those typical shoujo manga scene with someone falling above another person. Razz

I'd like to think the latter. Very Happy As I've mentioned long ago, blushing guys are love! XDXDXD
Damn. And I have no more tied-up Athrun. Or none that are safe enough to be posted in a forum (is this place rated PG? XD)
I love that pissed off expression on the medicine seller's face. <3

Very active hormones you have there. Razz

No problemo. Flying the distance to Belgium should be a cinch for my Infinite Justice. Razz
And our Gundams can withstand lasers, let alone water cannons. Razz

Oooh. I never heard of multi-coded dvd-drives for computers anyway. Or maybe I just don't shop enough at the IT mall. Hahaa.
So you'd reccommend it too? Hahaa! Ok. At least I've saved enough money over my examination period to enable me to buy the manga. XD
What's that weapon that Shinrei holds? o-o

*passes you pizzas XD*

Ah, I sort of knew you'd have the magazine already, that's why I didn't really scan anything much for you. Razz

Anyway, Lockon art is VERY VERY much appreciated! Hand in pants! D:

Oh, I forgot to add that I've finished (AT LAST) my Athrun fanart for his birthday. Hahaa. Maybe I'll scan it and post it up tomorrow. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Sat 10 Nov - 12:54

@ Loli:

Yes, I agree. There's always plenty of things to talk about in this topic. And since it's the only topic in which we also talk about Double 0, it will surely stay active until Double 0 is finished. So by that time, we should have already easily passed 20 pages.

True. Besides, they add a nice touch to the posts. Nothing but long text wouldn't be attractive. And, it's fun to share pics. ^^

Yeah, but I'm really surprised they took Allelujah first. I would have expected Setsuna or Lockon to get an episode like this first, seen the fact they always put Allelujah more on the background on official images. I do hope we'll get more Allelujah episodes like this. Very Happy
It already is bleeding now, seeing him sad like that. I hope he'll get cheered up by one of the others (Lockon, or one of the female crew members of the Ptolemaios). My heart really aches looking at him like that. But I understand he gets punished, since after all the canon Lockon used was still supposed to remain a secret weapon. On the other hand, I think Sumeragi has to take some responsibility as well.

I hope he'll become a minor character. I never liked Wufei, and seeing how Tieria is like him, I really want Tieria to appear as little as possible. So far, he has done nothing but annoying me. And even though he is part of Celestial Being, he shouldn't act like that. Boo him !

He and Allelujah might be two different type of people, but they form a team, and he should act more likewise. I'm sure that Alle, when he's not in his evil mode, always acts kind to everybody. Tieria on the other hand gives the impression seeing Allelujah as a lower grade person than he is.

The next image I found is a good example of what I mean (let's set the shounen-ai aspect of it aside ^^)
Allelujah's blush is a proof of his human emotions. Tieria on the other hand remains like a cold block of solid ice, with no emotions, even in a situation like this. He even looks as if he feels Allelujah is not good enough, not superior enough, to do a thing like this with him.

Yes, Setsuna indeed sees the others as his comrads, even though he right now doesn't seem too fond about socializing. And it's true that he's less cold than Heero was at the beginning of Wing. But it's logic, like you said.

You probably mean Dynamis. It was Lockon who was firing down from the earth. Kyrios was using its boosters to keep the module from getting captured by earth's gravity. With his boosters on full power, Allelujah contacted the Ptolemaios and asked for the others' help. Lockon used some special extra powerful beam canon to shoot. While he used his strong targeter to aim, Haro took care of the rest. Once that done, Kyrios was strong enough to get the module at a safe spot.
I agree that it was a bit blown up (Lockon being able to pinpoint exactly a target at such a long distance), but still, it seemed rather realistic to me for a Gundam scene.

I really don't understand why people always say it's wrong for a man to hold another man when he wants to comfort him. It's always such a cliché. Nobody complains when a woman is comforting another woman by giving her a supportive hug. So why can't a man do the same. We're just human beings too. Urgh, this world is too filled with stereotypes. That's why I have no problem at all giving a man a hug when he's really sad, or getting one myself when I'm really sad.
That's possible. Still, I think he deserves a hug. ^^

Right now, I don't want him to end up with the white haired girl (forgot her name ^^'). Currently, I don't feel comfy at the though of Alle and her having a relationship. This feeling might change as the series goes on.
And he's in the OP, so yeah, he'll have an important role. He got quite some airing time already. And in ep 6, he talks to Setsuna again.

Well I find it more enjoyable when a character sometimes wears something else for a change. That doesn't mean it has to be another outfit every single episode. But ALWAYS the same seems not very realistic for series that are set in modern times. When it comes to series with traditional settings, like Rurouni Kenshin, Harukanaru Toki no Nakade, Mononoke, ... then it's more logic for characters to wear the same clothes every day. Or characters where the clothes are a vital key to the person, like the Medicine Seller from Mononoke. I couldn't imagine him wearing something else.

To me, there was noting really strange to that dream. After all, you dream about things that are vividly in your mind. And since we talk all the time about Double 0 and trams, it's quite logic you had a dream that was a mix of those things.

I've had a lot of anime x real life type of dreams too. Especially at the beginning of Gundam SEED. In my dreams, I remained myself on the inside, but on the outside, I looked like Kira. And man, did I encounter all sorts of crazy situations, like Gundam fights set here in Belgium (sometimes even against friends of mine, who had joined the enemy), getting shot, and even the end of the world. That last one was really such a sad dream. I woke up with tears rolling down my face, and I felt bad for the rest of the day.

Lately, I had a Double 0 dream too. In that dream I was Allelujah (duh, of course ! Rolling Eyes Very Happy ). For a mission, I had to go undercover in a school. It looked exactly the same as my old school. All of my friends and teachers were there as well.

I got to know people better, and the mission also seemed to be going right, until somebody who knew I was a Gundam pilot attacked the school. They tied me up, and all the rest of the class as well. In front of my eyes, they shot every single one of them. I could feel the blood splatter on my face. After that, I don't remember much of the dream. I do remember I woke up with my heart beating like crazy and sweat running down all along my body.
So you see, there's nothing wrong about telling about this kind of dreams. Actually, I think it's cool to have them. ^^

Well, it's harder than it may appear at first sight. After all, his hair does flip up quite a lot. Smaller flips aren't a problem, but the ones Allelujah has are really hard to get. OR, you have to put in a lot, really a lot, of gel, and I don't have the type of hair for that. It's too light. When I put too much gel in it, which I would have to do to get 'real' Alle-flips, it would look as I just stepped out of the shower. ^^' Very Happy

I've not been to Reims yet. I've seen the cathedral from a distance, on the highway, but never been to the city itself.
Yeah, the colourful layout and the sharp design have to spice up the city. They say they want the trams to 'slide' through Reims, and give it colour. But I've seen the first mock-up that Alsthom built (scale 1:1 model of the first two modules), and the colours look a lot less spectacular than the way they picture it on those images I showed.

There are a lot of cities in France that didn't had a tram before, or got rid of it during the fifties, who now introduce tram lines. The tram seems to become a popular transportation mode again, just like extra long busses. We here in Belgium, at Vanhool, build 24 meter long busses (the AGG 300), which are considered as trams on tires.

Of course you also have the 'real' trams on tires as well, like the Translohr vehicles in Clermont, which I think are real eye candy.

Well, compared to the plans I have for other CityFlex versions, my CityFlex Classic I showed was still having a rather simple design. The special hybrid version (a unique tram that is powered by both electricity and hydrogen fuel cells) I am planning will look a lot more futuristic. ^^

Yeah, now that you mention it, the Lyon Citadis trams look indeed more like a killer whale than the snout of a dolphin. Good remark !

Awww. That's so nice how I'm privileged. I feel really proud I am ^.^
Hahahahah, tomato-man lol!

Well I was always frustrated about anime characters looking so darn good, that I wasn't pleased anymore with how I looked. I was already telling myself for some time that I had to get rid of my boring image, and anime was the extra push in the back I needed. I started letting my hair grow, worked on getting a tan, bought more modern and colourful clothes, and trained to get more muscled. And I really feel so much better ever since I did. ^^

Yeah, I guess that is the best way to describe me. Very Happy My appearance is a bit of a trap actually. Some older people look at me as I were to attack them any second. Very Happy Which is not the case of course. They do change their point of view as soon as I start talking, 'cause I have a "gentle" voice. A bit like Allelujah's voice. cheers

^.^ Thanx ! I'm really glad you like my character very much.
Yeah, green hair for a male demon is the best ! A lot of my RPG male demon characters have green hair too. Let's see ... There's Kuro, Archior, Kyou, Oriya, Tomomasa and Yashio. That makes 6 of them. ^^
My character used to have a pale skin, but ever since I gave him the appearance of a demon, I turned his skin tanned. Besides, tanned skin is really cool.
He has another black tattoo on his back as well. The ones on his arms are his tribal tattoos.

I know it's hard to believe somebody like him having such a house. But then again, he's a fighter who likes a comfy home to get to in the evening. And just like me, he's a kind guy hidden behind a strong appearance. Very Happy
Ow and I see you like Bats too (that's its, far from original) name I gave ^^). I got the little bat when I became an Elder vampire during the Halloween event. Since then, he's my character's loyal pet comrade. ^^

Quote :
Loool I love him, he is superb !


Hahahahahaha. Sweet revenge ! Suits him well, being all dressed up like a girl. And it sure feels more 'natural' than seeing him in man's clothes (or at least if you could call them like that, the ones he wears Razz )

The second pic is really cute. Still, right now, I prefer Allelujah not by her side, and especially not as his girlfriend.

Oulala. Canon Wang Very Happy Although she looks different compared to the way we know her (her face got kawai'nized quite a lot).

Let's end this post with some images as well.

Lockon and Haro

I think Lockon's silly face, trying to keep Haro from bumping into Setsuna is the most eye catching. You'll be more thrilled though by Setsuna's pose. Very Happy I'm more thrilled about Alle, although I'm sad they put him so far away on the background. Still, even far away, he remains kick-ass cool.
Some Patrick for a change. And Tieria ... well ... Rolling Eyes

And ...

Neko Kira, 'cause it's just too, too cute ! >.<

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 12 Nov - 11:58

Sweeties, I'll try to reply asap the following days, but I'm having a hell of a busy time, so it's a bit hard for me to be much active. But I'll do my very best ^.^

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 12 Nov - 13:01

Owww no new reply since saturday ? I knew it , you are lost without me Very Happy

Okay I stop but sorry to be late...I felt bad those last days and even the web didn't interested me (it's not always easy to live alone and away to your friends -.-)

So, To Ayathrun !

Ahahahaha if men can't be tender between the that's simply cause a man must have manhood and be sweet with an other man, in a world were always more man become uke it can be ambiguous ^^

But I reassure you, I was joking (even if it can seems strange a first time) after all there are in anime a lot of values who aren't really present in real life...For example, a friendship like Athrun and Kira, it can be ambiguous but finally it's only a strong frienship...it's simply too rare to be accept by everyone u_u

But my two best friends are guys and they can comfort eachother without problem (But I've never seen them hugging ^^")
So...it's complicate u_u"

It's strange to see an spe episode to Allelujah's first it's true, but I think that's siply cause they want Keeping Setsuna to the end (as the hero, they must maybe keep a lot of mystery ^^) and after all we don't know a lot about Allelujah...it's was siply a start...okay he is schizophrenic, but after ? We didn't know anything ^.^

I've already seen the 6 and I'll look the subbed version tonight, after this looong post and have eating (very hungry >_<") finally Tiera doesn't seems too bad with Allelujah...

That pic is ...frightening...why always yaoi tsss...
And with a guy who looks like a girl...I could never understand yaoi fanatics u_u"

The white haired girl isn't really pretty but she seems connected with your beloved Allelujah...it's already a start to a relation xD
Bre brave and pray...if you are lucky sh'll be not the good one ...

I wasn't a big Wufei fan too but I had always thought he was a funny character xD His fisrt apparition and his famous "justice"

Oh yeah the dynais >_<" I was speaking about Kyrios with a friend and I confused ^.^
And after all, Kyrios and Exia are the only that I remeber...Dynamis and the last one (xDD ...shit I don't remember really...) aren't really interesting ...
I prefer definitely the Exia, even in the trailer he was awesome !
Ow it's true it's a gundam show so it can be easily accepted...after all Lockon is simply a great pilot ^.^

Since we are speaking about clothes...Wang have new clothes (I love her haircut in her first appearance in the 6 !) and it's always too class

Ahahahaha, you are the character in your dreams ? I have already been Cagalli (and she was pregnant...she couldn't be with Athrun the only time were I was her she was pregnant...tssss ) but just one time >.<
And has Allelujah you are killed...maybe a premonitory dream ? Allelujah could be killed...;p
I hate those dreams where you wake up with tears in the eyes...just like you (\o/ I'm not the only one !) my day is always sad after that...I stay silent and demotivate all the day -_-

Your hairs aren't thick so...I guess that's more difficult sure u_u"
Maybe lacquer could be the solution ...

About Reims you have nothing missed, it's simply the worst city where I lived...cold people, sky always gray and cold time...even the city isn't pretty, that's why those tram could be a start ^^

Ahahahaha that bus is amazing xD In France I've already seen bus with two parts but never three...this one is a train, not a bus ! Very Happy
I love the red one !
That's unfair, our trams seems too ugly when I see yours >.<

Yeah you can be very proud tomato man \o/ But you are deserving !
Heheheh people can be scary by you ? xDD You seems really to be a bad guy so...xD

Oh you like green hair (ehehehe after pink could you try the green xD Nicol's back u_u") to your characters ? It seems strange to a devil I never thought that colour to devil
But I admit that finally the result is really good (especially with tanned skin, it's really good !)
You arent wrong xD After all a fighter must have need of a warm home to resting Very Happy
That's always a cliche, devils needs cold and scary place...It's stupid finally if they are fighting they need a cozy place u.u
Bat...it's not a true complicate name ne ? xD But simple and cute \o/

You seen! Wang is really kawai like taht, I love this way to draw her ^^
And to Tiera...it's not worst that the scan you put...Oh my god he seems just like a too girly model -_-'
(He is a man with female genes, I can't believe he is a complete man >_<")
Oh my God, I love Lockon on that pic xD Lacus and haro xD
As usual, Setsuna is perfect ^.^ And yeah Allelujah isn't really present...They'll must have exchange his place with the crazy man (with the same haircut...u_u")

Ahahahaha The Kira pics is original xD he seems strange u_u""

My Crazy perv !
Oh you who was talking about riots...there are riots in my own university just in that moment ! Battle with police forces, and a lot of violence (They stopped the university, so we couldn't go to school ^^")
And it's better this morning it was really impressive O_o

And all the country start to be angry u_u" Ehehehe yeah politics sin't the best subject but...since our president seems loved american president, my country becomes crzay xD

Ahahahaha I want you see that ! The day where you can going in France don't forget to tell me !xD
(No schoool xD...and there are battle between rioters and thos who want going to school...me I perfer siply going at home, I don't want to be hurt >_<" Policemen are crzay O_o)

I knew it, it was too predicatble that situation u_u"

Your pics were good ! Ahahahaha that poor Viletta, when I see this wedding I remember she had sex with Ogi...u__u"" I can only complain her xD
And Kallen so cute; with Zero and his rose ^.^

There are no more Seed club ? Geass club replace them ? No it's unfair >_< Seed isn't finished they can't do like if it was the end *____*
(But I love the Arthur emperor u_u""")

And the super coordinator Suzaku xD Really fun this one (But I prefer Seed >___<")
Yeah Hongrong is only a secondary character (until he decided to kiss Wang xD GoGoGo !) so rare pics...but some fanarts, gladly Very Happy

Yeah You didn't need other nick...crazy perv is just to fiiiiine to you xD I can't imagine call you with an other nick now xD
Heeeey Lacus wasn't Athrun's first love xD I refused xDDD
But it's true they are all in couple with their second lovers...seed seems realist u_u"

Auel in the episode where he was scary...just to cute ! That poor Auel "Mum will die !!" And Stellar who was too in her crazy face ^^"
His death wasn't even emotional...tsss an other destiny incoherence >_<

Its an old ad ^^ I was really little when it was in the TV, I guess that in other country, ad can are changing ^^"

The haunted house was amazing ! I love the path where Lacus said "A spider"
Kira : "It's nothing"
Lacus " A big one" xDDDD

And Kira who is catching Athrun on Cagalli xD Brother love bazooka !

I hate too those bashing...since Meer was one of my favourite destiny character (her songs, her personnality, her death, she was simply cute) when I see all those writers who changed her in a whore, it's not really pleasant...sometimes it can be fun but often it's really bad -___-
About doujinshy I love too the one from Kikilala O_o she is really good but she is a KiraxLacus fan...that's sad cause her rare draw with Asucaga are beautiful <3

Penguiens are your favourite animals ? Lucky girl, when I think that to Piggyhoho, Athrun is just like that xDD

I want to see your fics ! Motivation go !\o/

And to finish about temperate riots...they are often evoluate into violent riots so even temperate aren't really good xD
But be reassured, say like this it ust be strange (frightening xD) but finally...it's not the war ne xDD

And Happy halloween Love triangle !

Kallen too cute and always shy and CC...perv as usual xD

And now eat \o/ After all those battle I need to take force xD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 14 Nov - 7:38

This place has been rather dead, eh? XD;; So sorry for not having posted the past few days. I was busy with the last of my papers and I started work today. My first ever experience working! Very Happy

The Lockon picture that Aya posted.. Why's Haro in such a sensitive spot?! Razz

Loli> There was a riot at your school? D: Well, at least you get a holiday out of it. XD;; Something good came from the riot, after all, eh? Hahaa. Battles with the police? How did the students fare? o-o The cops are cheating. They have arms. XD

Politics is fun to observe. Hahaa. But I guess you'll only enjoy it in a show, huh. Real-life politics may well change your life. o-o If your country's crazy as you said, that makes you crazy too! Welcome to the crazy family! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

And the day you come to Singapore, make sure you tell me too! (That's where I'm from, anyway. XD) I'll be your guide and take you to all the anime shops hideouts!
Did you get to see any fighting then? o-o Or you just happened not to attend school that day? I don't think the police would hurt random passers-by, eh? XD

Loli's more perv than me! D: The first thing you thought about when you saw that was sex. Perv Loli! XD
If only Lulu wasn't in his Zero suit, it could've been your dream pairing come true!

I don't think they would call it Geass Club. It'd be such a blatant imitation of Seed Club. Hahaa. But yea, it's sad. Seed is going to be forgotten. But heck, that comes with everything I guess.

Heeheeh. Suzaku could kick really high! His killer eyes must be an alteration of Seed mode. XD Yea, Seed Coordinators are better. Very Happy
There are fanarts of almost every characters out there. XD

I wouldn't feel right if you call me something else either. silent Razz
Why? D: Athrun and Lacus were engaged! That's a fact! XD
That's one of the selling points of Gundam. Wink (Though godmode Kira is a bit off. XD)

Stellar is part of the crazy family too! XD
You're right on Auel's death. He just fell into the sea. ._. Well, at least there's where Abyss belongs. XD

I don't think I'd remember ads from a few years ago. Hahaa.

Lacus was priceless in that! She was totally oblivious to all the scary things. Amazing that the others didn't notice it. Though I wouldn't be counting on frightened Kira and Cagalli to be any observant. Hahaa.

"Athrun on Cagalli" packs more gunpowder. XD

Yea, Meer was a good character. Quite alike Athrun in the 'identity' issue/complex that he was having. If Athrun didn't have all those people on the Archangel and had he remained in ZAFT, I'd think he would've ended up as delusioned as Meer. And her death was good. She was so brave at the very end.
Kikilala? Mind sharing a link? Very Happy

Pity Athrun doesn't walk like penguins. I adore how they walk. XD

Loli wants to see my fic? Very Happy Motivation boost! But I'm working part-time nowadays so it might take a while. Sad

War would be frightening. Look at Seed. o-o

CC is my good friend. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Go Loli! I'd offer you back-up if I could. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Thu 15 Nov - 12:54

I know this topic hasn't been all that active lately. I'm having tons, really tons of work, even when I get home. That's why it took some time for me to reply. Gomen for the long wait.


@ tanth:

We've been kudos'ing too much. ^^' Suddenly, the two of us were too busy to post.

Yeah, that's indeed yet another thing Athrun and I have in common. Gosh, where will it stop ?! Razz I have tons of things in common with Allelujah, Kenshin, Kira and Athrun. Very Happy
Lynn was really happy. At first, she didn't really dared asking, thinking it would be too much work. But I assured her it was no problem helping her. ^^

Well I suppose it's a bokken. There's not much other types of wooden swords after all. If it's shaped like a katana, with a curved line, then you know it's a bokken. ^^
There's indeed a difference in drawing a bokken and a katana. Bokken aren't really made for drawing practice, since they don't slide like a katana or wakizashi.
There's lots of different swing techniques. The most general ones are the stomach-height swing (horizontal), the blocking swing, and the upper-lower slash (vertical). It's hard though to explain how to perform them correctly when you can't visualise it. ^^'
Amateur-ish ... XD. I wouldn't call a bokken and bokken-training that way. Sure, compared to the real katana fighting, it's rather common-feeling. But it's a vital part for all starting trainee. Starting with katana's right from the beginning would be too dangerous. You really have to get the 'touch' and get used to handling a sword. At the dojo, we're already used pretty good to fighting with katana's, and every now and then, there's still one of us that gets a cut or a scratch. So imagine using katana's from the very beginning of training, instead of using bokken.

I hope some day I'll be able to draw it at the same speed as Kenshin. Very Happy And I'm taking your word on that statue when that day comes ! XD Very Happy
Problem is that I'm used to type rather fast. I have to be able to at work, when I need to write a long text, or have to copy a text that isn't digitalised yet. So when I have trembling hands after intensive training, it happens that I'm more hitting the wrong keys than the right ones. XD ^^'

I know I have to be more careful. But I've only got 3 so far in two years, so that's not all that much. Besides, the new one on my arm is a small one, just like the scar on my index finger. And the one on my finger is the only one people can see most of the year. During summer of course, people on the beach stare at me when they see me passing by with that long scar on my back. Their eyes really look at you as if I were some criminal who always fights all the time. But I don't mind. And I have to agree with you saying it's sexy. Last Saturday evening, when I got out of the shower after training, I looked at myself in the mirror focussing on the scar, and I must say that with my hair and body all wet, in combination with that scar, it's pretty sexy. Razz

The highest level doesn't have to be an ending to all the fun. There's so much new techniques and abilities of his level that he still has to find out about, and learn how to use properly.
News update about Kuro, now that we're busy talking about him. With the help of Chronos, he managed to defeat Maxwell, that evil Time Keeper guy ! He found out that Maxwell has something to do with the death of Akira and Seiji, so he was able to use his Berserk mode to fight at full capacity. (he ripped out Maxwell's heart !) Archior btw also went into Berserk mode when Kuro did, despite the fact they were both in different time zones. When Kuro's Beserk switched on, Archior's did automatically. This proves how strong the bond of the two half-brothers is. But it proves too that Archior doesn't really control his Berserk mode. Like Allelujah, he kinda doesn't control himself anymore.
When Kuro returned, he and all the others got ambushed. Kuro was knocked out for two weeks (not on my behalf, but Stephen's), but he's ok again now. However, this new enemy has proven to be really strong, so the battle is yet to warm up. But I have all faith in my demons being victorious in the end.

Yeah, me neither. Very Happy
There's tons of things they do that really piss off people. Luckily, it looks as if there will be more sanctions in case police people abuse their function from now on.

Abs are really something men want to have. It's funny. Very Happy When I get back from training (both samurai training and gym), I always look if my abs have become tighter straight away. Razz
Oh no no, I won't do my hair like that, you can be assured. XD

It sure was quite a big, drastic change. I'd been having short hair for more than 10 years, and I wasn't used to any sort of physical training. But I was highly motivated. I still am, since I haven't reached the looks I want yet.
One of the reasons I changed, the looks mainly, was like I told to Loli, the fact I was depressed by all those good looking male anime characters. I was always saying how great they looked, and how boring I did. So I decided to take them as an example, and join the side of the good looking ones. Very Happy

Well you just mentioned it yourself. XD A hat or cap messes up my hair too. But I do wear caps when there's too heavy wind outside, or a hat, now that it's starting to get really, really cold over here. But I try to put them on as less as possible, since it's not too good for your hair to wear hats constantly.
There are mornings too that I really feel like sleeping longer or don't want to get up at all. XD I get off work mostly at 5.30 pm, but it happens that I can leave sooner, like today, or that I have to stay a bit longer. (there's been times that it was past 9 pm when I went home !)

I know, it's hard to combine work with watching anime. That's why I watch as many episode whenever I can, even if it means an entire day. Razz

Sketchiness can be nice too, although I don't make much images that way. I always press hard on my pencil (or ballpoint, or pen, or whatever I use to write/draw), so my lines are always pretty black. And in case they aren't, I often redo the lining a second time.

I know, it's amazing. You really wouldn't think Mononoke is drawn with a computer. It's because they use a special filter layer to make it look as if everything was painted on traditional Japanese paper. And the special effects don't have to lose quality because of that. The effects and speed some scenes change are really stunning.

Yeah, in the second pic, and the 'tied up' one, the sketchiness really suits the atmosphere of the series.
Nope, the third one is a fan art. The paperish look isn't present, like on this screenshot bellow. (it's btw a screenshot from Ayakashi's Bake Neko chapter, where the Medicine Seller appeared for the very first time)

Yeah, he sure is ! There are quite a lot of chibi images of him. They're really cute, but unfortunately, when I got back to the site to save them, they were gone. Sad

That would be so kick-ass to have teeth like the Medicine Seller. I wonder how people would react if they saw me have fangs every time I open my mouth. XD

Let's have a small break from all this text with some more ... Medicine Seller, of course ! Razz

Painting his nails. And lovely way to tie up his hair ! A bit feminine, but really cool.

Kawaiiiii !

I really love this image. It's so lovely.

Ow, and btw, Medicine Seller has the same seiyuu as Suzaku (Code Geass) and Yuri (Kyo Kara Maoh), to name two well known ! But he sounds quite different as the Medicine Seller (mainly because he speaks rather slow and sensually/mysteriously).

True. But you always have people who think that whatever they tell, even the biggest gibberish, is THE truth of the world ><

We used to have several Renaults before we switched to Honda. We had too many problems with the Renaults. There was always something that broke, and when fixed, another thing broke.
Here's such a Dacia Logan I talked about:

Well I think the worst thing that can happen to a car owner is having an accident where you either kill somebody or get your car total-loss.
Yep, that's right. I own two cars. ^^ And I agree that for somebody of my age, it's rather impressive.
They indeed come in handy, like the time I had to pick up enlarged pictures for the entrance hall. I sure was glad I had taken one of the breaks, 'cause even with the entire trunk free, and the seats at the back down, it was pretty tight to get those pictures inside the car.

As far as I know, it's one of those free hosting sites where you can make and customize your own forum. We don't have any sponsors, so I guess that if Thingperson would have chosen for a paying server, we might have already been offline by now.
Same goes with me. I'm impressed that I already posted so much long posts. And even though it takes more time to get my post counter higher, it still rises quite fast. I'll soon have crossed the 400 border.

Yeah, well it's true, they really give people that impression. And what's more. You see one moderator complain about something. And when the member replies trying to defend his/her free rights of speech as a person, the other moderators start 'cracking down' that person as well. I for one wouldn't really be that happy if my fellow moderators here would do such a thing (unless the member really doesn't want to listen of course).

There's still plenty of images where Lockon is total seme. And it doesn't always have to be in a 'real' shonen-ai or yaoi way, as this kawai image proves. ^^

Yeah, it might indeed be one of those shojo-like bumping into each other scenes. Anyway, it's a funny pic. ^^
I knew you'd like the 'hands-in-the-pants' Lockon pic. And since you like him so much (and to make up for the long wait for my reply), three more Lockon ones for you to enjoy. Very Happy

Smoking Lockon

Ultra kick-ass Lockon, with Dynamis on the bg (pointer camera switched on, and Lockon pointing a gun)

And Lockon waking up. I think you wouldn't mind switching places with Haro, ne ?! Wink Very Happy

I know. There's some great pics that I have of the Medicine Seller being totally nasty (not only him btw XD). But I'm afraid I can't allow such type of images, or the ones you mean, here. After all, there's not really an age limit, so wee kids could join too (although I'd notice that looking at the way they write). So we can only post 'decent' pics here on the board itself. (there's still PM'ing though Wink )

Yeah, I love that expression of him too. His grins are always cool too. Razz

You bet my hormones are very active. I really fantasise too much/too easily. XD

Yep, unless they didn't get a proper anti-rust coating. Very Happy
True, with a Gundam, you could be here in no time. And I would be over there at Singapore even faster with my Kyrios. Razz Its speed is really amazing. (episode 6 is a good example)

I think they don't exist. But then again, I'm not that much of a computer specialist either. Very Happy
Yeah, I truly do. The first volumes might be a little bit disappointing, but as the series moves on, it really gets awesome. And the artwork is of very, very, very good quality. It never seems to lose any of it's quality. Do keep in mind it'll cost you some money. 38 volumes are quite a bite out of your budget.

Those weapons are daggers Shinrei can shape out of water. He has the powers to manipulate everything that is liquid, even his own blood which he can turn into weapons. The fluid shape of his daggers, the fact they are very light, and Shinrei's special muscle structure, allow him to fight and move around as if he were performing a dance. He's really cool, but a bit naive some times.

They're probably cold by now, but *takes the pizzas* ^.^

Yeah, you know me very well Razz

Ow, I'm curious about that Athrun fanart. >.<
Ow and also, you may have already seen, but in case you didn't, I was able to post that Eurobeat song I wanted to share with you. You can find it in our music topic.

Also, I got me that Gravitation DVD collection with backpack I told you about ! Went to get it this morning ^^ (I had some spare hours). It was the last one they had in the store, so I was really lucky. After all, there's only 400 of them ! AND, the price was lower than I thought.
I'm really proud of this new addition to my collection. It's really such a cool backpack. I'll try to take a picture of it on Saturday so I can show it to you. ^^

Quote :
The Lockon picture that Aya posted.. Why's Haro in such a sensitive spot?!

XD x Very Happy x Lol

And what about this ?! Laughing (I bet that once again, you wouldn't mind being in Haro's place XD) And to be honest, I don't want to know what these 3 are up to. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Fri 16 Nov - 7:24

Man....you guys wrote alot..
i cant keep up!! TT.TT
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Fri 16 Nov - 13:45

@ Loli:

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're feeling better now. I must say that I'm not in top condition either myself. Must be the depressing bad weather from the past days, and all the work I have.

Well yeah, I guess it would be, when you hug other man each and every day. Very Happy I think that when two male friends CAN hug to comfort when one is sad for some reason, that's a proof that they are really, really good friends.

But like you said, this is quite anime based behaviour, and it's still too little known and accepted by society. Really, it's not easy being a man who actually dares to show some emotion, I can assure you that. *sighs*

I guess they did so because it was vital for the plot that Allelujah's double personality got introduced so soon in the series. Ever since episode 5, Allelujah has become a lot more popular as well, so I'm really happy. Still, I remain the top number one Alle fan ! Razz

About the 6. Pretty good episode. Exia and Dynames getting new equipment. And I love the bond the pilots have with their Gundams. (Setsuna: "MY Gundam", Allelujah, "... my Kyrios") So kawai. >.<
Virtue has proven to be quite powerful. Seeing its fire power, I now understand why they had to make it so 'fat'. And it's heavier armoured (still too much in my opinion) to withstand enemy attacks while using its canon. Still, I prefer Kyrios' speed and agility. And Kyrios' missile launching system remains kick-ass to see in action every time.

I must say that after watching episode 6, I've started hating Tieria even more than I already did. When he said Allelujah is not suited to be a Gundam Meister, and prefers Kyrios to be taken from him, I really felt like giving my screen a punch at the place where Tieria-bitch stood. He's really starting to act like Rey. Mad I hope that just like Rey, he'll die !
I would have done exactly the same thing as Allelujah if I were in his place. It's so unfair they gave him an entire WEEK (!!!!!!!!!!!) of imprisonment in that isolation cell ! Mad Poor Alle. *comforts and supports him*

Yaoi is inevitable, seen the bishonen level of Double 0. And Gundam series always provoke mass yaoi production. But I agree that I too prefer not see such type of images featuring my beloved Allelujah. ^^'

Yeah, I'll prey that the possible brainwave connection due to both of them having enhanced glial cells is the only thing they will ever have in common.
I've put Christina high on my list of possible girlfriends for Allelujah. I was really touched to see that at least she did care about Allelujah when he was locked up. And I think that despite the fact she's quite an active person (compared to the others), she and Alle would make a really cute couple.

Myeah. XD

That's what I thought. ^^ Happens to me quite often too when I talk to several people at the same time Very Happy
Maybe you can join tanth and I as a Gundam pilot. Tanth has Infinite Justice, I chose for Kyrios, and so you could pilot Exia. Razz
At first, I had quite some problems too to remember the names. Exia and Kyrios were the ones I memorized the quickest. Then Dynames, and eventually Virtue.

That already makes 6 episodes where she has a different outfit ! I like her 'safari' outfit in episode 2. Kawaii ne >.<

Episode 6 was nice to watch. Quite similar to the Gundam Wing plot again. But I'm looking forward to the 7. Looks like our Gundam Meisters' current mission won't go so smoothly as the previous ones. And it also seems Setsuna will get a wave of nagging from Tieria after losing Exia's left arm.

Yeah. I must say that it was cool to be Allelujah. And Alle, me (^^) didn't get killed. It were all the others in my class that got slaughtered in front of my eyes. So, no prelude. And for one, I sure hope Allelujah doesn't die. I'm afraid I might lose my interest in Double 0 when that happens, just like when Kamina died in Gurren Lagann. Took me a long, long time before I started watching the series again.
*nods* I had that again yesterday. I woke up feeling bad, after a not too pleasant dream, and kept feeling depressed for the rest of the day.

It sure is difficult to find a style that fits my soft hair. And sometimes I have troubles to tie it up in a tail (at samurai training) properly. At least more than other people with pony tails I suppose.

Hearing you say that, I think it's indeed best for me to wait for the trams to arrive until I go visit Reims. Besides, if I would now, it would only be to go taste some champagne. Very Happy

Renault once made a bus like that, quite some years ago. It only remained a single prototype. And as far as I know, there aren't any Vanhool newAGG300 busses in France yet. I agree that with a length of almost 25 meters, it's more like a tram or a train than a bus Razz
What I also like about the Vanhool buses we make over here in Belgium, is the design of the A, AG and AGG series. Especially the rear is very nicely designed, as prove these images of a newA360H and newAG300.

Yeah, I know. The red Translorh's are really so beautiful. You don't get the impression these vehicles actually run on normal tires, like a bus.
Heheheh. Well maybe next time Paris decides to buy new trams, you can ask them to hire me for doing the designing. Razz

Yeah, people can indeed be scared by me sometimes. Mainly because a lot of older people always think long haired males shouldn't be trusted. Or during summer, at the beach, when they see my big scar on my back. They probably think that I'm some kind of trouble maker and fighter. XD Very Happy

The problem is indeed that people always expect a demon to have pitch black hair. But from all of my 25 characters, only 3 have black hair. And Kuma's even not completely black, since he has deep red highlights in it. All the others have either green, red or white/silver hair (or a combination), except for Uryu (blond) and Yorihisa (blue-purple).
Thanx ^.^ Yeah, green hair, bright green eyes and tanned skin are really a kick-ass combination. Dark skin is pretty cool too. Oriya for eg. has dark green turquoise hair (on his tail as well), in combination with very bright poison green eyes and a dark grey skin with some bright green tattoo striping.

That is so true ! It's sad how many people always picture demons like that. My demons are very warm-hearted people, who need a lot of affection and a nice cosy place to live a peaceful life away from battle. All the houses in my Mahitojo clan (not on Gaia, but in the RPG) are built in traditional Japanese style. No cave or other spooky place for MY demons ! Razz

Yeah. Since it's a bat, I find it cute to call him Bats. ^^ Besides, I've had enough of a hard time coming up with all the names for my demons. I didn't want to give them a too cliché name. Finding so many names wasn't all that easy. But I'm pleased with the result. ^^

- Kuro Chaisor
- Akira Chaisor (dead ^^')
- Seiji Chaisor (dead too ^^''')
- Archior Hanamori
- Oriya Akimine
- Hye Miburi
- Zepher Sorogawa
- Raton Nekumi
- Uryu Tsukani
- Horu Minamoto
- Kite Minamoto
- Shion Itori
- Kaiji Moribito
- Irugu Shinami
- Luke Hitachi
- Iraie Shilver
- Kuma Shimeii
- Yorihisa Ishida
- Yashio Kanji
- Toma Kobayashi
- Neosia Seida
- Cube Kadasheyo
- Kyou Modaiji
- Asato Kyuno

Yeah, and there are quite a lot of images of her as I remember. They were really cute, with all the different poses.
Well, everybody thinks of Tieria the same way. Who knows. His past is secret, even his age is unknown. So maybe he, or should I say she, had a sex change operation. Very Happy
Hahahaha, yeah, it's funny to see him and Haro act like that. Well, all pics of Lockon and Haro together are cute. ^^
Wink Knew you'd say that about Setsu-kun.
Yeah, why do they always put Allelujah so much at the back ?! Or maybe he doesn't like to be photographed all that much, just like me Very Happy
Lol. Crazy man. XD They just put Patrick up on the front because of his 'comeback' in episode 6.

Strange to see Kira that way, ne ?! ^^ The way he's drawn, with the ears and the kinda emo look on his face, he reminds me of Konoé (Lamento). But I really think that is such a cool pic of him, if not one of my most favourite ones.

And as usual, to keep the tradition up, let's end this post with some more images. ^^ Here we go:

Mad , but still super lol

Crazy man aka Patrick Crysler

Double 0 manga

For a change *sigh of relief*, Allelujah on second position.

And let's finish with some Double 0 Astrae (they sure didn't search long for a name Rolling Eyes ... Astrae - Astray ...)
Anyway, very enjoyable stuff. ^^

Fon looks cool ...

... But he's a total nutcase.

And some lovely Astrae cover art. Doesn't that Gundam look familiar to you ?! ^^ *hintepisodeonehint*

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 19 Nov - 8:25

Aya> Hahaha. True. The thread's been pretty dead. ._.
Apologies on my part! I've been busy with work too. And when I get home, well, I've been busy playing with my new games. XD

Let's kudos to our busy schedules then! XD Maybe they'd go away. Razz

That's one of the best things about animes. There're a variety of characters and definitely certain traits you can identify with. Very Happy
Well, it doesn't hurt to help other people out. Very Happy

Ok. I think it's a bokken then. XD I'll go try to draw it like Kenshin. XDXDXD
Yea, it doesn't feel very hm.. smooth-moving I guess? Hahaa. Or maybe that's just because I'm new at this. Razz What's a wakizashi? o-o
Well, I can sort of visualise the horizontal and verical swings, since you've mentioned the height it should be and all. I just can't get the blocking swing. Maybe I'll try watching Kenshin for some demonstrations. XD
And of course, you're right there. We wouldn't want 'dropping-katana's-on-feet' accidents, though it would be quite a sight. Hahaa.

I won't be the only one who'd enshrine you if you could do it like Kenshin! Hahaa.
Eh? The trembling lasts to the next day? You must've done really really really intensive training. O_O

I think 3 scars is pretty much a number. Hahaa. Your sexy scar on your back should be kept for private eyes. Don't go around flaunting it! You'd make many men jealous and girls swooning. XD
Wet men. o-o That reminds me. I have a thing for wet guys too. XD Like, when Athrun was escaping from ZAFT and he was totally drenched wet. Very Happy Lucky Meyrin and Mia. They got to see him like that.

But the fun in upping his levels would be gone. Sad Well, true on the techniques bit though. Higher levels would mean that he has more capabilities to learn more techniques. Very Happy Give him some cool fire powers!
Oh? What did Kuro find out? ._. Gah! Brotherly love! That's one of the sweetest things. Hahaa. Hey cool. So that means Kuro can control himself even when he's bersek? Archior needs more training! Razz
Hur. Why did he have to do that to Kuro? =\ Well, at least it adds depth to the character. A God-mode Kira-like character would be boring too. Hahaa.

Well, it's all cool if they don't book people for no reason at all. XD

Hahaa. Men are so predictable. XDXDXD Your abs won't become tighter after just one training! XD If you observe it everyday, you would barely notice the difference. ._.
XD I knew you have better tastes.

Let me guess. You want to look like Kuro? Hahaa.
And I'll say again. That must've taken a bout of determination. Good job Aya! Wink

Wearing hats are bad for the hair? O_O Now that's something new I learnt again. D:
I'm not surprised at hearing that. You are, after all, lazy no. 1. Hahaa. Past 9? That's torture! O_O But you get paid overtime, right? Hahaa.

Yea, I feel too tired after work to actually watch anime. Hahaa. It's so nice to be able to watch anime the entire day. I'm still under my parents' whims in that aspect. They don't allow me to sit in front of my computer the whole day watching anime. =\

I haven't really seen your sketches or drawings. XD Only the one of Kuro. That was very clean. But then again, it was a coloured image. I'd expect that you did a lineart first. XD

Damn. I've yet to watch it. You're making me itchig to skip work tomorrow to watch the whole series. XD

The guys at the background in the screenshot looks wacky. Hahaa. Are all the other supporting characters like that? They're miles apart with the Medicine Seller.

D: Chibi pictures! T-T

They'd faint. Hahaa. I know I would. It'd look vampiric. Razz

Oooh. I love the colouring of the first one. I love earthy colours too. Hahaa.

I can see his nipple. O_O

The last image makes him look angsty. Angst love! Very Happy

A sensual Suzaku?! Alright. Plus one point for the Medicine Seller. I'll watch the first episode after I'm done typing this post. Hahaa.

They probably aim to be Judges. Hahaa. Self-centered people. I don't like people who think that the world revolves around them. =-=

Really? I remember that the Renault my parents used to own had gas problem. Very dangerous.
Oh. I see the similarities with a Renault Megane in the Dacian. Hahaa.

Killing people? Hurhur. My parents say if they happen to hurt people with the Jaguar figure in front of their car, they could be sued for assault. LOL.
Kudos *again Razz* to Aya!
Suggest to your boss to get lorries next time! Very Happy

Ah, I guessed right then. 'Cause the address is pretty hard to remember. XD
I've yet to break 200. T-T Hahaa. Yea, it's amazing how fast the post count went up. Very Happy

Well, there are all sorts of people around. Not all moderators are bad, the same can be said for members.

What that image proved to me was.. Allejulah's the one for Lockon. Hahaaa. The others are ignoring him save Alle!

I'd like any hands-in-the-pants pictures as long as they're of characters I love. Hahaa.
I'd wish I have something to share for my long abscence too. =\

Amazing lineart in the smoking picture. Wink

The second one's absolutely love. He looks so cool with the gun. Very Happy

You're totally right, I wouldn't mind being there. It'd be nice if I can snuggle on the other side. XD

Yeap, it'd be bad if the admin or you mods get in trouble with some anxious and nosy parents. XD You want to see the tied up pictures of Athrun? XD

Hurhur. I guess we're all the same. Wink
Bed-time is the best for fantasizing. Hahaa.

They're galvanized. XD
But we can't have riots over here. Hahaa. Your place is better. Very Happy

Let's leave the computer stuff to Kira. Very Happy
Mangas cost very cheap over here. Especially if I get them in Chinese. Samurai Deeper Kyo was taken up by a local publishing house, hence the cheap prices. The publishing house does english translations too. But those take a long time. Trinity Blood's still at volume 5.

His fighting style sounds interesting. Very Happy Dance eh?
Ah. The naive sort. Probably the target uke of many yaoi fanartists? Razz

There's always the microwave. Very Happy

Hahaa! I'll scan it in tomorrow then. Very Happy It's near midnight over here.
FileEden decided to be good once again? Hahaa! Sure. I'd check it out. Wink

That last piece! That's really lucky! Very Happy

What the hell are they doing. ._.
Switch! Switch! My turn! XDXDXD

And I'm off to Medicine Seller. XD
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Master Chief Petty Officer

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 24 Dec - 16:06

I'm sorry to disapeeard just like that but I had a lot of problem (but it seems that I'm not the only one who became invisible u_u")

I think that soon, I could reply and came beack but just this time, during the party (ehehe I was thinking to you during that !xD) I want wish to you

MERRY CHRISTMAS my Crazy lovely little perv ^^

JOYEUX NOEL, adorable Ayathrun !

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone else !

It was the Loli minute !\o/
See you soon !
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Lieutenant Commander

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 26 Dec - 11:18

Hahaa! Same here, loli. I've been pretty busy nowadays (gaming too much o-o) so my presence here have been pretty... erm. lacking too. Hahaa!

Merry Christmas to dear loli! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

I shall let you call me crazy and perv for now in light of the festive season. XD
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Master Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer

Gender : Female Number of posts : 82
Age : 31
Location : France; Paris, city of the light and of the lovers ^.^
What Fan Of : AthrunxCagalli, SheenaxZelos, ZeldaxLink, AmberxHei, Tybalt, KallenxLulu...and I love drawing !
Job or Hobbies : Student , yeah...you can call me a student...
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 6 Feb - 11:29

Gundam 00 forever \o/

I'm totally in love with the new op and ending, even if in the op there are no moments between setsuna and Marina as in the first (>.<), D

But so sad that Lockon keep his clothes...unfair...

Tiera...well we don't mind, and Setsu...cute of course : D

About the story...it's simply great and even if I'm waiting Code Geass, to know that the Gundam first season is soon over make me feel strange -_-

Stellar, Auel and Sting, the return, it's...strange too u_u

And to conclude...Setsuna is to Marina, don't touch him Stellar >_<
(Oh And Honglong in episode 13 was awesome Cool )

About other anime...watch true tears ^___^
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Lieutenant Commander

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What Fan Of : Asucaga
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 11 Feb - 9:42

Loli! XD

The new OP looks damn cool! But I'm not used to the abscence of Gundams in the last scene of an OP from a Gundam anime. XD;;

Speaking of 00, here's some pictures of new arrivals of a mailing list of a certain shop over here that I just received! Check it out! Very Happy

Gundam 00 Portraits

I'm planning to get Lockon and Setsuna for this! If they sell them separately that is. XD

And not forgetting, HGIF 2.

There's your Hong Rong, Loli! Very Happy

There's also the new Seed charafortune. Man, just when are they gonna stop producing these stuff? It's draining me of my money. XD Not that I'm a resentful customer. XD

Look at the cute Torii! XD

And there's also this White Day thing for Code Geass. Lulu looks great here.

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 11 Feb - 11:39

@ Loli:

The new OP and ED are awesome. It was sad to see Daybreak's Bell leave the screen, but the scenes from the new OP are centuries better.
Especially the new ED is fantastic. I never liked the first one anyway. ^^ The song, Friends ... Heavenly. And the scenery ... Heavenly too. Hurray for Allelujah fanservice cheers

The story's indeed becoming better and better. Probably not needed to say this, but episode 11 was my top one so far. (duh Rolling Eyes )

The arrival of the Thinities. It indeed reminds a bit of Stellar, Auel and Sting.
Nena's a bitch, especially after what she has done in ep 18 (poor Louise Shocked Crying or Very sad ). And Michael can go to Hell, asap if possible. Urgh, he's such a bitch too. Out of all 3, only Johan can stay (so far that is ^^)

Yeah, Honglong was awesome in 13. Loved the mask. Lockon was too. Proved to be a really great sniper even without his Gundam and Haro.

Argh, to think the first season of 00 is nearly done already ... I'll have a really hard time the months we have to wait for season 2, that's for sure.

About other series, I'm into Dragonaut and Blood+ lately. Gio and Haji are kick-ass, yeah ! Very Happy
Also, just have seen eps 21, 22 and 23 of Shounen Onmyouji last week. ... O M G ! Guren ... Noooooooooooooooo ! ... Stupid Baku-kon spell manipulating him ! *growls*


@ tanth

I find it nice to see no Gundams in the new ED. In fact, the 'summery' scene was really what I was hoping for. It's nice that they focus on the Meisters, and it fits perfectly with the song.

Whao ! Those look great ! ... Must ... have ... them ... ARGH.
Too bad there's no picie of the Alle one Sad

Those SEED ones are soooo adorable. I agree, the little Torii is super cute. And Kira ! Awwwwwww >.<

Oh my, Lulu looks like the seducing-type teacher. Funny to see him with glasses. ^^

When it comes to figures, I'm dying to get my hands on this one !

And to end this post with style, let's have some Gundam 00 Guilty Gear crossdressing XD Just look at how cute Setsuna is, playing Sol Badguy. ^^ And Allelujah as Testament ... Razz

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Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Gender : Female Number of posts : 327
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Job or Hobbies : College is my workplace. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Mon 11 Feb - 23:13

Aya> Actually, I was referring to the OP. Hahaa. The last scene.

ALLEJULAH! He looks damn frigging hot. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

I doubt there's Alle for the Portraits series. That's the picture of the whole set already. ^^;;

They are, aren't they? XD It's so tempting to get the whole set. But half of that series is actually a re-print (if that's what they call it. lol) and I've already gotten what I want. XD;;

Yea, he looks damn seductive in that. Even a non-lulu fan like me actually appreciates that. XD

Ah? Aya is a Guilty Gear player? Very Happy What console do you play it on? Or do you play the ones in the arcades?
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Job or Hobbies : (job) Communication Specialist and Graphic Designer; (hobbies) OC creation, drawing & digital art, collecting music, going raving and clubbing, ...
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 12 Feb - 12:03

Ah indeed, I misread, again ^^' *hits myself with a stick for being such a dumbass* Very Happy
Indeed, no Gundam in the last scene. But it's cool how you see the GN particles of the Gundams in the background as they take off. Really kick-ass.

Yeah. If I were female or gay, he would be sooooo mine. Laughing

Dang, that's a pitty if so. Sad Pure Alle discrimination ! If they had to leave out one of the Meisters, they should at least have left out Vowels (Tieria).

You bet they are. Those type of figurines are always super cute, like my Fanal Fantasy ones.
I know what you mean. I was about to get me the set of one-coin chibi's from Lamento. Normally they came in a blind box, but I found out you could get the entire set (all 10 figurines) as well. Sadly, they were all sold out by the time I was going to order them.

Talking about CG, the Chinese federation guy looks cool. Don't know his name or anything else about him ... Actually, why am I even saying this ? Very Happy Oh well, he seems cool, heh.

Yes, Aya is. Aya tries out games every now and then, and I happened to have played Guilty Gear as well. And Aya likes it vewy vewy much Razz
The ones I played were on PS2. Guilty Gear X: By your side, and Guilty Gear X Plus. I'd like to try out the XX ^ Core Plus one some day.

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Tue 12 Feb - 19:31

boo, its been a while, forgive my absence n skipping n repeating ourselves.

yes! the new opening and outro songs are freakin awesome.

ive been playing them over and over XD.

and yes! the new AMV intro kicks ass! beautifully done ^^.

those are some hot n cute figures you guys posted Razz

arr the new Gundam Thrones are pretty cool, but a bit too buffed up though Sad.

Nea's Gundam reminds me of Justice, well Athrun-like Gundams Razz

Ep 18 was *gasps, so dramatic n sad!! like HOly Crap!

GUNDAM 00 is freakin awesome kekeke

my bro went to HK to work as an winter clerk, hopefully he can get me some Gundam Model Kits back *fingers crossed
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Lieutenant Commander

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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 13 Feb - 2:26

Aya> It isn't such a big deal! Don't hurt yourself for that. XD
So Aya likes shiny things too? XD I love shiny sparkles. lol. Sounds very childish actually. ._.

I like how his voice sounds so uke-ish! Hahaa!

Yes, I'd pick Alle over Tieria anytime. I'm sure most fans feel that way too. ._.
Maybe it's just part of their plot to make fans buy all their merchandises. By securing Alle for (hopefully) a second set, they secured customers for the second set. lol.

Meanies, aren't they? hahaa! We're such suckers for cute things. Sad

Hahaa! It's good to spread the love for cool guys. Hurhur. Very Happy

Ah... I don't have a PS2, so I haven't tried Guilty Gear on that. ._. I've tried it on the DS and the Xbox. Cool-looking characters pawns. Very Happy
If you have a PS2, have you played the Seed Federation VS ZAFT II? I'm dying to play that. Sad
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Gender : Male Number of posts : 724
Age : 32
Location : Belgium - Europe
What Fan Of : anime & manga, electronic music, my beloved RPG OC(!) demons (especially Kuro and Oriya, my two lovlies)
Job or Hobbies : (job) Communication Specialist and Graphic Designer; (hobbies) OC creation, drawing & digital art, collecting music, going raving and clubbing, ...
Registration date : 2006-08-04

PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Wed 13 Feb - 13:48

@ vorahk:

No problem pal. We all have been abscent for a while ^^'

Yeah, same here. As soon as the mp3 of Friends was on the net, I dug my claws in it like an obsessed ... whatever that has claws Very Happy

*nods* Sadly for me, it's a bit harder to get my hands on them.

The new Gundams are indeed cool, especially Johan's Throne Ein. But like you said, a bit too buffed up.

Urgh, Nena, I hate her ! Mad Her attitude makes me want to kill her instantly. I'm curious how Setsuna will keep up in ep19, confronting the 3 Thrones.

You bet it is. I've asked Thingperson if she maybe could add a Gundam 00 section to the forum. She said that if you guys were enthousiastic enough, she'd consider it ! Ain't that great ^^

That's cool. I hope for you he did. ^^


@ tanth:

Meh. It's not like a little stick will do a samurai trainee much harm Razz
Yeah, Aya does. ^^ And nah, I don't think it sounds childish.

True. ^^ When Kyrios gets shak'n up in battle, the way he "urgh's" always gives me the feeling he might as well be moaning in bed as he gets a free 'testrun' from a seme. XD
Quite a difference when Hall is 'in action'. Love his creepines. Very Happy

I think it's a tight. Both Alle and Vowels are very popular. I remember on 4chan Vowels getting 4 threads ones, and Alle only 3.
But I keep loyal to Allelujah no matter what happens ! ^^

That sounds very realistic. Yeah, let's hope you're right.

You bet they are. Very Happy

Then I'll post a character sheet of him next time Wink

It's really nice on PS2. Well, I've only tried it on that one, so I don't know about it on the other consoles. My friend now also has a PS3, so I'm hoping he'll buy GG XX ^ Core Plus when it gets out over here. I bet the graphics'll be a real blast. Especially since he has an awesome wide screen TV.

Sadly I haven't. My friend's not all that much of a mecha fan.

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Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Gender : Female Number of posts : 327
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Job or Hobbies : College is my workplace. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   Thu 14 Feb - 8:01

Aya> I want to have a look at your abbs now! Very Happy
It doesn't? Cool. Very Happy I don't want to appear immature. XD

A seme that preferrably has brown flowy hair and wears a green pilot suit. Very Happy I love this pairing. XDXDXD
Alle and Halle are polar opposites! lol! Their partner's gonna have a hell of a time. Very Happy A two-in-one lover. How nice. XD

The only thing I like about Tieria is is voice. Very Happy It sounds quite sensual. Hahaa. I hate his hair. And his attitude. =-= Alle's way cooler. He's a nice guy too. Very Happy

Cross our fingers and hope! Smile

Character sheets! Hurh. Nice stuff! Very Happy I like knowing everything about my favourite characters. Hahaa.

A PS3! There's not much games that I love on it now. Which explains why I haven't got any games on it even though I bought the console. XD I'm waiting for Devil May Cry 4 limited ed to come out over here. It comes with a Larc En Ciel DVD! Hyde! <3

D: D: D: Persuade them! Show them the awesomeness that is mecha! Spread the love! XD

And speaking of love, happy valentine to all! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The newest anime you are watching   

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The newest anime you are watching
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