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 Your very last days of school

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PostSubject: Your very last days of school   Sat 29 Sep - 2:24

sorry folks, havent been on much coz... yep it was my very last week of high school!

i remember when i was a jr i was like how sweet would it be when i finish school.

boy how wrong was i, its been a long journey, many fond memories, made awesome friends whom we cried and laughed together.

now that i have finially finished high school, as nerdy as it sounds, i like dont wanna leave! ><
im gonna miss it so much. the teachers, friends, schooling environment.

we all signed each other's shirts, lots of hugs n photos, exchanged farewell messages. the concert, the video of us all complied with shots from many different years and occasions.

it was all too touching and nostalgic. surprisingly not many people cried (unlike all the other yr 12 farewells i hear about (at other schools) lol.

anyway, for the sempais, tell us how your high school farewell was and how you felt.

as for the Youngens, have as much fun as you can! make more n more memories, capture them!
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PostSubject: Re: Your very last days of school   Sat 29 Sep - 4:22

Well, it's been a bit more than 3 years now since this sempai left Highschool ^^ (hehe, it's cool how you adress to us as senpai)

We had a big party the last day. And of course then you think of all the good and fun moments you had together, and all those you will have to miss from this moment on. There's been a lot of hugging and kisses, taking pics and so on. Strangely, not much crying.

Actually, I had a more difficult time the last day of college. I had a really hard time when I had to say goodbye to my best friend. We really did everything together. We had so much fantastic moments. Luckily, she lives not too far away from my place.

I also had a hard time when my practice period ended. I had been working 65 days at that company, and I had a really tight bond with my colleagues. The last day, I really didn't want to leave. Everybody was so super sweet. I almost asked my sensei if I could stay longer (which was impossible of course).

And look, since this summer, I now work at that company as a Graphics Designer and PR. It was so great to be reunited with my beloved colleagues. We have lots of fun and laughs every day. It's like we're one big family. And everyday, there's somebody who brings something to eat (cake, pie, sweets, chocolates, ...).

Believe me, you get used to post-highschool life really soon. Sure, you miss a lot of the good old moments, but the new ones are just as nice.

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Your very last days of school
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