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 Kinda late on the Merry Christmas haha but Happy New years !

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PostSubject: Kinda late on the Merry Christmas haha but Happy New years !   Mon 31 Dec - 12:14

I hope everyone had a good christmas cuz i did haha ^^
Except for the part my dog sat on me during christmas omg he is so heavy >.<
I wonder how everyone's christmas went?
hehe ^^

And New Years is gonna be fun ^^
Me like cooking and helping out my mom ^^
And my dog is evil >.>
He keep hitting my face with his butt gahh >.<
I have a new nickname for him my dogs nickname is naked butt lol
cuz his butt is naked and he likes shaking his butt lol

WELL back to were i was at lol
I wish everyone a great holiday ^^
I can't wait to hear how ur holidays were ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Kinda late on the Merry Christmas haha but Happy New years !   Tue 8 Jan - 22:09

^^ merry xmas n all the best in 08!

sorry, ive been gone for a tad bit. after my exams and graduation, ive been busy catching up with friends, driving, anime marathons XD, movie marathons Razz and spending more time with my family ^^


currently writing resume to find a job Razz its gonna be boring later coz my friends are going overseas... others have jobs sigh

i started my holi in like November and have month and a half til uni starts XD.

its rather weird when we saw kids in uniform, we always thought school has ended XD

oh right, xmas... lets just say, lot of food and relatives + friends !! lvoe these family gatherings ^^.

take care everyone!
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Kinda late on the Merry Christmas haha but Happy New years !
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