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 Staff Employment

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Petty Officer
Petty Officer

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PostSubject: Staff Employment   Thu 3 Apr - 14:49

umm Does Staff Employment Still Available here?

Cause I Want to Be Staff someday lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Staff Employment   Fri 4 Apr - 0:30

As far as I know, not at this moment.

It's our admin who choses new staff members. Also, you have to be a member for a certain amount of time. I'm one of the only exceptions, since I've been moderator from the very start of this forum. Also you need to have a couple of required skills. (believe me, it's not an easy job which you certainly musn't underestimate !)

I'd wait and see what our admin thinks of your proposition. ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Staff Employment   Sat 21 Nov - 0:07

AsuCaga826 wrote:
umm Does Staff Employment Still Available here?

Cause I Want to Be Staff someday lol!

Right now the forum is not that active so I do not know but if the forum gets busy again which I hope it will I would consider looking for new moderators. But its like Aya said being a moderator is not a easy job, and i know my cute Onii chan makes it look easy because of how great he is..*hugs my onii chan*. But you must be active, and its not the number of post you make but the quality of the post you make, and if your helpful to members and your proffessional and have not gotten in trouble in this forum before. If you do all theses things and you apply and the forum was very active again I might consider it...*smiles*.


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PostSubject: Re: Staff Employment   

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Staff Employment
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