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Crewman 1st Class
Crewman 1st Class

Gender : Male Number of posts : 6
Age : 26
Location : Malaysia
What Fan Of : Gundam Seed Destiny and Bleach games
Job or Hobbies : Play PS2 games
Registration date : 2008-04-19

PostSubject: Hizz   Sat 19 Apr - 4:10

Hello, i'm new here. I hope i can meet new friends here.
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Gender : Male Number of posts : 724
Age : 32
Location : Belgium - Europe
What Fan Of : anime & manga, electronic music, my beloved RPG OC(!) demons (especially Kuro and Oriya, my two lovlies)
Job or Hobbies : (job) Communication Specialist and Graphic Designer; (hobbies) OC creation, drawing & digital art, collecting music, going raving and clubbing, ...
Registration date : 2006-08-04

PostSubject: Re: Hizz   Sat 19 Apr - 8:39

Hiya, Cincau-kun. Welcome to the forum ! Very Happy

I've already said most in my pm I sent you, so be sure to check your inbox ^^

OF COURSE you will meet lots of new friends here ! You'll see that everybody here are really really nice people.

Maybe you could tell a little bit more about yourself. It's always nice to know who somebody is. And you can also ask us questions about ourselves too of course. Very Happy

Have fun, and I'll c'ya around.

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Petty Officer
Petty Officer

Gender : Male Number of posts : 45
Age : 24
Location : Philippines
What Fan Of : AsuCaga!
Job or Hobbies : I like collecting AsuCaga Pics. I Also Like Friendstering. And Also Making New friends ^^
Registration date : 2008-03-30

PostSubject: Re: Hizz   Sun 20 Apr - 10:50

Hello new huy! Hope we can share new Experiences with you!

By the way .. How long have you been playing PS2?
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View user profile http://friendster.com/asucaga123
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Gender : Female Number of posts : 327
Age : 27
Location : Singapore :D
What Fan Of : Asucaga
Job or Hobbies : College is my workplace. XD
Registration date : 2007-08-10

PostSubject: Re: Hizz   Fri 25 Apr - 21:35

Hullo there! Welcome to the forums. Very Happy

Forums are a nice place to make friends, especially friends of the same interest.

You're from Malaysia? Cool! I'm from your neighbor from the south! XD
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View user profile http://tantha.livejournal.com/

Gender : Female Number of posts : 302
Age : 31
Location : United States Kentucky
What Fan Of : Asucaga, Cagalli, Athrun, Cagalli and Kira, many animes
Job or Hobbies : College student, Chatting, playing on photoshop, making avatars and signatures and many other stuff
Registration date : 2006-08-02

PostSubject: Re: Hizz   Mon 5 May - 9:17

Hey there so sorry for the late welcome im a college student that has had a very bad semester and this week is my finals testing week and then summer break and im so happy to be back and chatting and to make a new summer layout and i really wanted to welcome and if you need anything or any questions you can ask me thank you so much for joining us..*HUGS*.


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View user profile http://thingperson.minitokyo.net
Athrun Zala
Petty Officer
Petty Officer

Gender : Male Number of posts : 30
Age : 30
Location : my Bad Room
What Fan Of : GDS & YGO GX
Job or Hobbies : Duel Monsters
Registration date : 2007-07-07

PostSubject: Re: Hizz   Sun 25 May - 18:04

Hi Asuka
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PostSubject: Re: Hizz   

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