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 New Announcment and Updates

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PostSubject: New Announcment and Updates   Sat 21 Nov - 2:28

Hey everyone sorry for being inactive for so long but now im back and have been working hard on updating the forum.

First off I would like to announce the updates that you the members might appreciate.

- I have updated the Rules in the Rules Category which is a MUST READ because if you break the rules and you use the excuse I didnt know the old rules didnt have that, will not work this is a MUST FOR ALL MEMBERS READ THE NEW RULES.

- For all moderators, I have updated the Rules in the Moderators forum in the Moderators Rules Category, make sure you read it, its probally mostly commion sense you know, but I think it will prove very helpful in how we moderate the forum its a much more organized and proffesional version, I hope you like it.

- The forum now has a "Thanks" button on every post which allows you to thank a member if you feel there post was helpful or you just like it.

- You now have a quick reply and a "Multi-quote" button in your forum or private messages.

- I have updated your profiles to Advanced profiles to were you can view and post messages on profiles, and see a statistics of user.

- I have also word censored cuss words so if you try to cuss in the forum, it will automatically change to something else once posted, but that does mean we wont still moderate for bad language for anyone that trys to be creative with breaking this rule will still get in trouble.

- I have updated Menu, forum and post buttons.

- You now have an option that lets you share a topic with Facebook and myspace etc. you just click on the topic next to the "action" button there should be "share" button which will give you options to which site you wish to post that topic and share it with.

- I have updated the Questions Category Rules because we were getting to many questions that should be put into the Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny Category, but the topics werent about episodes.

- Because of the Questions category issue I have now added a New Category In Gundam Seed Category for Gundam Seed General for things that arent about episodes but about general things in Gundam Seed.

- Also because of the Questions category issue I have now added a New Category In Gundam Seed Destiny for Gundam Seed Destiny General for things that arent about episodes but about general things in Gundam Seed Destiny.

- We have a new layout thanks to Piggy Ho Ho who gave me permission to use her fanart to make a banner, and to PinkPrincessLacuss who make the banner and bars.

- I have updated the Affilates Category with new information and link and images.

Also If the forum becomes active again I will consider having a big Christmas Asucaga Bash and Contest that I hope everyone would like..*smiles*.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you like the updates.

From your forever loving all of you Administrator, thingperson.


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New Announcment and Updates
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